Checkmark offers slick location-based reminders

Apple's Reminders app, introduced in iOS 5, works perfectly well at notifying you according to your time- or location-based criteria. But a new app called Checkmark (99 cents for a limited time) gives you location-based reminders using your GPS and important locations you enter, and with a great-looking interface that's easy to navigate.

You start by adding locations important to you such as Home, Work, the Gym, and a friend's house you often visit. You can locate yourself via GPS, but you also can search for an address on a map and add a location pin that way. The next step is creating reminders based on your locations.… Read more

HTC Arrive review: Welcome, Windows Phone 7, to copy/paste

We expect a fair amount from a phone that represents Sprint's first investment into Windows Phone 7, is the United State's first CDMA Windows 7 phone, and is the first of its OS to ship with the long-awaited addition of copy/paste. Thankfully, the HTC Arrive delivers.

There are a few points of concern, but for the most part, the Arrive is a likable smartphone with a great keyboard and a handy tilting screen that makes a good addition to Sprint's lineup. Be sure to check out the video, slideshow, and more details in our full review.… Read more

HTC Arrive debuts as Sprint's first Windows Phone 7 device

As if the tweets didn't already give it away, Sprint made it official and introduced its first Windows Phone 7 handset today, the HTC Arrive.

Dropping its original moniker of HTC 7 Pro, the Arrive will go on sale March 20 for $199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate. The smartphone offers all of the hallmark features of Microsoft's revamped mobile operating system, including Zune and Xbox integration and the people and pictures hubs.

In addition, the Arrive will ship with the features going out in the first Windows Phone 7 update, so … Read more

ViaMichelin shows North America some GPS love

Like many Japanese and European parties that Americans have arrived woefully late to, (see also: soccer; 3G networks; Law, Jude), the personal navigation device is just now going mainstream.

Though it's obviously not the only to do so, ViaMichelin released its first personal navigation device for the North American market this week after ignoring us for six years in favor of our apparently more direction-challenged European counterparts.

Using SiRFstarIII GPS receiver technology and NAVTEQ digital map data, the X-930 model can give voice and text directions for driving in the car and walking down the street.

Weighing in at … Read more