Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac review

Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac makes the process of tracking your baseball or softball team easier by monitoring your players on a per-game basis. It can quickly generate player statistics from multiple seasons and in a multitude of categories.


Feature-rich: Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac offers an extensive set of features. It can be used to track data related to individual players as well as batting stats for the whole team. It can also calculate division standings and even produce a box score for a particular game, showing you run totals for each team after … Read more

On 'SNL', A-Rod says he'll sue his iPhone

If there's a more sympathetic athlete in American sports than Alex Rodriguez, I can only imagine it's Lance Armstrong.

A-Rod, as he's often called, has been banned from baseball for a whole season, partly for alleged drug use and partly for just being someone an insufficient number of people like.

Many wondered how he'd come to be associated with a now discredited peddler of nutritional advice called Tony Bosch.

So A-Rod appeared on "Saturday Night Live" to explain that it's all a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding caused by his iPhone.

Alright, this wasn't … Read more

RBI Baseball makes triumphant return on consoles, mobile devices

Old-time gamers like this reporter are just a little happier today.

Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that it plans to reboot the RBI Baseball franchise. Dubbed RBI Baseball 14, the game will be available on consoles and mobile devices this spring.

RBI Baseball, the classic Namco baseball game for the NES, was a staple in the early '90s. The franchise was made available on a wide range of consoles, and it was last developed for the Sega 32X under the title RBI Baseball 95.

Details are excruciatingly slim on the game right now, but Major League Baseball's own Advanced … Read more

2K Sports tells MLB 2K games 'you're out,' report says

Take-Two Interactive's 2K Sports has decided to put an end to its Major League Baseball (MLB) relationship.

Gaming site Polygon reported on Monday that 2K Sports was thinking about getting out of the MLB business and was able to confirm the news last night. In a statement, a representative from 2K Sports said that the company has "decided not to renew our MLB 2K series for 2014." The representative went on to reassure fans that the NBA 2K franchise, which is the top-selling basketball franchise in the industry, will live on.

Although 2K Sports has set itself … Read more

Baseball, golf, or tennis your game? Meet your swing

LAS VEGAS -- You might think that most Major League Baseball teams know everything there is to know about their hitters, but to hear Zepp Labs tell it, there's plenty of unknowns about batters' swings.

That's where Zepp and its multisport sensor comes into play.

At CES on Sunday, Zepp showed off the sensor, and the accompanying platform, which together are designed to give any baseball or tennis player or golfer, the most information possible about their swing. In real time.

Zepp's sensor, which mounts on a baseball bat or tennis racquet or a special golf glove, … Read more

Review: Defend your home stadium from intruders in Baseball Vs Zombies

Baseball Vs Zombies overcomes mediocre graphics and ads to become a solid tower defense game. Though it starts off incredibly easy and is somewhat repetitive, many people will love the goofy gameplay and the fun premise. It's definitely worth trying out if you're a big fan of tower defense games.

This game has you take the role of a popular baseball team, defending your home stadium from an onslaught of zombie invaders. In addition to protecting your home field, your team has to destroy the zombie base, each level, in order to succeed. As with most tower defense … Read more

Review: BattabattabattaSWING! Baseball Hero is big-league fun

Lots of us are great ballplayers in our minds, but now you can be a Baseball Hero on your phone, too, with Doodle Mobile's free 3D Android game. Batters face realistic pitches, and pitchers not only get to call the pitch but also the speed, since Baseball Hero responds to finger motion when you're at bat or on the mound. Smooth 3D motion adds to the realism, too. Quickplay, Practice, and Career modes let you hone your game in the batting cage or play an entire season. You start as a rookie but can work your way up … Read more

Spoiler Shield app protects you from blabbermouth friends

I wasn't able to watch last weekend's "Breaking Bad" finale on the night it aired, meaning I faced a risk bigger than Walter White taking on Gus Fring: spoilers.

Come Monday morning, one look at Facebook or Twitter and I'd almost certainly read something that gave away important plot points. And I'm spoiler-averse right down to my very core. But other than imposing a total social-media blackout, at least until I was able to watch the episode, what could I do?

Spoiler Shield for iOS to the rescue. (It's coming soon for Android.) … Read more

How to turn your iPhone photos into baseball cards with Rookies

Baseball cards are a fun way to express your enthusiasm for your favorite team or player. You may have even daydreamed about being on a baseball card yourself. With a new free iPhone app called Rookies, you can now put yourself or others on authentic-looking retro baseball card designs that you can share online. If you're a collector, the designs will look familiar to you, like the 1983 Topps design pictured above. To take it a step further, you can have 20 cards printed on premium card stock and packed in a genuine wax pack for $12.99 plus … Read more

Google Glasses head to ballpark with Oakland A's pitchers

There are a lot of places where Google Glasses are prohibited, but the Oakland A's bullpen is not one of them.

A's pitchers Ryan Cook and Sean Doolittle on Wednesday became the first Major Leaguers to score a pair of the high-tech specs, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Web giant gave the $1,500 eyewear to the relievers for free, according to the Chron, presumably making the pair part of the Google Glass Explorers program, which gauges how early adopters might use the coveted specs.

The A's official Twitter account tweeted a photo of the … Read more