Handy loan calculator for Excel

Loan Amortization Schedule for Excel is, no surprise, an XLS file that has loan amortization formulas embedded in it. Distributed as a ZIP file with the XLS sheet and a couple of text files (release notes and license agreement), there's no installation process to follow. Just open the XLS file with Excel (or compatible program) and you're good to go.

The layout of the first sheet is simple: space at the top for loan mount, interest rate, term, and a few other details like payment frequency and compounding period. You just enter your information to see the monthly … Read more

HELOC calculator

Streamline Your Debt is a free tool that analyzes your home mortgage and shows you ways to reduce your payments or pay your loan off more quickly by using a Home Equity Line of Credit. While it's not the most intuitive tool we've used, its summaries offer useful data that can help guide your decisions.

We extracted the compressed download and clicked the executable file. Streamline Your Debt's simple interface opened with a tabbed Startup Wizard that let us enter home, HELOC, and income and expense data. We entered data for House Value, Loan Value, Interest Rate, … Read more

Quick amortization information

Choosing your major financial purchase can be dreamy (stucco or stone? sun roof or tinted windows?) but the dream can quickly morph into a nightmare when trying to determine just how much money your loan will actually cost over time. The Amortization Schedule for Excel gives you the basic information you need so you can see just how much your dream will actually cost over time.

This freeware tool is very easy to use. Just plug in your numbers (loan amount, loan term, and interest rate) and voila, an amortization schedule quickly appears. You can easily change the variables, too. … Read more