auction raises $50M from Google Capital, an online marketplace where users can sell and buy real estate in an auction setting, has raised a significant sum of capital for its future growth.

Google Capital and announced on Wednesday that the search company's growth-equity firm has dropped $50 million in the real estate marketplace on a valuation of $1.2 billion. A Google Capital representative will also join's board.

Irvine, Calif.-based handles "tens of thousands of transactions" in both commercial and residential real estate every year. The company's online platform launched in 2008, … Read more

Got the 'Star Wars' collector gene? Advice on turning droids to dollars

When an original 1980 Palitoy "Empire Strikes Back" medical droid action figure sold at a UK auction last week for more than $11,000, "Star Wars" fans and collectors were in a state of shock. It's not every day childhood dreams translate to big dollars, after all.

"I was gobsmacked by the price!" Steve Sansweet, author of the book "Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection," told Crave. "When you add the buyer's premium and the value added tax, it comes to over $14,400 -- for a nearly 34-year-old 4-inch piece of plastic sealed on a card. But as in any auction, it only takes two slightly crazed, somewhat wealthy folks to drive a price up to incredible heights. It may have been the last piece someone needed to complete a run, it looks like it was as in near-mint condition as these things get, and the heart-beating competition of an auction can lead to a lot of adrenaline pumping." … Read more

TV stations to test 'channel-sharing'

Two Los Angeles area television stations are teaming up to launch a pilot project that will show how TV stations can share the same broadcast spectrum. This project, which is also sponsored by CTIA, the wireless industry's main lobbyist, is meant to strum up interest in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming incentive spectrum auction.

The spectrum auction, which is set to take place sometime next year, will allow TV broadcasters to give up some or all of their wireless spectrum to be auctioned off to wireless broadband companies. The auction is strictly voluntary for TV broadcasters, and some … Read more

A voracious mobile world needs 'spectrum, spectrum, spectrum'

LAS VEGAS -- The message came across loud and clear: our wireless way of life could hit a wall, and hit it hard, if it doesn't get more spectrum very soon.

Federal communications policy took center stage Wednesday at CES 2014 here, including the CEA Innovation Policy Summit, where attendees heard from a wide range of US government and industry experts.

Most of that conversation focused on the need to increase available communications spectrum for mobile consumers. The daylong discussion was best summed up by FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

"All I see on the show floor is mobile, … Read more

Steve Jobs document fetches $40K at auction

It's not every day that someone throws down more than $40,000 for a short document, but that is exactly what Tristar Productions CEO Jeff Rosenberg did Thursday.

This was no ordinary document, however. It was a signed legal agreement between Steve Jobs and businessman Robert Friedland from August 17, 1978. The 8-page document was up for auction at RR Auction house and sold for $40,045.

"In 30 years of business we have only offered one other Jobs item -- a signature; this document, incredibly substantial and significant in its connection to a major figure in his … Read more

Congress proposes another incentive spectrum auction

Members of the House and Energy Commerce Committee introduced a bill Monday that will give government agencies a cut of wireless spectrum auction proceeds as a way to spur them to give up underused airwaves.

The Federal Communications Commission hasn't even finished designing its first incentive spectrum auction, and some House members are proposing the same design be used to incentivize government agencies to give up their under-used spectrum.

Representatives Brett Guthrie (R-KY) and Doris Matsui (D-CA), co-chairs of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Spectrum Working Group, introduced the bipartisan legislation, which will offer a financial incentive to … Read more

FCC delays broadcast spectrum auction until 2015

The Federal Communications Commission said Friday that it plans to delay the upcoming incentive wireless spectrum auction until 2015.

In a blog post, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he believes the agency can conduct the auction in the middle of 2015.

Wheeler acknowledged the importance of getting new wireless spectrum out into the market, and he recognized the need for a successful auction to take place in order to build the construction of a nationwide public safety network called FirstNet. But he said that the FCC also needs to make sure that the complicated design of the auction actually works.… Read more

Friday Poll: Have you ever been scammed on eBay?

A British teen recently dropped $735 on what he thought was an Xbox One Day One special edition on eBay. Unfortunately, he chose to ignore the item description specifying the auction was for a photo of the console, not the actual console. He was upset when the photo, and not a console, arrived in the mail.

That teen will be getting his money back thanks to eBay stepping in and calling the auction misleading. What the seller did was scammy, though plenty of people have called the teen out for not heeding the warning signs and plunking down his money … Read more

Street-legal Batmobile up for auction, flame thrower included

Batkid has recently shown us that it's possible to transform into a superhero, if only for a day, and the smart superfan plans ahead for the day she/he might also be given an opportunity to fight crime before lunch and dispense justice for dessert.

Fortunately, aspiring Batpeople can lock down their own Batmobile to be ready the next time Gotham's chief of police puts out the Batsignal.

On November 30, a fully road-legal Batmobile will be auctioned off at Mercedes-Benz World UK by auto auctioneers Historics.… Read more

Want Yahoo auctions off long-lost domains

Yahoo has been doing some housecleaning and stumbled across some dusty and musty domain names it had registered for forgotten reasons long ago. Wisely, Yahoo has decided it doesn't need to keep in its back pocket for a rainy day.

The domain names are coming up for auction on Sedo starting on November 14 and running for a week. The estimates for the values of the domain names range from $1,000 to $1.5 million.… Read more