Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts has been around for ages, forgotten by many and overlooked by many more. That's a shame, because it's still one of the Web's best ways to keep tabs on any person, place, or thing.

Specifically, Google Alerts sends you an e-mail digest of new Web content related to any Google search. So, for example, if you're following the Sochi Olympics and want all the luge-related news you can get, you could set up an alert for that. Want to know when your favorite band starts touring or releases a new album? Set up an … Read more

Mental breakthrough! Katy Perry cancels Google Alerts

It's hard to be sweet all the time.

This is something I discovered around the age of 7 and, to be honest, it's been a constant battle.

Katy Perry, on the other hand, knows that her image of sweetness tinged with superficiality might hound her till her dotage.

However, she's decided to break out. She's decided that she is more than the Katy Perry you know and judge every day. After all, her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

In order to show that she is the "captain of my career," she has decided … Read more

Twitter amps up its mobile emergency alert system

You never know when a crisis will hit, which is why Twitter launched its "Alerts" system in September designed to help users get crucial information during an emergency. On Thursday, the social network added a few new features to this system to make it even easier for users to get notified on their mobile devices.

"Now, on your iOS or Android app, you can go to a participating organization's profile and easily subscribe to their Alerts as push notifications by tapping on the bell icon," Twitter product manager Gabriela Pena wrote in a blog post. &… Read more

North Carolina traffic alert: Beware women drivers, Obamacare

It's always useful when you local department of transportation keeps you in touch with problems on the road.

The more sophisticated states send e-mails and tweets, to prepare you for the unexpected.

There are few more sophisticated states than North Carolina. So local drivers were, perhaps, stunned to receive traffic alerts that were a touch unusual.

As WTKR-TV reports, the alerts seemed routine enough at first: "A High severity incident has been Added for I-40 Eastbound in Wake County in Raleigh."

But then came the details of the problem: "Vehicle Accident: Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care.&… Read more

iPhone 5S stock finder now alerts you to fresh deliveries

You might remember iPhone-Check, a free tool that checks Apple stores and shows you which models of the iPhone 5S are available.

Well, now it's got a new side service that will send you an e-mail when the model you're looking for is back in stock at a local store.

The free service remains U.S. only for now. And in case you're worried about just where your e-mail address is going, creator Mordy Tikotzky tells me he "won't be submitting them" to the National Security Administration. You can, of course, provide some other … Read more

Review: Fuzz Alert Speed Trap provides user-curated notifications of local speed traps

Fuzz Alert Speed Trap is a hybrid game/real-time user-feedback system to alert users of speed traps; and while it is impossible to verify, it worked as advertised in our tests. The known speed traps near our testing site were noted on the app, and the verification system seems to reward users for accurate notations, while trying to minimize the number of false reports and verifications.

The app instantly opens to your current location, using the GPS tracking in your phone to match you to the map. It will then show the nearest speed trap to you. Zoom out and … Read more

Twitter's new Alerts system spreads word of Capitol shooting

USCP investigating reports of gunshots on Capitol Hill. If in a #Senate office, shelter in place. If not go to nearest office. #alert

— SenateSergeantAtArms (@SenateSAA) October 3, 2013

The U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms Office put out word via Twitter's new alerts system that there had been gunshots Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Launched just last week, the Alerts system was designed to let public agencies and other institutions quickly alert people about disasters and other events. Today, after word began spreading about shots being fired on Capitol Hill, the Sergeant at Arms Twitter account tweeted, "USCP investigating … Read more

Target joins crowded video-streaming scene

CNET Update is digitizing Post-Its:

In this episode of Update:

- Add another video streaming service to the list with Target Ticket.

- Access Target Ticket and dozens of other video services on the new lower-cost Roku boxes.

- Don't expect T-Mobile stores to carry many BlackBerry phones in stock anymore.

- Get emergency alerts from local, state and national agencies from Twitter Alerts. (See the full list of participating organizations.)

- Download the Evernote app update and have an easier time scanning sticky Post-Its into digital notes.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)

RSS (HD) |&… Read more

Customize Notification Center on lock screen with iOS 7

When Notification Center was first introduced, users were only allowed to access it when the device was unlocked by swiping down from the top of the screen.

With iOS 7 it's now possible to view notifications stored in Notification Center from the lock screen, as well as when the device is unlocked. Of course there are still actionable notifications that appear on the lock screen, but as we've discussed before, having every single app push notifications to the lock screen is a huge battery drain.

Apple realized a way of getting around the battery drain is to give … Read more

How to customize Active Notifications on a Moto X

The Moto X has a pretty sweet new feature in Active Notifications, but sometimes the notifications are too active. With the Moto X having an AMOLED screen, battery life isn't a huge issue when it comes to Active Notifications, as the entire screen doesn't have to be lit up to display alerts, but over the course of a day, countless alerts will still take a toll on your battery.

Do you really care about every Instagram like or Foursquare check-in alert? Or maybe you simply don't care enough about your e-mail to constantly be alerted to new … Read more