Computer prodigy Aaron Swartz remembered

Monday's CNET Update:

Stories from today's tech news roundup:

- Internet activist Aaron Swartz, 26, committed suicide. He faced $4 million in fines and 50 years in prison for chargest hat he stole millions of academic papers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and from JSTOR. In the wake of his death, MIT is conducting an investigation of the school's role in the events before he took his life. Researchers have paid tribute to Swartz by posting links to copyright-protected papers on Twitter, to honor his campaign for open access to documents on the Internet.

- Samsung'… Read more cancels all-you-can-hear plan has lowered its subscription price, but now you can listen to only one or two books per month.

The new plans offer two different options. You can pay $14.95 per month to listen to one audiobook or $22.95 each month to hear up to two books. Previously, the site charged people $24.95 per month but gave them the ability to listen to an unlimited number of audiobooks for that fee.

Why the change? A spokesman for sent CNET the following statement:

The switch from "all you can listen" to the new … Read more

All-you-can-hear audiobooks headed your way at

PC and mobile users who listen to a lot of audiobooks each month may appreciate a new service from the folks at

The site is kicking off its own cloud-based service that lets you listen to as many audiobooks as you want to the tune of $24.95 per month.

Accessible from any computer or Internet-connected mobile device, the new service is unlimited, so you can listen to the same book for as long as you want with no need to return it.

Since the books are stored in the cloud, you can also listen to any books … Read more