Review: BannerPic - Instagram Banner lets you create decent banners for your wall

BannerPic - Instagram Banner lets you create a cool banner, but you can't do much to customize it. The app only has a few standout features and most of them are tucked behind a paywall. Still, it's not a bad way to get a cool banner if you don't have the editing chops to do it yourself.

BannerPic - Instagram Banner turns any picture into a three-tiled banner that you could use on your Instagram or Facebook profile. You can take a photo from the app, but inserting a photo you already have makes the process much … Read more

Google breaks old promise by working on search banner ads

Nearly eight years ago, Google's then-vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, wrote a blog post saying that the company would never run banner ads in search results or on the Google home page.

That promise appears to be in the process of being broken, reported SearchEngineLand, as a screenshot by Dallas-based Web marketing app maker Synrgy shows an experimental, enormous banner ad at the top of search results for "Southwest Airlines."

"There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or Web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, … Read more

Turn off banner ads on your 2013 Panasonic TV

Last year Panasonic introduced intrusive advertising in the form of pop-up banner ads on its Smart TVs, and unfortunately the company has decided to continue the practice this year.

But that's not the only potentially annoying thing about the new interface. When you first turn it on the TV also defaults to a new Home screen filled with apps you'll mostly never use, like a calendar. Your actual TV show is relegated to an inset window until you actively select and expand it.

Banner ads are the way of life for Web sites and many apps, as advertising … Read more

iOS 7, OS X banners spotted at WWDC preshow setup

In case it wasn't clear that Apple planned to show off the next major version of iOS and OS X at next week's WWDC, there are now banners for both.

Spotted by MacStories on Friday, a very simple and minimal banner with colored "7" on it set against what looks much like the dotted aluminum found on the Mac Pro tower. Apple later put up one for OS X, which simply says "X" with a wave on it.

Apple typically keeps some banners hidden ahead of official announcements at WWDC, though had ones for … Read more

Kill mobile ads with Adblock Plus for Android

Released yesterday, Adblock Plus for Android offers a no-nonsense way to completely remove ads from your mobile computing experience. Simply download and install the app, and let it run behind the scenes. From there, you should notice that display ads, video ads, push notifications, and even many in-app ads are no more.

So far, I've seen AdBlock Plus kill ads on several Web sites, including Google, and within the ad-supported Pandora app. According to its developers, though, AdBlock Plus does not work when browsing with Firefox for Android, since Firefox does not support Android's system proxy settings.

Adblock … Read more

Getting started with Mountain Lion's Notification Center

Mountain Lion has pounced into the Mac App Store. If you haven't already upgraded to the latest version of OS X, you'll want to make sure your Mac is ready for the upgrade.

Once you have gone through the preparation and installation of Mountain Lion, you're not going to want to wait to dig right in and get all of the new features set up.

One of the (many) features OS X has incorporated from iOS in Mountain Lion is the Notification Center. If you use an iOS device, you're already familiar with how … Read more

How to ban the banner ads from Panasonic Smart TVs

When I reviewed the Panasonic TC-PVT50 series, I was annoyed to see that the latest software update caused a banner ad to appear for a few seconds whenever I turned on the TV. It disappeared quickly and only popped up upon power-on, but it was still obnoxious. The first thing I wondered was whether I could turn it off.

Happily, Panasonic built in a way to disable the advertising. It's a simple, albeit buried, menu command. Here it is in a nutshell.

Hit the main Menu button on the remote (not the "Internet" or "VieraCast" … Read more

Apple testing iOS-like notifications on

A notification banner, first noticed by MacRumors, which bares a striking resemblance to iOS notifications introduced with iOS 5, appears to only be a placeholder. It is vaguely titled "Default Title for English" with a message of "English - This is a test message description."

The message appears when you log in to your account directly from the Web site.

Apple's preview of Mac OS X Mountain Lion shows off a similar banner notification system, which may be related to the iCloud notifications. Certainly syncing notifications across all iOS devices and your Macs … Read more

How to create a banner photo for your Google+ profile

Google+ has a cool five-photo lineup near the top of your profile page, so why not utilize it for something awesome?

Bored of five random images? Then it's time to try this free Web tool. You don't need to install any fancy programs; all you need is a Web browser, a large picture you like (of yourself or anything else), and a few minutes of your time.

Step 1: Head to this site and click on the Upload Your Picture button.

Step 2: Locate the picture you want to use for the banner. This image should be at … Read more

Easy Banner Creator for your basic banner needs

Banners are perhaps the most obvious way to customize a blog or Web site, especially if you're using an otherwise generic template. Creating a banner isn't always easy, though, if you don't have any graphic design skills. Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition) is an extremely simple utility for creating basic banners. It's nothing fancy, but it will do the job if you need to create a banner without a lot of hassle.

The program's interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. Down the left side there are controls for size, background, text, and animation. From … Read more