Bastion review

Bastion is an engaging role-playing game adapted for your iOS device that lets you explore your shattered world to discover secrets hidden there. The active narrator provides context for what you're seeing as you progress through the game, but what actions you take are up to you.


Narration and tips: The narration is a soothing presence that helps you explore without revealing too much of what lies ahead of you. There are also onscreen tips that pop up as you encounter new spaces and items so you know what you want to collect and why.

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Dynamic narration makes this action RPG a joy to play

Editors' note: The regular price for this game is $4.99, but it is on sale for a limited time for 99 cents.

Bastion is a faithful iOS port of the award-winning artistic action RPG that first came out for the Xbox 360 in 2011. Now you'll be able to explore the strange world of The Calamity on the go, and solve the mystery of the catastrophe that shattered our world (literally) into pieces.

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Native Client turns Chrome into high-end gaming platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Google's new technology to secure the Web and make browsers significantly more powerful got its first public demo tonight at the company's headquarters south of San Francisco after three years under wraps.

Calling it Native Client, Google says that integrating technology into Chrome is essential for the future of Web browsers.

To show that Native Client is road-ready, the company used its event to announce several new Chrome-only versions of games known for their rich and processor-intensive graphics, available immediately. It also revealed that the browser currently has more than 200 million users worldwide.

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preGame 56: Bastion

preGame returns with a live demo of the first title off the Microsoft Summer of Arcade line up. Tune in to catch a live in-studio demo of the retro-inspired action-RPG, Bastion!

With summer in full swing, gaming news is a bit scarce, so we've rounded up the best headlines from the past few weeks. We'll get things rolling with a chat about the newly announced Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition and what gamers can expect to find in the $100 bundle.

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