The 404 1,400: Where we get dazed and confused with Shanon Cook (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Spotlight on 2014: Next year's hottest music acts according to Spotify.

- Spotify's mobile app finally goes free.

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Samsung looks to fold Bada OS into Tizen, says report

Samsung's Bada operating system might soon be folded into Tizen.

According to Korea-based news outlet Yonhap News, Samsung Media Solutions Center head Hong Won-pyo said recently that his company plans to phase out the Bada operating system and focus its software efforts solely on the open-source Tizen OS.

Samsung's Bada operating system has captured a very slim piece of the mobile OS market and the company has put its best products on Android, reflecting that. However, Samsung is now leading the charge with Intel for Tizen to become the alternative of choice for those who don't want … Read more

Would Samsung ever leave Android? New CEO drops hints

Samsung Electronics' new CEO called for the company to redouble its focus on software, which could hint at a move away from Android and toward its own proprietary operating system.

Samsung has long desired to push its own integrated hardware and software experience, investing in its Bada operating system and selling devices in select markets. But the popularity of Android, which powers its most successful smartphone and tablet devices, including its flagship Galaxy S III phone, means the company can't exactly quit the platform.

Samsung has been steadily investing in its own proprietary software, an initiative that new CEO … Read more

With Bada OS, Samsung could be eyeing Smart TVs

Samsung Electronics isn't buying MeeGo, but that doesn't mean there aren't designs on its own mobile OS.

Samsung's Bada operating system for cell phones and smartphones may be relatively unknown in the United States, especially since Samsung has become one of Android's most influential advocates. However, Samsung's plans to open the OS to developers by 2012--according to The Wall Street Journal--hints at its intentions to bring Bada more into the mainstream market.

Now in version 2, Bada devices include the Samsung Wave series, including the original Wave that CNET reviewed in 2010.… Read more

Samsung interested in Meego, report says

Samsung Electronics may be considering a purchase of the increasingly defunct smartphone operating system Meego as its own proprietary platform.

That's according to a report today from Mobiledia, which cites industry sources.

A Samsung representative declined to comment to CNET.

The platform chatter highlights the increasing dilemma that Android handset manufacturers face now that Google plans to buy Motorola Mobility and make its own smartphone. The companies that have been reliant on Google for its Android operating system must compete against it now, leading many in the industry to wonder if those handset makers wouldn't prefer to use … Read more

Samsung rolls out wave of new Bada phones

Along with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung trotted out three new Bada smartphones at IFA today, the Samsung Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y.

All three of the handsets will run the Bada 2.0 mobile operating system, which brings new capabilities such as multitasking, voice recognition, NFC support, and Wi-Fi Direct, and uses the TouchWiz interface. The trio will also come with Samsung's App store, and the company's new ChatOn cross-platform instant messaging system.

The Wave 3 is the flagship model, with its 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 1.4GHz processor, … Read more

Samsung unveiling its own instant messaging tool

Samsung is jumping into the instant messaging market with a new IM tool destined for a variety of feature phones and smartphones.

The Korean mobile phone maker's new and free ChatOn IM client is designed to be cross-platform, allowing users of a wide range of phones to be able to chat with family, friends, and colleagues. The service will be preinstalled on Samsung's feature phones as well as smartphones running both Android and the company's own Bada mobile OS, according to Reuters.

But it will also be available as a free download for other mobile platforms, including … Read more

Samsung launches second Bada-based Wave

Samsung is continuing to roll out the Bada-powered mobile phones in Europe with the announcement of the new Wave II.

Following up the Wave S8500 that launched earlier this year, the Wave II continues many of the traditions seen on the first handset. That would include a 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, HSDPA support, and most other specs. The only big news seems to be the slightly larger 3.7-inch Super Clear LCD touch screen, up from the previous 3.3-inch version, plus a Trace virtual QWERTY keyboard.

The Samsung Wave II will make its way to at least Germany this … Read more

Samsung expands Wave, Omnia lines

SINGAPORE--Samsung announced a slew of new handsets at this year's CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore. In addition to the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 Android entrants, the company expanded its Omnia and Wave portfolios with new Windows Mobile and Bada devices.

When it first announced its Bada mobile platform last November, Samsung said it was meant for low- to midrange devices. However, there seemed to be some contradiction as its first Bada phone, the Wave, came with a fast 1GHz processor and the Sammy's best Super AMOLED display. With the new Wave 2 (S5250) and Wave2 Pro (S5330), the company will be realizing that plan. The two handsets come with a 3.2-inch WQVGA screen and 2.5G connectivity. High-speed Internet is still possible, as they feature Wi-Fi, though you'll need to be within range of a hotspot for that to work.

A year back, Samsung greatly expanded its Omnia (Windows Phone) lineup with multiple products bearing different form factors. This time, the two new Omnia Pro 4 (B7350) and Omnia Pro 5 (B6520) are simply updates of the non-touch-screen B7330 smartphone. They come with pretty standard features, including a QVGA display (Pro 5) or 320 x 320-pixel screen (Pro 4) and HSDPA connectivity.

Here are the details of the new phones. For more of the action in Singapore, check out CNET Asia's full CommuniAsia coverage. … Read more

Samsung Wave hits European shores

We got our first glimpse at the Samsung Wave at Mobile World Congress 2010 back in February and now, the first smartphone to run Samsung's Bada mobile operating system is finally available in select European countries.

Those countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, and Samsung plans to bring the Wave to Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. However, don't really expect to see the Wave hitting North American shores too soon.

As we learned at MWC, Bada is an evolution of the middleware that's been on Samsung's phones all … Read more