WordPress.com to let bloggers earn money through ads

WordPress.com bloggers will now be able to earn a few bucks on their posts courtesy of advertising.

The popular blogging site is kicking off a new feature called WordAds, according to a blog posted earlier today by WordPress.com ads lead Jon Burke. Partnering with Federated Media, WordPress.com will display advertisements on qualifying blogs, letting their owners earn some cash from each ad.

WordPress, which Burke said signs up 50,000 new blogs every day, had apparently received requests over the years to allow advertising on the blogs created by its users, but resisted the temptation because of … Read more

Google's primer on how it helps the economy

OAKLAND, Calif.--Everyone knows that Google is the richest Internet company of our time. But Google doesn't think people know enough about the impact its services have on the broader economy.

In an effort to shine a brighter light on its economic contributions, Google held a series of press conferences around the country Tuesday highlighting the impact that AdWords, AdSense, and Google nonprofit grants have on the small business community. The events accompanied the release of a report claiming that Google advertisers generated $54 billion in U.S. economic activity during 2009, and that doesn't even count the … Read more

Google launches free ad management tool

Google on Tuesday released the final version of Ad Manager, free software that lets smaller online publishers deal with some elements of offering and planning advertisements.

The software can be used to manage advertising inventory, with features to help them sell ads, deliver them, and forecast demand. It can deal both with ads on a publisher's site and on affiliated network sites. And conveniently for Google, it can be integrated with Google's AdSense service, so Google can display its own ads for any unsold ad inventory. With AdSense, Google shares ad revenue with publishers.

Google announced the release … Read more

Google offers 'Insights for Search'

Google has taken its popular Google Trends and launched a spin-off product called Google Insights for Search. Geared toward advertisers, it's a tool to track a particular search term's popularity across the Web and geographic regions of the world.

For Google, this can help boost advertiser confidence and potentially win its program some new converts who would've otherwise been skeptical regarding how effectively they could target an online ad campaign.

With Google Insights for Search, you can search for a term to track how much it's been googled over time, where on a "heat map&… Read more

Google AdWords/AdSense

Category: Productivity

Google's ad services allow anyone to put advertisements up on their site. They can be anything from generic banners all the way to contextual ads that show offers related to content on the site. In addition to site ads, site owners can also purchase AdWords, which are purchased keywords in search terms. When a user buys one of these words, a link to their site will show up in the sponsored area to the right of a Google search using that word.

One of the reasons Google's ads have become so successful is that they can … Read more