Review: Attachment Tamer for Mac makes it easier to add attachments to e-mails

Attachment Tamer for Mac makes Apple Mail attachments like photos and graphics easier to handle, and also uses HTML formatting to improve readability for recipients. A basic, accessible app, it does what it promises but it can be slightly annoying, at times. Still, it's worth trying out.

One of the first things that you notice about Attachment Tamer for Mac is a window soliciting the purchase of the full version of the app. This annoying window keeps reappearing each time you open the app, even if you've dismissed it before. The app doesn't have a feature-packed menu … Read more

Review: Email Multiple Photos and Videos attaches multiple images/videos to e-mails

Email Multiple Photos and Videos is an easy-to-use app that allows you to attach more than one image or video to your e-mails from your iOS device, but it has some issues. The trial limitations aside, the app had numerous performance issues during our tests, including a handful of crashes in situations in which we changed which photos or videos we wanted to send. This can lead to some degree of frustration.

This app is designed to do essentially one thing -- attach multiple images or videos to an e-mail instead of the default method from the iOS camera app. … Read more

Review: Gmail for iPhone is a near-perfect mail app for iOS

Gmail for iPhone offers a self-contained alternative to the Mail app built into every iOS device, and for those with Gmail accounts, it is a very good experience, all but eliminating connection issues and delays. While the core functionality is roughly the same between Gmail and Mail, the added features that have been part of Gmail for the better part of a decade are on full display here and they make Gmail for iPhone one of the best all-around mail apps on the App Store.

Gmail for iPhone is a self-contained app that doesn't require integration with any of … Read more

Drag and drop to attach photos in Gmail

Gmail has made it easier to attach photos to an e-mail message. When its new compose window was rolled out earlier this year, when you dragged and dropped a photo into a message, Gmail added the photo as an inline image in the body of your message.

Now, the compose window features two separate drop zones for images you are dragging over. The larger of the two in the body of a message instructs you to "Drop files here," which adds photos as inline images. Below, a smaller area instructs you to "Attach files here," which, … Read more

Download Gmail attachments to cloud storage with Kloudless

Installation and initialization is quick and painless with four, easy steps:

Simply download and install Kloudless (public beta).

Sync your Gmail and Google Drive account with Dropbox and/or box services.

Set automation rules for how Kloudless handles your files. Set MS Doc and Excel spreadsheets to be automatically sent to Google Drive. Large files like videos and music can be transferred to Dropbox while smaller files can go to your box storage. Move confidential materials off your e-mail quickly and into the cloud.

Sync multiple e-mails and make their attachments available on one cloud service. You can also sort … Read more

'Gangnam Style,' Grumpy Cat top 2012 meme list

Whether you love them or hate them, memes -- culturally relevant multimedia often enhanced with a witty caption -- are here to stay.

In an attempt to crown the king of all that is viral, the meme maniacs at the site Know Your Meme analyzed internal page views, search interest on Google Trends, covers, and even parodies to suss out the top memes of 2012. … Read more

Windows 8 sales off to brisk start

Wednesday's CNET Update is watching Windows:

A Microsoft executive revealed that 40 million licenses of Windows 8 have been sold since it came out last month. These numbers include both consumers and manufacturers, so Windows 8 isn't in 40 million homes. But to compare, Windows 7 hit sales of 60 million the first two months. Some say Windows 8 is off to an awkward start, and there is a learning curve with the new system.

Also in today's tech news roundup:

- Gmail works with Google Drive to let users send 10GB files.

- Vimeo makes it … Read more

Create and uncompress several archive file types

StuffIt Expander is a file compression and expansion utility that can handle a number of different file archive formats. It's a free app available from the App Store and several other Web sites, and it installs quickly.

StuffIt Expander supports a number of file formats, including ZIP, ZIPX, 7ZX, RAR, and TAR. The StuffIt Expander interface is clean, allowing you to create archives by the usual drag-and-drop method or by menu actions. Clicking on an archive file can unpack that archive. You can add password protection to your ZIP files. There is a registration nag that appears with StuffIt … Read more

Get all of your email notifications in one place using POP Peeper

Managing multiple email accounts can be a chore, especially if the accounts are from different providers. POP Peeper offers a solution to set up and manage your many accounts from one place. Automatic Mail check is also enabled by default.

POP Peeper's uncluttered interface places the essential email options to create or respond to messages on a fully customizable Tool Bar. You will have to do some manual work to get your accounts setup but there is plenty of user guidance to help you get started and it handles nearly all of the most popular email services, including Yahoo, … Read more

View, save, and convert e-mail files from older versions of Microsoft Outlook

Winmail Reader is a useful and simple tool for anyone who sends or receives messages from the older Microsoft Outlook 97 and 2000 applications (winmail.dat). With Winmail Reader, the user can read, convert, and save file attachments that come from Outlook, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Exchange applications as well as Thunderbird and Lotus Notes e-mail clients. It is a freeware application that works on the later versions of the Windows operating system including XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

The layout of Winmail Reader will be familiar to any Windows user, and there aren't many options, so most people … Read more