BlackBerry Thumb is just the start: A warning from 2016

Greetings Americans in the year 2012,

I'm contacting you today from the not-too-distant future with a warning for the people of your time. A major health care crisis is just around the corner. No, it's not the one you'll hear political candidates jawing about this fall, and you shouldn't listen to them anyway since one is a robot and the other is an alien (which will surprise you in about 18 months when All is Revealed.) Rather, it's the increasing incidence of tech-related ailments that comes from dumping more digital devices into the lives of your aging population.

But first, a little about me.

Using the new "Google Past" feature on my "extended reality" headset from Huawei (made possible by the remarkable advances that have taken place at CERN in the past few years and the generous permission of our benevolent new leaders in Beijing), I'm able to project myself from the current year, 2016, back to your present day, three years before the Greatest Compromise will make most of you full-fledged citizens of Foxconn.… Read more