How to reveal items in the OS X Finder

OS X is filled with a number of links to documents, programs, and other items that may be regularly accessed. For instance, programs you place in the Dock are all simply links to the application files in your Macintosh HD > Applications folder. Likewise, items in the Finder sidebar are links to respective folders and documents you have placed there.

For all such locations (customizable or otherwise), if you click a link directly then, as expected, the system will open the targeted file, folder, or application. This may be the desired action in most cases, but you may instead wish … Read more

Microsoft swaps linked accounts for aliases

"It's a new world" out there in terms of digital identity and security, Microsoft said Monday. And, this world is far more dangerous than it used to be.

In order to mitigate e-mail infiltration by hackers and wrongdoers, Microsoft has announced that it's tossing linked accounts for its service and instead will be using aliases.

"There are a number of people who have more than one email address and want to manage these multiple email addresses from," Microsoft account group program manager Eric Doerr wrote in a blog post Monday. &… Read more

Managing Finder aliases in OS X

Aliases in OS X are analogous to the Windows shortcuts, in which you create a small pointer file that references another location or file on disk, so you can quickly access that resource without continuously having to reveal it first. In a sense aliases allow a similar function as the OS X Dock or the Finder sidebar, except they can be placed anywhere on the file system. A benefit to this is that you can create a folder that contains aliases of all the common documents, remote folders, and other items you access, and then add this to your Dock … Read more

How to add and use e-mail aliases

Microsoft just revealed the preview of its latest incarnation of Webmail, One particular feature worth noting, is its support of multiple e-mail aliases. They're a great way to protect your primary e-mail address. And because you can't log in to your account with an alias, it adds another level of security.

Add an alias To add a new alias to your primary account, click on the gears icon in the upper right-hand corner and select "More mail settings." Under the "Manage your account" section, select "… Read more

Drag-and-drop options in OS X

When managing files in OS X, common practices are to drag and drop them in various locations to move them or copy them between storage devices. Simple tasks include dragging individual items between folders, or even selecting multiple items to move at once for easy consolidation of files. Apple's file-system browser, Finder, is fairly straightforward in this respect, but in addition to these basic routines are some hidden options you can use to enhance the basic drag-and-drop features.

1. Copy files When you drag a file to a new location on the same disk, the default behavior is to … Read more

Hotmail launches accounts you can throw away

Microsoft knows you're making throwaway e-mail accounts, and wants to make that process easier.

Today, Hotmail is getting a new feature aimed at "e-mail enthusiasts," which lets anyone create multiple e-mail accounts that can be read, replied to, and managed from their everyday e-mail inbox. These additional e-mail addresses can be had in the same manner as signing up for new accounts, but they require no extra log-ins or upkeep.

The idea is to give users a safe way to provide third parties with an e-mail address, without giving up the address they've provided to family … Read more

Al Unser, Jr. pilots Zap Alias to X Prize finals

With a little help from Al Unser, Jr., electric car-maker Zap this week will move onto the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize finals. Unser will pilot Zap's spiffy three-wheeled sports car, Alias, thanks in part to the latest generation of Firestone Firehawk tires.

The X Prize is a global competition that started with 142 competitors. Zap was one of the first group of teams that entered, signing on back in June 2007.

A series of scored performance and evaluation events began on April 26, 2010. Currently, 13 teams with 15 clean, production-capable vehicles remain in the competition. The vehicles … Read more

ZAP to display its electric cars at EV KOREA

Electric vehicle pioneer ZAP and Zhejiang Jonway Automobile delivered the first electric taxi produced through their China venture, ZAP Jonway, to Korean distribution partner Samyang Optics. Several new ZAP electric vehicles will be on display at the automotive engineering technology expo EV KOREA July 14 to July 16 at the Coex exhibition center in Seoul. Samyang Optics and ZAP Jonway are the official sponsors of the event.

The ZAP Taxi is an electric SUV based on the Jonway A380 with an electric drive train designed and integrated by ZAP. Also on display is the Alias, a futuristic-looking electric car designed … Read more

Automaker ZAP buying out Chinese partner

Automaker ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) announced Thursday it has bought a majority stake in its China-based partner Zhejiang Jonway Automobile, and intends to buy out the rest of the company in the coming year.

The boards of directors for both companies approved a merger agreement on July 2 in which ZAP agreed to acquire 51 percent of Jonway Auto for $29.03 million in cash and the exclusive distribution rights for Jonway cars in exchange for 31.5 million shares of ZAP common stock at $1 per share. The deal also gives ZAP the right to buy out the remaining … Read more

ZAP's Alias electric vehicle to roll out in China

Electric vehicle maker Zap and Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. today announced they are amping up manufacturing plans following the successful debut of a preproduction Alias at the Jonway exhibit at the Beijing Motor Show last week.

Zap is targeting the electric vehicle market in China and other markets; Alias is one of the first electric sports cars to be produced in China.

Zap plans to offer the Alias for $35,000 and is accepting limited orders for its special-edition models. Orders for the Alias can be placed on the website for a refundable reservation fee of $1,000.

The Alias … Read more