Jetpack Joyride review

Jetpack Joyride is an endless flying game that features a continuous stream of new obstacles to overcome while you collect better and better jetpacks. There's always a new surprise waiting just off the screen in this game, and you'll find it hard to put down if for no other reason than you want to see what's coming next.


Obstacle variation: The continuous variation in the layout of the levels in this game and the placement and nature of the obstacles you face set it apart from most other games in its category. The graphics also are … Read more

Cheers to the all-knowing robotic bartender

Making a cocktail can involve pouring, measuring, blending, and mixing. Or you could fill up a glass with ice, scroll through a drink menu, and press a button.

The artificially intelligent Monsieur robotic bartender, which looks like a fancy mini-fridge, is the creation of Barry Givens, co-founder and CEO. After college, as his taste in drinks got a little more sophisticated, Givens struggled to find consistently good cocktails. So he did what any mechanical engineer would do, he built a solution.

The Monsieur uses an Android tablet as its interface, from which you can view and order from an extensive … Read more

Stealthy startup Clinkle nabs former Netflix CFO

Clinkle, the mobile payments startup that's backed by many of Silicon Valley's biggest names, has now lured Netflix's former chief financial officer to its new management team.

Clinkle announced Tuesday that Barry McCarthy will join the stealthy company as its chief operating officer. McCarthy, who played a key role in Netflix's previous success, left the video streaming company in December 2010 after 12 years as its CFO. He has since invested in various companies and serves on the board of several, including Pandora, Eventbrite and Chegg. McCarthy will play a key role in Clinkle's product … Read more

Barry Diller: Young people will fuel Aereo's growth

RANCHO PALOS VERDE, CA -- Barry Diller is happy that the broadcast networks have sued Aereo. It has helped the startup he funded get some high visibility.

Aereo delivers local, over-the-air TV broadcasts via the Internet to subscribers. Antenna/DVR technology has caused a flurry of lawsuits from TV broadcasters, including ABC, CBS (CNET's parent company), Fox, NBC Universal, and Telemundo. The networks allege that Aereo violates their copyrights and that Aereo must pay them retransmission fees.

The court rulings so far have ruled in Aereo's favor, and the company has filed a complaint against CBS seeking to … Read more

X-Wing Fighter coffee table goes galactic in your living room

If Luke Skywalker had a living room with a big-screen TV, he would also have a hand-carved X-Wing Fighter coffee table made of wood and glass. The detailed model looks like it's in mid-flight, except instead of blasting the forces of the Dark Side, it's calmly guarding your coffee.

The table is designed so that half of the spaceship is above the glass and half is below. That means it takes up quite a bit of space that could otherwise hold mugs, half-eaten bags of Doritos, and vintage issues of "Starlog" magazine. Still, the design is so cool, you won't miss having the extra room.… Read more

Aereo streaming joins forces with Bloomberg TV

Despite major TV networks claiming Aereo's illegitimacy, the streaming service now has an official cable TV partner: Bloomberg.

Aereo struck a deal with Bloomberg TV today to allow streaming news, according to The Wall Street Journal. Reportedly, Aereo will pay Bloomberg TV for its content, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"We believe that our members will see deep value adding in Bloomberg Television as their 'go-to' source for financial news," Aereo founder Chet Kanojia said in a statement, according to the Journal. While Bloomberg TV announced that it was "pleased to have … Read more

Aereo TV streaming expands to major Web browsers

Watching live TV on your computer just got a lot easier.

New York-based startup Aereo today said its service has been expanded to all major Web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Previously, its service was limited to Apple devices and Roku's Internet-connected boxes.

"The vast majority of American households own laptop or desktop computers -- it's only natural that we expand the universe of Internet browsers that can access Aereo," Chief Executive Chet Kanojia said in a press release. "More flexibility, more choice, and more devices mean a better overall … Read more

New York Times Co. to sell to Barry Diller's IAC

The New York Times Co. is expected to announce soon that it has reached a deal to sell the About Group, which includes Web site, to Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp, a source with knowledge of the deal told CNET.

IAC is expected to pay $300 million in cash for the struggling information site, with the deal closing in the next couple of weeks, the New York Times Co. confirmed in a statement late Sunday.

"About's early expertise in search engine optimization, expert content and revenues from cost-per-click and display advertising made it a valuable component of … Read more

Barry Diller gets into bidding war for, report says

Barry Diller, one of the premiere dealmakers in media, has bid $300 million for struggling, The New York Times' information Web site, according to Reuters.

The offer from Diller's holding company, IAC/Interactivecorp, is about $30 million higher than a rival bid from, Reuters reported.

The Times announced on August 8 that it was in discussions about selling its About Group but didn't identify the interested parties. President Peter Horan is the former head of is designed to be a guide for Internet users and offers tips, advice, … Read more

Fox sues upstart TV streaming service

Fox has filed a lawsuit against another TV streaming service, alleging that is violating its copyrights by retransmitting the programming of one if its affiliates.

The network filed a lawsuit against the upstart service Friday in Los Angeles, claiming violates its right of public performance by streaming the signal of L.A. affiliate KTTV to subscribers without authorization, according to a Variety report. The site, which just launched this week, streams New York channel programming, as well as that of KTTV-DT, to subscribers for $5.95 a month.

"No amount of technological gimmickry … Read more