Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor review

Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor lets you customize the appearance of the shortcut arrow on your desktop interface in various ways. You can use one of the standard variations, or you can browse the program's preloaded image options to find one that suits your style.

The interface of this app is exceptionally streamlined, with a main window offering options for what you want your arrow to look like. These include the Windows default, the classic arrow, no arrow, or a custom design. Selecting the Custom setting takes you to another window where you can scroll through or browse the dozens … Read more

Review: Take notes with full-featured management options using Arrow note for iPhone and iPad

The default keyboard on the iPhone or iPad leaves much to be desired. Without arrow keys; symbols one, two, and even sometimes three menus deep, and complicated multitouch commands to access copy-and-paste menus, it is not ideal if you plan on doing a lot of composition on the touch screen. There are many solutions, but Arrow Note offers one of the better compilations of keyboard modifications for writing on your phone or tablet.

When you open Arrow Note for the first time you'll be presented with a blank screen and a handful of options. You can search for notes, … Read more

Track ghosts in your area with Mystic Arrow

While many of the menus and descriptions are written in Chinese, the purpose of Mystic Arrow Free appears to be help locate and photograph ghosts and monsters near you. With a mystic theme and a simple arrow spinning on a compass, the app will quickly evaluate your surroundings and mark where a "ghost" or other creature may be hiding in relation to you.

The app itself is simple enough. Turn it on and activate location services. Then just tap the arrow and it will spin for two or three seconds and then point out nearby ghost locations. While … Read more

Japan's high-end Fujitsu Arrows X F-02E phone hits the target

BARCELONA, Spain--One of the great things about a trade show like Mobile World Congress is seeing the cool phones and tablets we won't get. Hang on, did I say great? I meant depressing -- I'd love to get my hands on a 4G Android smartphone as powerful as the Fujitsu Arrows X F-02E, or a water-resistant 4G Windows 8 tablet like the Fujitsu Arrows Tab.

Both devices are only available in Japan, and unlikely to go on sale elsewhere. Which is a shame: the Arrows X F-02E, Fujitsu's flagship phone, has specs to die for -- and … Read more

Grab, edit, and share

Anyone who needs lightweight screen-capturing and editing software will love Skitch for Mac. Although it lacks some of the tools -- such as mask and layer -- that you find in a high-end image editor such as Photoshop, its well-designed, intuitive interface guides you all the way through the quick and effective editing actions, and the result speaks for itself.

The app launches in a gray window with a white canvas in the center, while the outer borders contain all the available options, allowing you to perform a long list of actions. But since Skitch is centered around screenshots, you … Read more

No hunger for this game

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iOS became available on the same day as the launch of the movie, and while it is free, it's only moderately fun for a very short time. As a person who read the books, maybe I hoped the game would be better, but it is about as good as most movie games: more about advertising the movie than playing the actual game.

The game is an endless runner/survival game with the object of staying alive as long as possible. The 8-bit graphics are charming initially, but the gameplay makes you forget … Read more

Skitch can sketch with the best of them

It may not be a mobile version of Adobe Illustrator, but Skitch can handle basic image annotations and sketches exceptionally well. It's easy to learn, its tools work well, and it can even export your work to Evernote.

Getting started with Skitch is simple. From the Home screen, you can open up a blank canvas, import an image from your gallery, or take a new photo with your mobile device's camera. Also new to Skitch is a feature that lets you pull up and add annotations directly onto a Google Map, which is perfect for giving detailed or … Read more

Defend your castle!

In Defender for Android you must have fast fingers and a sound defensive strategy to protect your medieval castle from monster attackers. Luckily, you have a pretty sweet bow (with unlimited arrows) and a pocket full of magical spells to help you in your efforts.

As monsters charge your castle walls, tap and hold your finger on them to shoot your bow. For larger waves of targets, you can also drag your finger across the screen to get that machine-gun-spray effect. And when you find yourself being overrun by a particularly feisty pack of monsters, just drag one of your … Read more

Angry Bunnies

Bunny Shooter is an Angry Birds-style game that pits you against a pack of malicious bunnies trying to steal your prized carrots. Armed with a bow and a set of arrows, your job is to wipe the smiles off of those smug bunnies' faces.

Swipe your finger across your bow's string to load it up, then rotate the bow to change your arrow's trajectory. Sometimes you can shoot a bunny straight away, but in many cases, you'll have to bank your arrow off of obstacles or cause chain reactions to destroy the bunnies. Similar to Angry Birds, … Read more

Ready, aim, fire!

Bowmaster HD is the iPad adaptation of Bowmaster for the iPhone and iPod Touch, in which you fire arrows from a virtual bow at moving targets while competing against Robin Hood's "Merry Men."

Bowmaster's 3D, first-person arrow-firing interface works fairly well: you control the position of your bow with your left thumb, pull back on the string with your right thumb (lifting to release an arrow), and adjust your view up, down, left, and right by tilting your device. The game's premise is that you're trying to win a series of archery competitions against … Read more