RoboForm review

RoboForm is far more than a form-filling and password-managing browser add-on; this inexpensive shareware is one of the most useful browser enhancements we've encountered. RoboForm saves and enters log-in data and passwords, as well as your address, contact data, or any form fields you're always entering the hard way in Web sites and Windows programs. It also manages bookmarks, downloads, notes, and much more. RoboForm costs just under $10 with a free 30-day trial.


Everywhere or Desktop: You can install RoboForm to save data only on your main PC, or you can create an online account that … Read more

Review: Browse safely with WOT for Firefox

Like Angie's List and other reputation services, WOT is powered by individuals with real-world experiences to share. WOT for Firefox places WOT's trust meter between Firefox's address bar and search bar for instantaneous feedback about the Web sites you visit. It turns from green to yellow to red as the danger increases and displays site ratings when you click it. You can also share your experiences and views through your free WOT account and social media options.

WOT for Firefox runs not only in Firefox but also Firefox-based browsers; even 64-bit Cyberfox. During the setup process, we … Read more

Review: Add Web of Trust protection to Internet Explorer with WOT for iE

WOT for IE applies the Web of Trust's user-based ratings systems to Internet Explorer. When you browse to a questionable site, WOT for IE's toolbar icon changes from green to yellow to red, based on the site's reputation. That reputation is based on feedback by actual visitors and shared through the Web of Trust, a free, community-based online rating service. It does for Web sites what Angie's List does for plumbers; sort the trustworthy from the unreliable, the incompetent, and the scammers. WOT's social features let you read feedback shared by other users and contribute … Read more

Add Google Now style to New Tab page in Chrome

The abundance of unused white space on the New Tab page in Chrome lends developers ample options for sprucing it up. While the extension I'm about to suggest isn't anything groundbreaking, it's definitely one of the better options out there in terms of usefulness.

Literally called "New Tab Page," this Chrome extension makes your New Tab useful and attractive but doesn't gain any creativity points for its name. Installing the extension is quick: just head to the entry for New Tab Page on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome. … Read more

Add shortcuts to Google services with Black Menu for Chrome

Depending on the version of Chrome you're using, you may have noticed some changes to the black navigation bar along the top of the Google homepage. For some, the bar is still there, and for others, it has completely disappeared. One developer decided to make his own navigation menu, and luckily you can use it too.

Black Menu, by Carlos Jeurissen, is a Chrome extension that adds quick links to all of the popular Google services, like Gmail, Maps, Drive, YouTube, among others. Instead of waiting for Google to decide if the navigation bar will stay or go, … Read more

Connect to FTP with your Web browser using FireFTP

File Transfer Protocol may not necessarily be the safest way to transfer files, but it's still one of the most popular. If you need to use FTP to move files in your network, the browser add-on FireFTP makes it easy. It's Fire(fox) + FTP ... get it?

FireFTP only works with Firefox, of course. To use it, you need to have the browser installed first. Then once you've approved the addition of the FireFTP extension, it's tucked away nicely in the "Web Developer" menu.

FireFTP employs the dual-window interface of most standalone FTP clients, running … Read more

See things in the dark with Netgear's new VueZone Night Vision Camera

LAS VEGAS--Netgear unveiled at CES 2013 the latest in its VueZone Home Monitoring product line, the two-part VueZone Night Vision Camera (model VZCN2060).

This is a tiny and completely wire-free camera that monitors based on motion detection, both day and night.

The new VueZone Night Vision Camera comes in two parts: an AC-powered infrared lamp and the camera itself. The infrared lamp is required for the camera to work in darkness or low-light conditions. The two can be placed at different locations but still work together, as long as they point to the same location. This design is rather unusual, … Read more

Download videos from hundreds of sites with GetVideo

Download managers can make it much easier to grab and save video from the Internet. There's a lot of them, both freeware and shareware; but then, there's a lot of video clips to download, and not just from YouTube but hundreds of other sites. Nuclear Coffee's VideoGet is shareware that's designed to make downloading video files and clips as easy as possible. While it's not much different from other tools of its type, it has enough options to satisfy a wide range of users. It's free to try with a 20-download limit.

VideoGet's … Read more

Expect frustration from Faster Downloader

There are so many easy ways to download streaming media these days that we find absolutely no reason to bother with a program that's the least bit complicated. For that reason, we recommend that users who want to download video and music from streaming sites (where that's permitted, of course) look for something other than Faster Downloader to do it with. This unintuitive program left us scratching our head and wondering why the creators had so needlessly complicated what should be a simple process.

Faster Downloader boasts that it's "fully integrated" with Firefox and Internet … Read more

Protect yourself with SpywareBlaster

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that's especially true when it comes to spyware; wouldn't you rather protect your system than spend hours trying to rid it of malicious visitors? SpywareBlaster is a simple program that provides protection from ActiveX-based software and unwanted cookies for both Firefox and Internet Explorer users.

SpywareBlaster has a simple interface that will be easy for even novices to navigate. The main screen shows the protection status for Internet Explorer, restricted Web sites, and Firefox. By default, protection is disabled for each of these, but you can easily … Read more