What's a zit's life span? ScanZ aims to help clear that up

Zits. It's easy to forget how devastating their sudden emergence -- always at the most inopportune moments -- can be. But surely everyone remembers at least one time when a zit was, at least for a day, the single most mortifying thing that ever happened.

ScanZ to the rescue! The patented imaging device developed by mySkin connects to a smartphone to help track the oh-so-unpredictable life of acne.

The device projects light of different wavelengths onto the skin to take transdermal images of the acne, sends that data to a connected smartphone, and the SmartZ app for iPhone uses … Read more

The 404 1,010: Where we've got some pi in our eye (podcast)

A worldwide zombie invasion is the perfect hypothetical setting for survivalist tips, and Jeff and I can't help but explore a few of them after watching this week's episode of "The Walking Dead."

After we get that out our system, the rest of today's rundown consists of AOL laying off the majority of its AIM unit, waving goodbye to the printed Encyclopedia Britannica, and a city in the U.K. shaming away loitering youth with pink lighting that exposes acne.… Read more

Zeno zaps zits

Zen, Zune, Zeno. The last one may resemble an MP3 player but isn't one. It does, however, involve another "Z" word: zits. The "Zeno" supposedly zaps acne by stimulating "heat-shock proteins" that in turn cause pimples to self-destruct, according to a description on Coolest-Gadgets. We definitely would have given this a try in our teenage years but, at our advanced age, the idea of using a device designed to burn things off one's face doesn't seem quite worth it for some reason.

Headgear: Not just for braces anymore

Headgear has come a long way from the days when it was almost synonymous with adolescent torment. Today, headsets and headphones are often considered fashion items--and, as with clothing apparel, that can be a good or a bad thing.

We think that Audio-Technica's "ONTO" headphones fall into the former category, mostly for their simplicity. They remind us of the early lightweight Sennheiser phones from the '70s, which were a revolutionary break from the bulky Koss-type standard of the day.

Rather than shun the headband, Audio-Technica has made one that's much thinner and, as Gearfuse says, … Read more