Fitbit Force rash debacle leads to possible class-action lawsuit

Could this be the beginning of a Fitbit rash-gate? After company apologies, medical investigations, a full recall, and putting an end to sales of the Fitbit Force activity-tracking device -- some users still aren't satisfied.

A lawsuit against Fitbit, which is seeking class-action status, was filed on Monday in the Superior Court of California in San Diego County, according to The Wall Street Journal. The suit alleges that Fitbit didn't do a good enough job at alerting consumers about possible rashes caused by the Force in its promotional and advertising material.

The suit is being led by aviation … Read more

Edward Snowden action figure makes for toy whistle-blower

Edward Snowden, the famed NSA whistle-blower, already has been cast as the hero in a video game that has him collecting sensitive information while avoiding government capture. Now, he can be the hero of more tactile game play with his arrival in the form of an action figure from

The action figure goes for $99 and comes with a 12-inch articulated body (movable joints) in your choice of clothes. Options include a brown military outfit, a casual set with jeans and a t-shirt, a business suit, or an Indiana Jones get-up complete with a whip and messenger bag. For obvious reasons, you should order the Indiana Jones version if you're going to buy this thing.… Read more

Launch Center Pro requires fewer steps for most common actions

Are you tired of the repetitive tap dance that completing simple tasks on your iPhone sometimes requires? If so, then Launch Center Pro may just be the best app you've probably never heard about.

What it does is let iOS users automate repetitive tasks such as "send an e-mail to my boss," and other common actions that only require a tap of your finger. No, it's not glamorous, but it simplifies the actions you do most, and in the process, saves you a ton of time. At $4.99, Launch Center Pro is expensive, but once … Read more

Action Bowling Free review

Action Bowling Free is a bowling game for iOS devices. Although it delivers fairly realistic graphics, it's not nearly as challenging as real bowling, and we found ourselves growing bored with it relatively quickly.

Action Bowling Free offers two ways to achieve the task of sending the ball down the lane: You can either swipe and release the ball, or actually swing your device in a bowling motion. The latter option is a little trickier, as you have to remove your thumb from the screen to release the ball as you swing, and this seems like a good way … Read more

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon action cam is fun, but flawed

The concept of the Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon is certainly a good one.

Creating a compelling action cam video is easier -- not necessary, but easier -- when you have two cameras shooting a subject from two different angles. That, of course, requires buying two cameras and possibly mounts or other accessories for those cameras. And then you'll need some basic video-editing skills to combine what's captured, especially if you want to throw both camera views in the video at the same time.

The Chameleon, however, puts two cameras in one body. Each camera can be rotated 180 … Read more

Keep alien invaders at bay in Ziggurat

Ziggurat is an 8-bit-inspired survival game for iOS, set during an alien apocalypse. It's the project of Action Button Entertainment founder and director Tim Rogers, a Bay Area transplant recently nominated the Most Interesting Man at PAX Prime, and a regular contributor to geek-centric content farm Kotaku.

The story: Aliens have just wiped out humanity, and you are the last man standing. Literally standing: You're atop a ziggurat, above the clouds, armed with one BFG-like firearm, making a last stand. You shoot by tapping, charge by holding the lower portion of the screen, and fire when releasing. The … Read more

Sony goes for pros with Action Cam AS100V

LAS VEGAS -- Few, if any, action cam makers are in a better position than Sony to steal sizable market share from GoPro. And, with the new HDR-AS100V Action Cam announced at CES 2014, it looks set to do just that.

The slim, ultracompact design is the same as its past Action Cam models, though it's now lighter weight and white, and this one includes a tripod mount. That last bit is important since the camera's shape doesn't allow it to stand up on its own and, with the AS100V being splashproof, it means you can mount … Read more

Review: Action Grid for Instagram creates cool action collages but isn't too customizable

Action Grid for Instagram does a neat job of making collages, but mediocre layout and limited customization hinder the app's overall appeal. There just aren't enough ways to tweak the grid the app creates for you. The app is worth trying, but you might be better off with a more traditional collage-making app.

Though this app mentions Instagram, it's not really connected to that app at all. Instead, the app lets you record two to nine seconds of footage and then pick nine different still images to turn into a 3X3 grid collage. When you're recording, … Read more

Review: Action Movie FX helps you create customized action style movie clips

Action Movie FX is a big budget app with big budget effects that you can add to a video clip captured on your phone or tablet. The resulting videos often look fantastic, and while the app limits what you can do with the included free effects, most videos turn out looking pretty amazing, even when they don't quite match up to the instructions.

When you open up Action Movie FX for the first time, you can tell immediately that it's a solidly crafted app. The music, the visual effects when you move your phone, and the video between … Read more

Name your price for six action-packed Warner Bros games, help charity

I've seen some pretty good game bundles this year. There was the Telltale Games collection back in May, the six-game Origin bundle in August, and lots of sweet indie stuff along the way.

But this one may just top them all.

For a limited time, and assuming they have enough licenses to satisfy the Internet, the Humble WB Games Bundle gives you six action-packed PC games for whatever price you want to pay.… Read more