Mundane-looking 2015 Audi A3 first with 4G

As we swooped up a curving mountain road, shielded from the bright, spring sunshine by tall Redwoods, CNET editor Antuan Goodwin and I discussed the signature driving feel of Audi cars. Appropriately enough, we were driving the 2015 Audi A3, the new sedan replacing the older A3 small wagon. The words light and easy came to mind. Quattro-equipped Audis also inspire confidence in their handling.

This new A3 exhibited these qualities, and seemed to further refine a driving ideal to which Audi engineers are working.

As Audi's new entry level car, the A3 starts at a price just under $… Read more

Vizio's 60-inch M-series offers pic quality on the cheap

Like the Vizio M551 before it, the Vizio M01 is a competent budget television with a high level of performance. It forgoes some features -- like MHL and touch-panel remotes -- and sometimes others don't work, like learning remote codes, but what the Vizio doesn't do you don't need.

Picture quality is very good for the cash, with darker black levels than some plasmas, but on the other hand the backlight's local dimming effect can be obvious. There is blooming evident on contrasting images, and it's something that more expensive local dimming TVs like the … Read more

The Audi S3 is subtle, yet devastatingly quick

I like fast cars. That's a given being a "car guy," but sometimes it needs saying. I don't mind what shape they come in -- so long as they're quick there's a chance I'll be quite enamored with them. So throwing a 300 bhp motor in to one of the best hatches out there is sure to be a recipe for smiles.

The "S" badge that adorns certain Audis is a hint that it's no slouch. It's going to go very quickly and be a bit of a giggle. … Read more

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By Alex Goy

A3 e-tron heralds Audi's electric future

LOS ANGELES -- At the 2013 Los Angeles auto show, I had the rare opportunity to drive a car that won't hit U.S. showrooms until 2015, the Audi A3 e-tron. There will be an A3 model here before that, but it will be a sedan and only comes with gasoline and diesel engines. Audi takes a different tack with the A3 e-tron, using its wagon body and fitting the model with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

In fact, the A3 e-tron will represent the first plug-in hybrid car from Audi.

Similar to the standard A3 model, the A3 e-tron … Read more

Review: JES Video Cleaner tries to improve the quality of videos by reducing noise

JES Video Cleaner for Mac reduces noise in a user's existing video files by analyzing and reprocessing them, based on customizable settings the average consumer won't understand and in an interface that is not too easy to use.

JES Video Cleaner for Mac comes as a small downloadable ZIP, which you can extract wherever you choose. The interface is monotone and not very intuitive. The software comes with a Help file, which offers guidance on what steps to take and in what order, but contains no insight into what any of the settings mean. We were able to … Read more

Audi testing the electric car market

To ready its upcoming fleet of plug-in and electric vehicles for the U.S. market, Audi announced, the company will begin testing a small fleet of electric A3 hatchbacks in different regions throughout the country.

The Audi A3 E-tron has 199 lb-ft torque, a battery range of approximately 90 miles, and a top speed of 90 mph. It looks nearly identical to its conventional gasoline-powered A3 counterpart, but under the hood you'll find an electric motor instead of a 2-liter gasoline or diesel engine. Powering the vehicle is a 26kWh lithium ion battery housed underneath the car, which means … Read more

Car Tech Live 248: Back from CES (podcast)

The Consumer Electronics Show presented more car technology than ever this year. We recount what we saw from QNX, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Pioneer, and even take a drive in the Fisker Karma.

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Using wind power, Audi aims for carbon-neutral motoring

- Audi plans to use wind power as a source of clean energy for its upcoming electric and natural gas vehicles. The combination of clean power and zero- and low-emissions vehicles is a first step by the manufacturer toward making its entire lineup carbon-neutral.

To make its carbon-neutral goal a reality, the carmaker is financing the construction of four wind turbines off the North Sea that will generate annually up to 53 GWh of electricity. Wind-generated electricity will be fed to the public power grid, and Audi plans to use a portion of the wind power to charge its electric … Read more

2011 Geneva auto show: Audi A3 concept

As the concept of "premium compact" car starts to take hold in the U.S., Audi's timing is right for this concept of the next little A3. Brian Cooley sees it becoming what the A4 used to be, but with a lot more tech. Not a bad package.

(CNET's full coverage of the 2011 Geneva auto show)

2011 Geneva auto show: Audi A3 concept

As the idea of "premium compact" gains more steam in all the world's automotive markets, Audi shows how it will push the little A3 squarely into the category of a car that people might lust for. Brian Cooley takes us for a walk around a vision that seems just about ready for showrooms.

Check out CNET's full coverage of the 2011 Geneva auto show.