DoNotTrackMe for Firefox review

DoNotTrackMe gives you control over your online experience with its vital security features and privacy options, but this may come at a price of reduced browsing speed. Its unobtrusive design makes using this application easy, and its blocking tools are some of the best on the market.


Helpful and informative: DoNotTrackMe offers explanations for why services are being blocked and how they may be harmful. Its online guide and blog offers assistance on securing your identity through other means, which displays the helpful nature of this program.

First-rate toolkit: The blocking software of this application, with its customizable blocking … Read more

DoNotTrackMe For Chrome review

DoNotTrackMe is a helpful and integral application that prevents online trackers from collecting your data while your surf the web. Neatly blending in with Chrome, this add-on gives you control of your browser and provides security tools to protect your personal information.


Awesome performance: Upon loading a new Web site, we noted that DoNotTrackMe's blocking capabilities were fast and reliable. While most tracking services are blocked with this program, an innovative feature suggests which trackers may be beneficial for you, preserving your online experience.

Privacy protection: Aside from blocking trackers, DoNotTrackMe also masks your personal email address from … Read more

DoNotTrackMe for Safari review

DoNotTrackMe for Safari integrates with the Safari browser on your Mac to help you protect your privacy while you're online. You can use this service to block trackers, or you can mask your phone number, credit cards, and email address.


Great installation: All you have to do to install this app is download it and click one button. It completely integrates with Safari on its own and is immediately available to use.

Intuitive controls: The dashboard for DoNotTrackMe is straightforward, with a box for each type of protection you can turn on or off. Selecting one takes you … Read more

Review: Create and manage Web accounts without compromise using MaskMe

On Monday, Abine announced a new privacy add-on called MaskMe. MaskMe promises to protect your personal information by creating custom aliases that "mask" your log-in information.

"In today's world of big data and NSA surveillance, consumers are realizing that any personal information they give away can be exploited," said Bill Kerrigan, Abine CEO. "The real lesson is to stop giving out your personal data in the first place. That used to be difficult for consumers, who didn't have a choice if they wanted to use online services."

The full service includes masking … Read more

MaskMe guards your privacy like a vigilant angel

Who hasn't bought something online, only to receive a torrent of marketing spam that follows you around like a rabid puppy?

Abine's new MaskMe browser add-on and mobile app, debuting Monday, ensure that you can use the Web while avoiding the data stalkers by preventing you from giving out your contact info in the first place.

MaskMe is a freemium add-on for Firefox (download for Windows | download for Mac) and Chrome (download for Windows | download for Mac) that creates and manages dummy accounts for your e-mail address, phone number, credit card, and Web site log-ins. Upgrading gets you … Read more

Delete yourself from the Web by iPhone

Sometimes, there is truth in advertising. Today's case-in-point: Abine's DeleteMe Mobile, which, as the name suggests, vigorously petitions Internet data brokers to remove personally identifying information from their databases.

Previously only available as a Web service, the app debuts on iOS with an Android version in the works. As CNET reported last year, DeleteMe is a partially human-powered service where Abine employees take on the onerous duty of contacting data brokers on your behalf. That's an important step because many of them have been known to add your data again, just months after removing it, according to … Read more

DoNotTrackMe: New name, same tracker-blocking game

While providing sharp teeth for the Do Not Track header has proved to be futile so far, Abine's DoNotTrackMe makes increasing your privacy online as easy as installing an add-on. The latest update, available exclusively today from Download.com, makes it much easier to use while making some important but small security changes.

Known as Do Not Track Plus when it underwent a massive overhaul at the beginning of this year, DoNotTrackMe remains available as a cross-platform, multibrowser add-on.

You can download DoNotTrackMe for Firefox (Windows | Mac), Chrome (Windows | Mac), Internet Explorer 32-bit (Windows only) | Internet Explorer 64-bit), and … Read more

DoNotTrackMe simplifies tracker blocking

If ad blocking is the hacksaw of Internet-protecting add-ons, DoNotTrackMe is a finely honed katana, slicing out tracking behaviors embedded in sites without destroying the modern Web.

The latest version makes some helpful changes both on the surface and how it protects you. Formerly known as Do Not Track Plus, the add-on's redesign makes it significantly easier to use. DNTMe's new crosshairs icon sits next to your location bar, and is easier to find than the previous one. It still shows you the number of trackers that it's blocked on the site that you're visiting, but … Read more

Your vote costs Obama and Romney about $22

If you're an average online American, you're worth about $22 to the U.S. presidential campaigns, at least in terms of ad cost per vote. That's according to a new vote calculator produced by online privacy startup Abine, which asks seven multiple choice questions to gauge what you cost per ad. … Read more

PrivacyWatch checks Facebook policy so you don't have to

Facebook's Data Use Policy is more than 7,000 words long, making it a daunting challenge to stay on top of how the company manages data you share with it. Online privacy company Abine wants to simplify that task for you with its new PrivacyWatch service, unveiled today.

For $1.99 per month, PrivacyWatch will warn you whenever Facebook changes its policy. The service will recommend changes on how to keep your information private in accordance with any policy changes. The service comes days before Facebook's IPO is expected.

"PrivacyWatch says, 'Hey, this specific thing has changed, … Read more