Sony to turn on Net-based TV service

Crude spam spreads on Facebook, the fight over an online piracy bill heats up, and Sony is working to distribute television channels through Net-connected TV sets as an alternative to cable.

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Zappos sister site zapped by pricing glitch

A sister site of online retailer fumbled more than $1.6 million in the wee hours of Friday morning when a pricing-engine blip inadvertently made every product on that site available for no more than $49.95.

Aaron Magness, director of brand marketing and business development for Zappos Development, said in a blog post that would be honoring purchases made during the glitch, which, he said, took place between midnight and 6 a.m. PT that day.

Touting itself as a bargain retailer of brand name products, features, among other things, a GPS device … Read more

Zappos vs. Piperlime: A head-to-head

I am a big and vocal fan of for all things shoe. Huge selection, decent (if not bargain) prices, and free shipping. Returns are dead simple, and my love for Zappos has, at times, bordered on actual zealotry.

So, when the Gap Empire introduced Piperlime, I wasn't buying. It seemed like a Zappos rip-off with a more yuppie-friendly design scheme, and even though I'm a Banana Republic card holder and Gap Empire devotee, something about Piperlime just didn't work for me. Plus, they gave me the Web site hard sell--a constant barrage of coupons and … Read more