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Review: Protect your PC with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall protects your Windows PC from intrusions and online threats. It's easy to use and works alongside your antivirus and other security tools, including many other firewalls. Its Auto-Learn feature conforms to your computer use. After you've allowed your frequently used apps, ZoneAlarm mostly works in the background, only appearing when something changes, like when you install a new program -- or some hacker tries to.

To install ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, you must opt for an IE toolbar and search provider (which keeps ZoneAlarm free of charge), though they uninstall with a click; or (like us) … Read more

Review: FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security protects your gadget from viruses and malware

FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security protects your mobile gadget from viruses, malware, and malicious apps, while at the same time letting you monitor its overall performance, data usage, and security. It's a fantastic app that you definitely need if you install apps frequently or spend time browsing the Web.

To activate FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security you first need to accept its TOS. Once you do, you'll be welcomed by a rather intuitive interface featuring an unobtrusive ad at the bottom. The app works to enhance overall protection, performance, and privacy of your device, and it's fast, too. Scanning … Read more

Review: Secure your PC with Norton 360's all-around protection

Norton 360 is the top of Symantec's new line of premium anti-virus tools. Like its stablemates, Norton 360 offers real-time protection from a host of existing and emerging threats, including viruses, malware, phishing, corrupt downloads, and online scams. It protects your e-mail, social media sites, mobile devices, Cloud-based resources, and even your family. And Norton 360 also includes 24/7 technical support as part of its subscription price -- something free anti-virus tools can't match. You can install Norton 360 on three separate PCs, too, so it can protect your home network or other family members' computers (with … Read more

Review: Define the heuristic method to detect malicious programs with Scut AntiVirus

Scut AntiVirus scans your computer thoroughly for any malicious software and protects it against the latest threats, based on advanced heuristics. The focus of this program is clearly not on its appearance but on functionality and ease of use.

After a fast and painless installation, you can immediately start scanning your computer. The quick scan in critical zones of your computer takes at least a couple of hours on a machine with a 250GB hard drive. While this is not necessarily quick, it is an indication that the program is thorough. You can define where the critical areas are in … Read more

John McAfee's (insane, NSFW) tips for uninstalling McAfee

In the past year, estranged antivirus kingpin John McAfee has been accused of being many things -- madman, drug addict, and murderer, just to name a few -- but as the video below proves, you certainly can't accuse him of taking himself too seriously.

In the very NSFW four-minute clip, McAfee slams the software he created (but has had not contact with for more than a decade, as he points out) for its tendency to update itself at the most inconvenient times and ultimately offers an, uh, unorthodox method for uninstalling it.… Read more

Review: F-Secure Mobile Security gets the job done

F-Secure Mobile Security is an all-encompassing service that provides antivirus scanning, parental controls, and anti-theft solutions in an attempt to provide an all-encompassing protection package.

Upon installation, the app will walk you through a series of steps that include accepting some guidelines and allowing permissions, like the ability to wipe your device without warning, check your location, and other sensitive administrative actions. It'll then guide you through an anti-theft setup process, first with Android's stock security and then with F-Secure's own security code. You'll then be asked to add an optional trusted number to send an … Read more

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition 2013 Review

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition 2013 continues the slimmer, flatter redesign from 2012, and brings the same interface improvements from its younger, smaller Free and Pro Antivirus counterparts.

The AVG installer will walk you through a few screens and present the option to install or omit additional products like Identity Protection, Email Scanner, and Surf-Shield. However, it also includes additional tools more appropriate for corporate IT environments, like Remote Admin. The AVG Toolbar is also offered, though, as opt-in as opposed to the opt-out setups found in the free counterparts. AVG does include Do Not Track, which some users may find … Read more

Get Norton AntiVirus 2013 (3 PCs) free after rebate

Funny thing about Symantec's security programs: Lots of people still hate them. Like, really hate them. I guess the bloated, sluggish, more-harm-than-good versions of yesteryear were enough to turn some users off Symantec forever, even though the products have improved dramatically in the past several years.

Indeed, several of the company's Norton tools are perennial award-winners, and have been since the early days of Windows 7. And yet I know that at least some readers will see this deal and write, "Norton AntiVirus? No way, never again."

More on that in a bit. For now, Newegg … Read more

Popular security utilities for OS X put to the test

Even though the prevalence of threats for the Mac remains relatively minimal, malware on OS X has raised its ugly head a bit in the past few years. Some in the Mac community have been affected by threats such as the Flashback malware, DNSChanger, and the MacDefender Trojan, among others. As a result, while the most effective way of keeping a Mac secure is to follow safe browsing and computing practices, you may also be considering using anti-malware utilities. But which ones perform best?

Recently, Mac security analyst Thomas Reed attempted to tackle this question in part by putting a … Read more

Protect your Android device with Zoner AntiVirus Free

With the large number of threats out there, mobile device security has become a serious subject. A good antivirus tool is essential in the prevention of intrusions and malicious software. Zoner AntiVirus Free is a great choice for those who don't want to purchase expensive software. It functions well and is packed with useful features.

Following a quick download, Zoner AntiVirus Free prompts the user for the typical initial scan. Once the device has been determined safe, the main menu becomes available. With clean, easy-to-read text, the main menu is simple to navigate. The current status of the device … Read more