Apple urges veto of Arizona 'antigay' bill

Apple has added its name to the list of groups eager to help quash Arizona's controversial religious freedom bill.

An unnamed person from Apple spoke on the phone with Gov. Jan Brewer, asking her to veto SB1062, Brewer spokesman Andrew Wilder confirmed to the Arizona Capitol Times on Monday. Apple also confirmed the conversation, the Times added.

Apple's request that the governor veto the bill carries some weight. The iPhone maker is set to officially open a sapphire-producing factory in Mesa, an operation that would employ 700 people and create 1,300 construction and management jobs, the governor'… Read more

Apple closer to mass producing sapphire displays, report says

Speculation has been running rampant about Apple's plans for mobile devices with a sapphire screen. Those plans finally appear to be firming up, with 9to5Mac reporting Thursday that the electronics giant is getting ready for massive production of sapphire displays.

9to5Mac, with the help of analyst Matt Margolis, unveiled that the iPhone maker recently placed a large order with GT Advanced Technologies for furnaces and chambers used in making sapphire displays. According to 9to5Mac, GT Advanced has already received 518 furnace and chamber systems, which would let it build 103 million to 116 million 5-inch displays per year. (Another … Read more

Intel puts new Arizona chip factory on back burner

The use of Intel's most heralded factory is being put on hold indefinitely. The company's "Fab 42" manufacturing plant in Chandler, Ariz., which was slated to make high-tech microchips, will not be opening up for shop anytime soon, according to Reuters.

"The new construction is going to be left vacant for now and it will be targeted at future technologies," Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy told Reuters.

Intel began construction on Fab 42 in 2011. The plant was expected to produce Intel's next generation of processors built on its 14-nanometer technology. At the start … Read more

Apple to build made-in-the-USA manufacturing plant in Arizona

Apple executives have been talking about creating more manufacturing jobs in the US for the past year, and on Monday the company put its money where its mouth is.

The iPhone maker announced that its newest US manufacturing facility is slated to be built in Mesa, Ariz. Apple aims to create thousands of jobs and run the facility on 100 percent renewable energy.

"We are proud to expand our domestic manufacturing initiative with a new facility in Arizona, creating more than 2,000 jobs in engineering, manufacturing, and construction," Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet told CNET. "This new … Read more

Intel factories signal Windows 8, PC doldrums

Intel isn't churning out chips at the usual rate, reflecting the PC market's downturn and the slow uptake of Windows 8, according to an analyst.

Intel's factory utilization is down around 60 percent, well below normal, said Jim McGregor, principal analyst for Phoenix based Tirias Research, in a phone interview. The news was first reported at ITWorld.

"A lot of this started in September when holiday shipments of PCs didn't go the way they expected," McGregor said. "That [60 percent utilization rate] is increasing as they burn off inventory. But they're still … Read more

Trying to lose weight? Breathe into this gadget

Did you indulge at the Super Bowl party last night? Maybe you're still trying to work off the excesses of the holidays. Well, here's a dieting tool that's quite breathtaking -- literally.

Created by four Ph.Ds, mostly from Arizona State University, Breezing is a portable device that measures your metabolism using a method called indirect calorimetry. It analyzes your rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

You breathe into the mouse-size gadget that contains a sensor cartridge. It gauges your resting energy expenditure (REE), the metabolic rate indicating how quickly you're burning calories at rest. If you're trying to slim down, the faster the better. … Read more

How the Border Patrol uses tech to combat smugglers

TUCSON, Ariz.--It's summer in the Southwest, and there may not be a hotter border anywhere in the United States. For one thing, the mercury is easily over a hundred every day. And then there's the steady flow of organized smugglers trying to sneak themselves and their substantial cargo -- of migrants and/or drugs -- across Mexico's long desert frontier with Arizona.

There are nine U.S. Border Patrol sectors stretching across America's southwestern frontier. And back in 2000, the agency was snagging more than 2,000 people a day for crossing illegally into its … Read more

Arizona pushes law to make 'annoying' comments illegal

Arizona is faced with a dilemma: to possibly curb free speech or be left in a pre-digital age.

The state's legislature has been under fire the past few weeks for a bi-partisan bill that would revise its telephone harassment and stalking laws, according to the Associated Press. The law was written before the influx of computers and smartphones, and updates would add this modern technology into existing legislation.

On one hand, advocates of this law say it would make it easier to criminalize perpetrators who stalk their victims online or with text messages; but, on the other hand, free … Read more

The 404 1,025: Where hey, you gonna finish that dime? (podcast)

Be extra careful on the Internet if you live in Arizona, the local legislators may soon make it a Class 3 felony to be a "troll."

House Bill 2549 has already made its way through both houses and is waiting for the signature of Governor Jan Brewer. If passed, a minimum sentence of 2.5 years will be handed down to non-dangerous offenders that use any electronic device in a lews or lascivious act." Head over to Governor Brewer's Facebook page and send a message of protest!… Read more

The 404 997: Where it's the first day of the rest of our lives (podcast)

CNET TV reviewer Ty Pendlebury joins in on a fun rundown to start the week. We'll chat about a proposed bill that would require marketers to put a disclaimer on doctored advertisements, self-destructing e-mails, a Sony heads-up "VR" display, and something called "nomophobia." Yeah, you probably suffer from it already.… Read more