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Android 4.4.1 brings better photos to Nexus 5

Nexus 5 owners hoping to snap better pictures will get some help from Android 4.4.1.

Due to launch in the next few days, the latest Android update is geared toward fixing and enhancing the Nexus 5's picture-taking ability, The Verge said on Thursday. Speaking with Google's Director of Engineering Dave Burke, The Verge learned that the changes fall into different categories.

The Nexus camera's autofocus, exposure, and white balance have been improved, reducing the motion blur that often cropped up in photos under certain conditions. The camera app is a second quicker, giving Nexus 5 … Read more

Review: Songza for Android offers ad-free listening, and sharing & playlist options

Songza for Android provides great audio quality, a huge number of playlists, and a stylish layout in a free package. It's become one of the most popular streaming radio apps thanks to its one-of-a-kind music concierge service. That awesome feature is backed up with enough other goodies to make this an essential app for music fans. It may even pull you away from Spotify, Pandora, and the rest.

You have to sign up before you get started, but the app lets you use your Google or Facebook accounts for quicker access. Unlike other streaming apps, Songza for Android doesn'… Read more

Sprint to launch Android 4.1 flagship device dubbed Vital?

Word has it that Sprint is looking to debut its own high-end large-screened Android 4.1 smartphone, according to Engadget.

Sources familiar with the matter have given Engadget a host of photos and specs on the alleged ZTE-made device -- supposedly named "Vital." In addition to running on Android's Jelly Bean, the phone is said to have a 5-inch HD display, 13-megapixel rear camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of internal storage, and a 2,500mAh battery. Apparently, the device will run on Sprint's 4G LTE network.

News of this mysterious flagship device first leaked in … Read more

AT&T doles out Jelly Bean update to Samsung Galaxy Note

AT&T announced on Friday that it's rolling out an Android 4.1.2 software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Jelly Bean update for the first-generation phablet will be installed through Windows and Mac computers via the Samsung Kies software application. Once complete, the Samsung Galaxy Note will register as Baseband version I717UCMD3.

Included in the Android 4.1.2 update are the standard Jelly Bean goodies: Google Now, richer notifications, and an enhanced keyboard. The handset also benefits from a premium suite of features and behaviors, like notes, videos, and browser windows that pop up … Read more

Verizon beefs up Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1.2

Verizon subscribers who own the Galaxy Note 2 may find a major update waiting for them the next time they power up their phone.

Rolling out on Friday, the latest update from Verizon graces the large-screen phone with Android 4.1.2 along with several security patches from Google. The update also brings improvements to such apps and features as VZ Navigator, SMS text messaging, Verizon's Backup Assistant Plus, ISIS Mobile Wallet, Exchange Active Sync, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Galaxy Note 2 users will now be able to use the Multi Window View to juggle more apps, such as YouTube, … Read more

Android 4.1.1 rolls out to Sony Xperia S tablet today

Owners of Sony's Xperia S tablet will finally get a crack at Android 4.1.1, aka Jelly Bean, early today.

Sony expects to push the update to its production server sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. PT. Xperia S owners will then receive a notice in the bottom right Notification Area alerting them that a system update is available. Users can also follow the steps outlined on Sony's System Update page to manually check for the latest Android flavor.

The update will be available in the U.S, Canada, and Latin America. … Read more

Android 4.1 launches for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners finally have their shot at Android 4.1.

Available as of Wednesday, the Jelly Bean flavor of Android can be downloaded courtesy of AT&T.

Users can update their OS to Android 4.1.2 by following the how-to page on the carrier's Web site. The update does require Galaxy S2 Skyrocket users to download the software through Samsung's Kies and then sync it with their mobile phone.

Jelly Bean offers a number of enhancements over its predecessor, as an AT&T blog points out.

The notification screen organizes updates … Read more

Simplifying Archos' set of Elements tablets

Archos is making efforts to keep its tablet game strong with the release of its Elements series of tablets. The series offers a wide selection of budget-friendly tablets with a variety of options, but the similarities and differences among the many models have become difficult to navigate and decipher.

Below you will find a breakdown of Archos' Elements series beginning with the Platinum and Titanium lines followed by the rest of the, slightly obscure, Element tablets.

The most recent releases in the Elements series of tablets are currently divided into the Platinum or Titanium range. Both sets feature a variety … Read more

AT&T updates Samsung Galaxy Express to Jelly Bean

AT&T today announced that the Samsung Galaxy Express has started receiving an Android 4.1 update.

The relatively newish Samsung Galaxy Express is Ma Bell's latest Android to see the Jelly Bean update. As is the case with other Android 4.1 updates, notable improvements include Google Now, enriched notifications, and smarter widgets.

AT&T has also included a number of additional details in the Android 4.1 update, including Blocking Mode for disabling incoming calls and texts. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Express will now feature Easy Mode, which provides users with a more stripped-down version … Read more

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 goes Jelly Bean

Sprint today announced an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

As is the case with other Android 4.1 updates, this version of Jelly Bean will give users new and enriched features such as Google Now and Project Butter. Other noteworthy additions include actionable notifications as well as smarter widget placement and arrangement.

Sprint is also using the upgrade to include a couple of bug fixes and minor details. The device's self activation client is getting a small tweak, and a Wi-Fi Qualcomm driver fix helps automatically connect to most recent … Read more