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Judge again denies Samsung an Apple mistrial over 'racist' remarks

Despite Samsung's protestations over "racist" comments by an Apple attorney, the Korea-based gadget maker has been denied for a second time a mistrial in a patent-related case.

On Friday, Judge Lucy Koh again admonished Apple's legal team over remarks made last November during closing arguments in the case, which involved determining the damages Samsung should pay for patent infringement. But she ruled that the remarks didn't influence the jury's verdict and that the verdict would stand.

"Particularly in light of...the high-profile nature of this litigation, the Court expresses its disapproval and disappointment … Read more

Judge pares down Samsung patent claim against Apple

A federal judge issued a partial summary judgment late Tuesday that invalidated one Samsung patent and found the South Korean electronics giant in infringement of an Apple patent.

Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court of Northern California found that Samsung's Android-based handsets infringe on Apple's US patent No. 8,074,172 for an autocomplete feature that automatically generates word suggestions based on what the user is typing. Koh also found invalid Samsung US patent No. 7,577,757, which covers multimedia synchronization, reducing the number of patents in Samsung's complaint from five to four.

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Apple insists on anti-cloning provision in Samsung settlement

Apple is demanding that any potential patent-litigation settlement with Samsung include an anti-cloning provision, according to a recent court filing.

The smartphone giants are in settlement negotiations in an attempt to head off another trial. The trial is set for March.

Apple's "discussions with Samsung have consistently included limits to both the scope of any license and a prohibition against cloning Apple products," B.J. Watrous, Apple's chief intellectual property counsel, said in a filing late last week with the US District Court for Northern California. Such a provision would prohibit future Samsung products from copying … Read more

Apple, Samsung CEOs agree to mediation over patent dispute

The chief executives of Apple and Samsung have agreed to meet with a mediator to try to resolve some of the companies' ongoing patent disputes.

Executives from the two companies met Monday to discuss settlement opportunities, attorneys for the tech giants reported Wednesday in a filing with the US District Court for Northern California. The discussions were in response to a federal judge's order that the two companies hold settlement talks before a new patent infringement trial is scheduled to begin in March.

The mediation will take place by February 19 with an unidentified mediator who has "experience … Read more

Judge denies Samsung motion to stay Apple patent damages trial

A federal judge has denied Samsung's emergency motion to stay a patent infringement damages trial while the validity of a key patent is re-examined.

After a jury found last year that Samsung had infringed on five Apple patents related to the iPhone's design and functionality, a judge vacated about $450 million of the original award and ordered a new trial to recalculate damages. Samsung filed its motion on Wednesday while the jury was deliberating on how much the South Korean electronics giant should pay Apple in addition to the $600 million it already owes from the first trial. … Read more

Are in-flight phone calls in our future?

CNET Update dials in:

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- You may have to invest in noise-canceling headphones if airlines allow passengers to make in-flight calls with their cellphones.

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- Get a free BlackBerry Z10 from some carriers (that is, if you actually want one).

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Clock is ticking on older Samsung device ban in US

While Samsung's pitching its latest product -- a high-tech watch -- the clock is ticking for a ban on some older devices in the US.

Come Tuesday, the presidential review period ends to overturn an August ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that found Samsung to infringe on two of Apple's patents.

That ban threatens just a "small" number of products, according to Samsung, but represents a notable win for Apple, which has engaged in a massive legal battle against the South Korean tech giant since early 2011.

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Samsung denied new trial over Apple's 'bounce-back' patent

A federal judge has quashed Samsung's hopes for a new patent trial over Apple's "bounce-back" patent, a key issue in the pair's landmark trial last year.

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh issued a ruling late Thursday denying a Samsung motion for a new trial regarding the "bounce-back," or '381 patent. Samsung filed this motion in July, according to Groklaw.

Apple had originally accused more than 20 Samsung smartphones and two tablets of infringing on the '381 patent technology, which covers the "bounce-back" that users get when they scroll to the … Read more

Apple, Samsung still trying to hash out settlement, says report

Apple and Samsung have been conducting private talks about working out their ongoing patent disputes, with Samsung pushing for a cross-licensing deal that would settle all outstanding litigation, according to a report.

Drawing from heavily redacted legal documents and unnamed people familiar with the discussions, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the two companies had face-to-face meetings in Seoul in December and seemed close to settling in February before the negotiations went astray. At this point, there's nothing to indicate that a settlement is near, the Journal said, though talks, according to the unnamed people, are ongoing.

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Google asked to provide search docs in Apple-Samsung spat

A federal judge on Thursday told Google it needs to hand over documentation about how it's searching for information it's required to provide as part of a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung.

Apple earlier this week had requested the court require Google to disclose its methodology, adding that the search giant was not doing "a full search" for documents related to its Android operating system, which Apple wants to use as evidence in its patent lawsuit against Samsung.

In a court order, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal said that Google has two days to provide … Read more