Sketch Arm review

Sketch Arm gives you the tools to design as many closets as you'd like, complete with drawers, shelves, bars, and hangers, and examine them in 3D. Set your own dimensions, and even pick out colors and doors to make the design match your vision.


Thorough tutorial: When you first open the app, a tutorial pops up outlining all of the app's features and explaining how to access them. This is very helpful, and you can bring it up at any time while you're using the app by tapping the book icon in the upper right-hand corner … Read more

Apple will need to address low-end phones, ARM exec says

Apple needs to do something to address the slowdown in the high-end smartphone market and the rise of cheap phones, an executive from one of the company's partners said.

Antonio Viana, president of commercial and global development and executive vice president at ARM Holdings, said the premium segment of the smartphone market will grow much slower than the other areas -- only about 4 percent each year through 2018 versus 14 percent annual growth for mid-range devices and 17 percent annual growth for low-end phones. The high-end market will grow more in North America, he said, but Apple still … Read more

The future of wearables: 8 predictions from tech leaders

Wearables: Everybody in the tech world is talking about them, but no one has quite nailed it -- yet.

The category, which includes everything from smart glasses that record video to watches that answer phone calls, is generating some of the biggest buzz in the tech industry, and for good reason. Wearables are a long way from overtaking smartphones, but the market is expected to grow at a fast pace over the next few years.

Perhaps no one has a better view of what's ahead in the wearables market than the companies supplying the critical components. CNET talked with … Read more

AMD's first ARM processor is 8-core and 64-bit

Advanced Micro Devices is trying to make an impression with its first ARM processor.

And it may succeed. The AMD Opteron A1100 series -- targeted at servers -- can integrate 8 processor cores and will be one of the first ARM chips to be 64-bit.

AMD is tapping the Cortex-A57 processor design, the "highest performing processor," according to ARM.

Sample shipments of the silicon will begin this quarter along with a development platform, AMD said Tuesday.

The chip supplier is highlighting the 64-bit aspect of the processor.

"AMD is collaborating with industry leaders to enable a...64-bit … Read more

Mini industrial robot arm turns your desk into a factory space

When you think of robots in factories, you probably imagine those autonomous arms with lasers or pinchers on the end, doing fancy things like putting cars together. Since those robots are cost-prohibitive and large, they don't exactly make great office companions. A uArm on Kickstarter, however, will give you a similar effect in a much smaller package.

The Arduino-powered uArm is inspired by the industrial-strength ABB PalletPack robot arm. It's strong enough to lift up and relocate a full can of soda. The possibilities for such a gadget are quite varied. You could use it to dish out cat treats, move chess pieces, or hand you a pen when you need one.… Read more

Intel used ARM chips in wearables demos at CES

Intel's wearables demo at the Consumers Electronics Show generated a lot of buzz, but it turns out that not all devices had "Intel Inside."

The Santa Clara, Calif., semiconductor giant used ARM-based chips for some of the demos, the company confirmed, though it declined to specify which wearables used such chips. PCMag first reported the news.

Intel downplayed the use of the ARM chips. The company has held an ARM license for many years, and its Infineon acquisition also uses ARM. The smartwatch Intel showed at CES used an Infineon system-on-chip with an ARM core that has … Read more

Georgia Tech uses human arm sensors to make robots safer

Imagine you work in a manufacturing plant where your job is to hang a car door on a hinge with the help of a large robot. You're using a lever to guide the bot to the precise drop-off location, so you need to be close enough to see what you're doing. Chances are, you want this bot to be as intelligent as possible, unless of course you're willing to risk life and limb for some kind of disability pay.

Well, the good folks at Georgia Institute of Technology are working hard on the intelligence factor -- devising a control system to make robots smarterRead more

Intel does ARM: Citi 'identifies' another possible customer

Intel's chip manufacturing operations could take on yet another ARM customer if a Citi Research analyst's supposition is correct.

"We identify Marvell as a likely potential new foundry customer [for Intel]," Citi Research's Glen Yeung said in a research note posted this week.

Yeung goes on to say, in the research note obtained by CNET:

Yes it's ARM. Producing baseband/[application processor] chips for Marvell indeed implies that Intel will be fabricating ARM solutions on their 22nm process. This underscores the approach of Intel's new management to be agnostic to logic cores in … Read more

Freescale launches $149 Android wearables platform

Freescale Semiconductor, a maker of small, low-power processors, has announced an effort based on a $149, Android-powered, open-source electronics board to try to help hardware developers build its chips into wearable computing devices.

Wearable computing has become the hot thing as companies seek to claim new territory in the tech market. The starting point is fitness devices, but smart watches like the Qualcomm Toq and eyewear like Google Glass offer more general-purpose possibilities, too.

At CES 2014, Freescale announced hardware called Warp (Wearables Reference Platform) that designers can use to get started with wearable computing devices. It should ship in … Read more

Calxeda, ARM trailblazer, folds, unable to get to 64-bit

Calxeda, a relatively well-funded ARM processor startup that seemed destined for success, has run out of money and shut down.

"Carrying the load of industry pioneer has exceeded our ability to continue to operate as we had envisioned," Karl Freund, VP of marketing, and Barry Evans, president, said in a joint statement distributed to the media.

Lack of funding was the immediate cause. "[They] pulled the plug because they couldn't secure funding for a next round," said Pat Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

They had raised more than $90 million in venture … Read more