'The Astronaut Wives Club' drama to land on ABC

Why should advertising executives and their wives have all the fun? While "Mad Men" tackles Madison Avenue, "The Astronaut Wives Club" will be dealing with pressures only NASA could sympathize with. ABC just ordered 10 episodes of the original drama TV series planned for summer release.

Based on the best-selling novel by Lily Koppel, "The Astronaut Wives Club," the TV series is set in 1969 and tells the real story of women who were married to the biggest legends of the space race, and how they coped with sudden fame. … Read more

Learn to exercise like an astronaut

Going into space does havoc on the human body.

One of the biggest problems is muscle atrophy. When the body isn't working against the forces of gravity to move, or even stay upright, thereby putting weight on the muscles of the legs and back, those muscles can waste away pretty quickly. To combat this, astronauts in space have to work out for two hours a day to keep their muscles in check.

As you can see in the video below of astronaut Colonel Michael Hopkins training aboard the International Space Station, it's pretty intense. … Read more

Astronauts take Christmas Eve spacewalk, make critical repair

Two astronauts successfully installed a replacement coolant pump aboard the International Space Station Tuesday, wrapping up a high-stakes two-spacewalk repair job and clearing the way for flight controllers to re-activate a critical coolant system.

"We'd just like to say thanks to all the great folks doing all this hard work to get this space station back up and running," spacewalker Rick Mastracchio radioed as he returned to the Quest airlock module.

"No, thank you guys," astronaut Doug Wheelock replied from mission control in Houston. "It's the best Christmas ever. Thanks, guys."

"… Read more

Microsoft says 'tsk tsk' to Xbox potty mouths

CNET Update is keeping it clean:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why some Xbox One users are losing Live account privileges when uploading game videos with profanity.

- Get a free launch-day game download if you get one of the few defective Xbox One consoles.

- Take note of a change in spam and malicious links in YouTube comments.

- If your turkey dinner is a bit dry this Thanksgiving, be grateful it's not freeze-dried, thermostabilized and irradiated.


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Need 70 days off your feet? NASA pays volunteers $18K to lie in bed

If you just can't get out of bed, NASA might have a mission for you.

A NASA study is recruiting volunteers to to lie in a bed that's tilted downward at a 6-degree angle for 70 days. Subjects who complete the entire bed rest project can earn up to $18,000.

The study is meant to test the conditions astronauts might experience while traveling in space. NASA hopes to find out what physical changes occur to scientists on these missions and how much body function is required for a person to complete a specific task. The information will be used to develop methods that make it easier for astronauts to physically acclimate to daily life following space exploration. … Read more

Yum! Tuck into this 12-course meal in a can

Astronauts used to have it really bad when it came to orbital dining options. Freeze-dried powders and cube food made for pretty depressing fare.

Now they have everything from fresh fruit to scrambled eggs. But what they really need is this 12-course meal in a can.

British design student Christopher Godfrey doesn't seem to have been thinking of spacefaring diners when he conceived All in One, a layered gourmet feast in a can. Doubtless the container would be unsuitable for space, but think of the gross-out fun you could have with this in zero-g. … Read more

Chatty Japanese robot to be astronaut's space buddy

Astronauts and robot sidekicks go together like Dave and HAL 9000, like Will Robinson and B9, like Doctor Who and K9. Soon, that illustrious list will grow longer with the addition of a Japanese astronaut and Kirobo, a conversational robot companion.

Kirobo looks like a cross between Astro Boy and a Power Ranger, all rendered in miniature. Since the bot's job is to be a companion, not a worker. It's very compact in size, just 13 inches tall and a little over 2 pounds in weight.… Read more

Astronauts don't cry: Chris Hadfield shows tears in space

There's no crying in baseball, and there's no crying in space.

While zero gravity doesn't have an impact on tears forming, it has an effect on if they fall -- and they don't. The water that builds up in your eyes from crying will stay there until the bubble gets so big it moves to another spot on your face, or it's removed. It's not very pretty or graceful.

Watch how Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield -- commander of the International Space Station and maker of all sorts of entertaining space videos -- demonstrates what … Read more

NASA astronauts aboard ISS to host live Google+ Hangout

Astronauts in the International Space Station have already explained how to clip fingernails and play guitar while orbiting 240 miles above the Earth. But what about all those other questions people may have about life in space?

They can be answered in an upcoming Google+ Hangout with three of the astronauts aboard the ISS -- Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn, and Chris Hadfield.

NASA announced today that it is hosting its first live Google+ Hangout from space. It's to happen from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST on February 22. The space agency is accepting questions in advance … Read more

Step into NASA's next-generation spacesuit

Around 2015, NASA plans to incorporate a spacesuit that amusingly looks like the one worn by Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story" -- sans the shiny laser beam.

Before you laugh, know that these new digs aren't toy dressings; the Z-1 NASA spacesuit offers a plethora of advantages compared with the space agency's previous designs. Think of it as the baseline architecture for future NASA spacesuits. … Read more