AMD's first ARM processor is 8-core and 64-bit

Advanced Micro Devices is trying to make an impression with its first ARM processor.

And it may succeed. The AMD Opteron A1100 series -- targeted at servers -- can integrate 8 processor cores and will be one of the first ARM chips to be 64-bit.

AMD is tapping the Cortex-A57 processor design, the "highest performing processor," according to ARM.

Sample shipments of the silicon will begin this quarter along with a development platform, AMD said Tuesday.

The chip supplier is highlighting the 64-bit aspect of the processor.

"AMD is collaborating with industry leaders to enable a...64-bit … Read more

AMD adds new chips for 2014

AMD has announced its next generation of PC CPUs, aimed at systems headed to store shelves in the spring and summer of 2014.

Most of the details of these new chips, and the PC hardware partners building products around them, are being held until CES 2014 in January, but AMD is eager to publicize the new code names and some performance claims early.

The previous low-power and ultra-low-power platforms, code named Kabini and Temash, are being replaced with new versions called Beema and Mullins. Both sets of parts, however, use the familiar consumer-facing A4, A6, A8, etc., branding (the higher … Read more

The great $500 laptop challenge

Can you get a good-to-great full-time portable PC for less than an iPad or Xbox One? We occasionally see retail store circulars or online specials promising laptops for $500 or less, but you're usually locked into bottom-of-the-barrell leftovers that are likely to frustrate and send you right back to the store to spend even more money.

To answer this question, a handful of expert CNET editors have been given a virtual budget of $500 and told to buy the best portable PC they can. Of course, it wouldn't be any fun if we didn't have some ground … Read more

Toshiba adds high-price looks to new midprice laptops

If you liked the brushed-metal look and feel of Toshiba's ambitious Kirabook laptop, but weren't as hot on the $1,699 and up price, the new Satellite E55 and E45t may be for you.

These just-introduced new laptops from Toshiba's mainstream line take some of the premium styling of the very expensive Kirabook, launched in May 2013, and translate it into a much more affordable package.

In fact, looking at these systems from the top of the lid, they look almost exactly like Toshiba's highest-end laptop. Only once you get up close can you that they'… Read more

AMD to launch its first ARM chip

Advanced Micro Devices is dipping into the ARM world.

The chipmaker announced Tuesday that it plans to develop its first ARM chip starting next year. Codenamed "Seattle," the chip is being touted by AMD as the industry's first 64-bit ARM processor from a major chipmaker.

AMD said that the chip will offer two to four times the performance of its Opteron X-Series processor with improved compute per watt. Based on the ARM Cortex-A57 processor, Seattle is expected to run at speeds of 2 gigahertz or higher and will support up to 128GB of DRAM.

Aimed at the … Read more

AMD unveils first eight-core 5GHz processor

If there were a clock speed war going on, AMD would win again.

The chip maker unveiled today the most powerful member of the AMD FX family of CPUs, the eight-core AMD FX-9590, which it claims to be world's first commercially available 5GHz processor.

Back in 2000, AMD was the first to break the 1GHz barrier by delivering its 1GHz Athlon chip to the general public in May of that year. The FX-9590 will be available this summer and Intel has until then to unveil its own 5GHz CPU. Currently the fastest CPU from Intel is the 3.5GHz … Read more

AMD will consider Android but doesn't commit -- yet

Advanced Micro Devices will consider Android, but that's about all at this point.

Like Intel, the No. 2 PC processor maker has made its money selling chips that power Windows systems. Unlike Intel, however, AMD is not making any commitment to Android yet.

There's "no schedule for Android/Chrome support announced [and] no specific processors mentioned for support," an AMD spokesperson told CNET Wednesday.

But he added that "we have consistently said AMD is committed to applying our [intellectual property] anywhere where it makes sense for our business and our customers."

That's about … Read more

AMD launches new processors

The prerelease code names of AMD's new low-power and mainstream CPUs, Temash, Kabini, and Richland, may not mean much to laptop shoppers, but these components aim to give ultrathin laptops, tablets, and other PCs better value and battery life.

For the past several years, AMD has actually named its processors APUs rather than CPUs, which stands for accelerated processing unit, and combines a CPU and integrated graphics into a single part. The new chips follow that model, and take aim at where a lot of the action in tablet, hybrids, and laptops is right now, at the low-to-middle part … Read more

Xbox 360 games won't work with the Xbox One

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled its newest gaming console, the Xbox One, with a slew of new capabilities. But one thing it won't do is play Xbox 360 games.

Because the new gaming system has a different chip architecture -- Advanced Micro Devices' x86 instead of IBM's PowerPC -- the Xbox One won't have native compatibility with 360 games. It's unclear at this time whether Microsoft will create a solution for that, such as making some of the more popular games compatible through emulation or allowing users to access older titles through a cloud-streaming system. But it … Read more

More PC woes: AMD tanks, Windows 8 misfires in Europe

Maybe the PC isn't dead, but it's definitely showing signs of old age.

Shares of Advanced Micro Devices were off more than 12 percent Thursday on a downgrade from Goldman Sachs. And the PC market in Europe saw a sharp decline in the first quarter, according to Gartner.

Goldman downgraded AMD's stock from "neutral" to "sell," saying that AMD's upside in gaming devices, like Sony's upcoming PlaySation 4, "only partially offsets the continued...challenges in the company's core PC business." AMD is the second-largest maker of processors for … Read more