Fan barbecue flames from a phone

It's no secret that barbecue enthusiasts take their craft very seriously. As well they should, considering the succulent results that occur through when proper attention is given to meat cooked over an open fire. However, all that attention can be time-consuming; time spent hovering over a pit is time that could be spent with family and friends.

The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wi-Fi combines a control station along with a fan that mounts inside the grill or pit. Capable of monitoring the temperature of the pit itself as well as up to three different meats, the grill gadget keeps grillers … Read more

Plan your Fourth of July barbecue on iOS

Independence Day is coming on July 4th, and that means people will be getting together to light fireworks or watch fireworks shows, and--perhaps most importantly--cook great food.

Though this might seem early with the 4th of July more than a week away, we wanted to make sure everybody had time to figure out their menus and get their supplies ready before the mad rush to the grocery stores. With these apps, you can start planning for the perfect Independence Day feast.

This week's app collection is all about cooking apps for iOS. The first lets you browse recipes from famous chefs on the Food Network; the second gives you a giant database of recipes and cooking guidance for any time of year; and the third is perfect for planning and cooking outdoors on the barbecue.… Read more

This Day in Tech: Obama appoints Twitter CEO, plus Google foes

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Friday, May 27.

Obama appointing Twitter CEO to advisory group Twitter chief Dick Costolo will join the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Microsoft's Scott Charney and McAfee's David DeWalt will be appointed too. More

Microsoft to showcase new tablet OS next week? Software giant reportedly plans to take the wraps off a new operating system next week, perhaps running on hardware using Nvidia's ARM-based Tegra processor. More

Zuckerberg: Privacy anxiety is fleeting New features may initially give … Read more

Gadgettes 144: The Childhood Nostalgia Episode

Sometimes, in order to grow, you need to take a step back and look with adoration and respect to the things you took for granted as a child. It also helps to mock them incessantly.

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It’s about time (childhood nostalgia edition) iPod clock terrorizes hobbitsRead more

Outdoor grill gets an upgrade

The Everdure "e" series was created for those of us who appreciate gadgets that combine practical designs with modern features. Modeled after minimalist Danish designs of the 1940s and 1950s, the series provides a huge list of available features in very small packaging.

The series includes three sizes: the e7 and e5 have larger cooking surfaces with more burners, while the smaller e2 offers many of the same features in a grill with a smaller footprint. The e2 and e7 sport a ton of innovative features, including mult-e-cook heat control system for temperature regulation; a patent-pending mult-e-cook system, … Read more

Grill sausages in a swing

OK, so maybe it's not the most practical of grill designs, but what this Heibe Solino swinging basket grill lacks in practicality, it definitely makes up for in style.

The grill has a fixed-height bin that's filled with charcoal and can be removed easily when you want to empty it. The height of the suspended meats and veggies on the 50-centimeter diameter chrome-plated grate can be varied, letting you adjust the cooking time and temperature.

Maybe you won't be able to feed a big backyard crowd with this pint-sized swinging grill, but you'll be able to … Read more

Good grillin' for the veggies

You know the scene: A hot summer day, friends and family gathered in the back yard, perhaps a football being tossed around, laughter and good times in the air. Of course, this scene would not be complete without the grill fired up, permeating the air with the scent of delicious foods cooking. Survey the grill-top, and we find hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks, and chicken. But where are the vegetables?

No longer must vegetables be relegated to "after-the-meat-is-done" status. The Mesh Grill-Top Chef's Pan is perfect for cooking up a batch of healthy vegetables on the grill. The heavy-gauge … Read more

Fit a whole lot more hot dogs on your grill

KitchenAid has given us another reason to celebrate the coming of summer (as if we needed another reason). With a massive cooking area of 48 inches, this Freestanding Grill has the potential to make your barbecues the talk of the town.

Its triple burner system provides higher heat to your burgers so they can have a nice char for maximum flavor. If the old-fashioned way of charring doesn't suit you, you can use the integrated infrared sear burner, which reaches superhigh temperatures quickly and lets you sear food much faster. The grill also touts something called Even-Heat, which provides … Read more

Stop. Picnic time!

As the weather warms up, it's time to get a move on. Spring has sprung, the baseball season is about to get underway, and everywhere people are going to be spending more time outside. Those people are going to be hungry. Nothing beats spending a warm afternoon surrounded by fresh air and the sweet smell of grilled meats and vegetables. This year, plan on taking your grilling show on the road and really perk up your picnics.

The Picnic Time Vulcan Cooler With Grill can help you achieve your grilling mobility. In one convenient package, you can carry all … Read more