Review: F-secure Internet Security

F-Secure Internet Security 2014 has a very corporate, systematic feel: the utility's overall design isn't decorated with bright, attention-grabbing colors. Its layout, user flow, and functionality are organized to stay out of your daily PC routine so you can go about your session with one less thing to worry about.

Installation was light and quick; F-Secure took just a few minutes and it doesn't ask about any toolbar offers or extension add-ons (though SafeSearch is an extension you can choose to add later). When you're finished, you'll be introduced to Launchpad, a central dock that … Read more

Review: Free Website Blocker for Mac helps parents restrict children's access

Primarily used as a parental control tool, Free Website Blocker for Mac easily blocks access to specific Web sites by defining words or phrases which to block, or by simply blocking complete URLs. For those who need a basic program to block specific online content, this program performs adequately.

Free Website Blocker for Mac starts up into a basic menu that includes few buttons or available options. The first is a check box for turning the program on or off, and has no other buttons other than an apply button. Other sub-menus allow for the filter to be applied either … Read more

Review: Max Spyware Detector scans your computer for viruses and more

Max Spyware Detector quickly scans your system to find and remove spyware. In addition to being a little expensive, this download is bloated and lacks some high-end performance when it comes to spyware blocking. For as huge as it is, it should be stocked with goodies, but instead it doesn't even offer active protection from viruses.

To call this download big would be an understatement. It checks in at about 182MB, which would take some time to download even on faster connections. It starts scanning automatically once you start the program, though. The download hogs most of your computer'… Read more

Amazon suffers some homepage glitches

It looks like Amazon is having some spotty service on its homepage right now, but shoppers can still access the site through its other pages.

When visiting through the Web or on mobile, some users are getting the error message "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable." Twitter users started complaining about the apparent outage around noon Pacific time. Accessing the site through the mobile app or one of the other internal links doesn't seem to be a problem. For example, and are working just find.

We've … Read more

Square outage squelches payments

Square was hit by an hour-long outage yesterday evening, stopping some payments being processed.

The outage caused problems for users of the startup's website,, as well as its mobile app, The Next Web reports.

Square spokesman Aaron Zamost told the publication:

"Some users experienced a connectivity issue late this evening, during which time our website was inaccessible and some payments could not be processed. The issue was quickly recognized by our engineering team and has been fixed. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we're taking the appropriate steps to ensure … Read more

The incredible shrinking iPhone 5 dock

You ready to play the tech name game?

For starters, it's a juicy day for iPhone 5 rumors. The next iPhone could have a smaller dock connector with 19 pins, instead of Apple's typical 30-pin port. TechCrunch is reporting that three manufacturing sources say Apple will be using a port that's roughly the size of a micro USB. If there's truth to this, get ready to dish out money for new accessories. It won't fit that pretty little iHome charging dock anymore. (But hey, Apple fans always dish out money for new accessories. So no … Read more

PayPal to roll out Web redesign making it more user-friendly

PayPal's clunky Web site is about to get sleeker and more user-friendly. According to TechCrunch, the online payment company is revamping its Web site to make it more orderly and have fewer navigation bars and tab options. Now, there will be just three tabs: buy, sell, and transfer.

"We are always creating new ways to use your PayPal account," screenshots of the new Web site say. "Explore some innovations that could make your life a little easier."

PayPal told TechCrunch that the company will announce more details on the redesign tomorrow. For now, it's … Read more

Check a Web site's mobile appearance

When developing a Web site, it's always a good idea to consider how the site you're working on will appear on other people's different operating systems and browsers. With the rise in popularity of Internet-enabled phones and other devices, this visual check has never been more important. With so many different devices, checking all of them would require a lot of time and money. Luckily there's an application that makes this visual check a lot easier; just follow these steps to see for yourself.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the Opera Mobile … Read more

Ohio male may be linked to LulzSec attacks

An Ohio male may be linked to the recent cyberattacks that hit government and corporate sites in the U.S. and U.K and led to the arrest of U.K. teen Ryan Cleary, according to Ohio news sources.

Stories from Cincinnati's WKRC and the Hamilton Journal-News in Ohio reported that the FBI conducted a search on Monday of a home on Jackson Road in Saint Clair Township.

Mike Brooks, a spokesman for the FBI's Cincinnati office, told CNET today that he couldn't comment beyond the fact that on Monday the FBI executed a sealed federal search … Read more

How to add PayPal to your iWeb site

iWeb offers Mac users an easy way to build their own Web site from scratch and post it for all the world to enjoy. Though iWeb's built-in tools are formidable, you can greatly expand its scope by using HTML Snippets and a little coding from popular Web sites like PayPal.

It seems as though everyone has something to sell these days and adding PayPal to your iWeb site can help. Not discussed in this article is the process for setting up a PayPal account, but PayPal has a nice tutorial and walk-through that should get you started easily.

I … Read more