Apple arcade: iOS game controllers, compared

Whether or not you want them, iOS game controllers have arrived. What do they do? Unlike previous novelties such as the iCade, MFi game controllers are specifically made for iOS 7 according to specifications provided by Apple, and work with a growing list of compatible games that tap into that MFi controller spec, so all future accessories can work.

That's the plan, but in practice, there are still lots of games that haven't updated to take advantage of these controllers. And the controllers themselves come in a variety of flavors: some connect directly with an iPhone or iPod … Read more

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas plus iOS 7 controller equals the future of iPhone gaming

There are finally universal game controllers that work with Lightning-equipped iPhones and iPods running iOS 7. Both the Moga Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell offer the potential to turn your device into a little handheld game dynamo by adding buttons. But, there's a problem: it's not easy to find games that support them.

There are supposed to be hundreds of iOS 7 controller-ready games out there in the App Store, but with 1 million apps to sift through, discovery isn't a piece of cake. Games need to be updated to work with these controllers. Luckily, many of the newer games are coming out of the gate controller-ready, and Rockstar's newly released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the king of the early heap. … Read more

Moga iPhone controller makes unique gift

CNET Update is a button masher:

In this episode of Update:

- Check out the first iOS game controller case, the Moga Ace Power. Moga has created game controllers for Android phones, but this is the company's first for iPhones and iPods.

- Trade-in a water-damaged iPhone or iPad at an Apple store if you can dry it out and get it working again.

- Watch more on Apple TV with the new Yahoo and PBS channels.

- Give parents piece of mind (at a high price) with the Filip Smartwatch for young children.

- Score a free unlimited … Read more

The 404 1,363: Where we sit too close to the news (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Rear window emoticons broadcast driver's mood to the road.

- The Denver Museum wants you to Tweet at a plant for science.

- Mort Garson - "Plantasia" (music for your plants).

- Fox News debuts beautifully balanced giant tablets in its newly revamped newsroom.

- NPR asks: How do you get your parents into new music?… Read more

Review: Ace Video Converter converts videos into many available formats

Ace Video Converter offers plenty of format support for both video and audio, lets you rip audio from video files, and download YouTube videos with ease. Even though the program offers some cool features and a long list of supported formats, the overall conversion process could be faster.

The download comes with a few junk programs tacked on, so make sure you opt out of them. The layout, even though not as intuitive as it should be, is still fairly easy to use, but no one would make the mistake of calling it beautiful. The icons are big and the … Read more

Samsung unveils Galaxy Ace 3 smartphone

Samsung has announced a new addition to the company's smartphone line.

Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, the device comes with a 4-inch screen and a 1GHz dual-core processor. It's running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and comes in the customer's choice of 3G or 4G LTE. The 3G option comes with 4GB of internal memory, while the 4G LTE option has 8GB of internal memory. Both support a microSD card of up to 64GB of storage.

On the back, users will find a 5-megapixel camera. The software coupled with that lens allows for users to share … Read more

Sid Meier lets fly with mobile game -- and why you'll be happy to pay

Sid Meier is not a fan of "freemium."

The model of giving a game away only to charge for extras such as new levels, features, or power-ups, has swept up the mobile gaming industry, much to the chagrin of gamers who would prefer to pay once for the complete experience.

Meier, a legend in the gaming business thanks to his beloved "Civilization" franchise, couldn't agree more.

"It's about designing unhappiness," Meier told CNET in an interview on Friday. "You have to design a game so not fun that people will pay … Read more

Ace Queen HD 1.0 Review

Ace Queen HD is a simple game wrapped in an elaborate package. At first glance it's not immediately clear what type of game it is, but after spending a few minutes in just the first level, you will see that it is nothing more than a hidden object game. While there is nothing wrong with hidden object games, the execution is lacking in many ways, the story is non-existent, and the price point is unrealistically high.

The goal of the game is to compare two images of the same scene and find hidden objects on the right side that … Read more

Ace PhotoJus Frame 1.0 Review

Plain old photos can be boring at times, so there are apps like Ace PhotoJus Frame that offer to spice things up a bit, allowing you to add a frame behind the image in one of many different styles and colors. While the app has some clever features and the interface is well designed, it simply doesn't do enough in its free iteration to provide the solution promised in the App Store.

Open PhotoJus and choose a photo (or take one with your camera). Then choose a frame from the bottom of the screen and it will be added … Read more

Love-struck gamer creates 4-hour video game proposal

Many classic video games end with the hero getting the girl. There's Mario, Legend of Zelda, King Kong, and, now, Michele's Quest. You probably haven't heard of that last one because it's so new. It's the creation of Redditor Marchaka, who built the game as the key to an elaborate marriage proposal.

Michele's quest is a Final Fantasy-style role-playing video game built using the $70 RPG maker VX Ace from the Steam store. It took Marchaka 164 hours to put the game together and fill it with classic video game references and jokes.… Read more