AP Twitter feed returns, minus many followers, after hacking

After spending the better part of a day offline -- following a hacking and fake tweet incident that caused a violent hiccup in the stock market -- the AP Twitter is back up and tweeting -- albeit, to far fewer followers.

The main Associated Press Twitter feed had almost 2 million followers Tuesday morning. That was before the Syrian Electronic Army apparently got hold of the account and tweeted the "breaking news" that a bomb had gone off in the White House, injuring President Obama. The hoax was almost instantaneously called out -- the formatting and channel used to send the tweet weren't consistent with AP standards. Also, it didn't go unnoticed that a live press conference happening at the time in the White House was uninterrupted by a bomb blast in the building.… Read more

Twitter needs to deal with the Twitter Accuracy Problem

Twitter's had a bad couple of weeks.

First, the Boston marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt led many (including me) to question the role of fast-moving, potentially inaccurate real-time Twitter reporting and its effect on mainstream news.

Then today, a false tweet from a hacked Associated Press Twitter account claimed that the White House had been bombed and that President Obama had been injured. The news caused a sudden plunge in the stock market (and, one can probably assume, some massive profit-taking by the hackers).

Twitter has always had an accuracy problem. It's a lot of voices, its information … Read more

AP Twitter feed hacked; White House has NOT been bombed

The White House has NOT been bombed, folks, despite what you might have seen on the Associated Press Twitter account.

Hackers apparently got ahold of the wire service's Twitter feed and tweeted out "breaking" news of a White House bombing that injured President Barack Obama.

Not so, say the Twitter feeds of AP corporate and some employees.

When the tweet went out, Twitter immediately erupted with notes from sleuthing tweeps who noted that the suspicious tweet did not use the normal all caps style for BREAKING news, and was sent from the Web, which is unusual for … Read more

Use Tunesque to search iTunes and Mac App Store from your menu bar

Searching iTunes or the Mac App Store for a song, podcast, or app can be a cumbersome experience at times. Thankfully, there is an app that makes the experience a little easier. As reported by Lifehacker, a new OS X Lion (yes, you read that right. The app is for OS X Lion only) app called Tunesque allows users to quickly search both the Mac App Store or iTunes from the menu bar. Follow along as we show you the ins and outs of Tunesque.

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Turn your iPhone into a McIntosh

McIntosh makes high-end, expensive audio components that most people can't afford but wish they could. Now the company is offering up something free to iPhone and iPod Touch users who want to bring a little old-school McIntosh flair to their devices: an audio player app that's skinned with the "legendary" McIntosh analog blue meter.

The app description reads:

McIntosh Labs is proud to introduce the AP1 Audio Player--the first digital product from the legendary audio experts. The AP1 offers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners the ability to listen to and playback music from their digital … Read more

Trendnet announces its 200Mbps power-line AV Wireless-N access point

LAS VEGAS--Netgear did it a while ago with the Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit, and now Trendnet has just joined the club. The networking vendor announced today its first HomePlug AV 200Mbps power-line Wireless-N access point, the TPL-310AP.

The full name of the product is the 200Mbps Powerline AV Wireless-N Access Point, and it's essentially a HomePlug AV power-line adapter that can also work as a 300Mbps Wireless-N access point at the far end of the power-line connection.

This is a single unit and therefore will work only in homes where a power-line connection exists. The device will … Read more

Trendnet debuts 450Mbps Wireless-N access point

As if offering what appears to be the first 450Mbps Wireless-N router on the market, the TEW-691GR, weren't enough, Trendnet today announced that it's shipping the first access point offering the same speed, the 450Mbps Wireless-N TEW-690AP.

An access point, which doesn't have routing functionality, is designed to add wireless capability to a nonwireless router or network. A wireless router has both routing functionality and a built-in access point. The new Trendnet access point, therefore, is a good solution for an existing network that doesn't have wireless capability or one that has legacy wireless, such as Wireless-G or Wireless-B. It's also good for those who want to replace their existing 300Mbps Wireless-N networks with a faster one.… Read more

Energizer's iPhone 4 case doubles battery life

Energizer's AP1201 has been shipping for about a month, but one just showed up in the mail, so we thought we should give it a little ink because it's pretty nice.

The first thing to note about it is that it's relatively lightweight and thin but packs in a rechargeable battery and seems to offer good protection. We also liked the feel of the case, which is made partly out of hard plastic and partly out of recycled silicon rubber. While Energizer serves up a bunch of statistics on how much extra battery life it gives you (… Read more

Samsung flexes young photo muscles with NX100

COLOGNE, Germany--Samsung, showing off its new higher-end compact NX100 camera, declared its ambition Monday to become a power in the camera industry.

"I believe the NX100 will be the catalyst for photo innovations in the digital camera industry and will propel Samsung forward to become one of the world's leading manufacturers," said Sangjin Park, president of Samsung's digital imaging division, speaking at press event at the Photokina show here.

Compact ILC (interchangeable lens camera) models are all the rage as the industry seeks to build new demand in a somewhat saturated market. Olympus and Panasonic led the way with their compatible Micro Four Thirds models, and Samsung and Sony have now arrived with models of their own featuring a larger sensor and their own proprietary lens mounts. These higher-end models aren't cheap: Samsung's costs $599 with a 20-50mm lens and $649 with a 20mm lens.

The ILC trend is still in its early days, though, and InfoTrends analyst Ed Lee believes it'll take the arrival of the industry's high-end camera powerhouses, Canon and Nikon, to truly legitimize the market.

But Samsung isn't waiting. Front and center in the effort to make more usable cameras is a new feature called i-Function to control camera settings that the company hopes will attain that holy grail, a camera that's easy to use but that offers a wealth of creative possibilities. Control over details such as shutter speed and aperture has never been simple, but Samsung promises i-Function will be different.

It works through a button on the side of an i-Function-compatible lens, of which Samsung plans a range that begins with a 20mm f2.8 pancake and a 20-50mm f3.5-5.6 zoom. Pushing the button cycles through various parameters that can be set--shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure compensation--while turning the lens' focus ring changes the setting. … Read more

The 404 596: Where the new iPhone is old news (podcast)

After months of speculation, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is finally here, and everyone except Jeff is eager to see what Steve Jobs will unveil at the show. You can follow all the coverage on our CNET live blog, and don't forget about CNET's WWDC 2010 Bingo Card!

We won't spend too much time speculating, since we practically know everything about the new iPhone anyway, so let's put that off until tomorrow and discuss the other big news of the day: Facebook merch.

At last week's D8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became so visibly … Read more