WebOS lives on to make LG's smart TVs smarter

LAS VEGAS -- WebOS the smartphone platform is dead; long live LG's WebOS TV.

The operating system made its debut on the television as part of LG's line of smart TVs during the Consumer Electronics Show. Gone, however, are the cards and gesture controls, although the multitasking feature remains. Most importantly, LG will be keeping the WebOS name around and proudly touting it.

It's just the latest -- and hopefully last -- stop for the once beloved platform, which has suffered through a tortured history. For fans of WebOS, LG's move likely provides some element of … Read more

LG reveals the future for its WebOS smart TVs

LG plans to tune up most of its new TVs this year with a shot of WebOS.

Revealing its plans in a Korean press release on Monday, LG said that 70 percent of this year's smart TVs will come with the new interface, which it purchased from HP almost a year ago. The company also touted the three major benefits of WebOS: Simple Connect, Simple Switching, and Simple Discovery.

The first time you turn on the TV, an animated character named Bean Bird swoops in to show you how to tap into all of the smart features. When using … Read more

LG Lifeband wristband photo leaked?

CNET Update needs more high-tech bangles:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Get an early peek at LG's WebOS TV and the Lifeband Touch wristband -- both which may be shown off at CES next week.

- Bump your phone one last time as Google kills the file-sharing app later this month.

- See if Winamp will be reborn with a new owner.

- Watch for Sony to come out with its first Windows Phone by mid-2014.

- Buy a no-contract customizable Moto X for less.

- Learn how Netflix is testing a cheaper subscription plan for some … Read more

LG's WebOS TV purportedly pops up in leaked image

LG is expected to show off its WebOS TV at CES 2014 next week. But a tweet may have given us an advance preview.

A image tweeted by known leaker @evleaks on Tuesday reportedly of LG's first WebOS TV offers a peek at the new interface. The TV's multitasking menu is based on the Cards interface used by Hewlett-Packard for its smartphones -- LG bought WebOS from HP almost a year ago specifically for its new smart TVs.

LG has given the menu a different look from Cards but the idea likely remains the same.

All of your … Read more

Oversized curved TVs and more at CES 2014

CNET Update is going to need a bigger living room:

Stay on top of CES 2014 news with this episode of CNET Update:

- Does the world need a 105-inch curved-screen TV? Both LG and Samsung think so, because they'll be showing them off at CES next month.

- Welcome back WebOS. The old Palm operating system is coming to LG smart televisions, and we may see a demo at CES.

- Samsung could be planning to show off a new 10.5-inch tablet soon.

- Speculate on the future of smartphones and what we may see at CES … Read more

LG Smart TV to WebOS: You're coming to Vegas

LG has made good on its promise to resurrect WebOS in the living room.

An LG researcher, Hong Sung-pyo, said at an event in Korea on Thursday that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month will play host to the company's first WebOS-based Smart TV. The television will include a 2.2GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM, according to Hong.

CNET sister site ZDNet Korea was first to report on the news.

WebOS has had a long and disappointing experience in the electronics business. The operating system was initially hailed as the Palm's savior, but quickly … Read more

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein calls sale to HP 'a waste'

Nearly three years after Palm sold itself to Hewlett-Packard, the mobile device maker's former chief executive expressed regret about the deal, calling it "a waste."

When asked if there was something he have done differently with the rollout of the WebOS mobile operating system, Jon Rubinstein told Fierce Wireless in a story published Tuesday that the HP acquisition spelled the end for Palm's mobile OS. And if he had known then what he knows now, Rubinstein said, it's very unlikely he would have agreed to the deal.

"Talk about a waste," said Rubinstein, … Read more

Countdown begins for Galaxy S4 reveal

Monday's CNET Update does it with stylus:

The mother of all mobile trade shows, Mobile World Congress, kicked off in Barcelona. Today's video roundup highlights the buzz over Samsung, WebOS and a new way to talk to your phone:

- Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 on March 14

- Visa's mobile payment program will be built into the Galaxy S4

- More on MasterCard's mobile payment plan, MasterPass

- First impressions of the Galaxy Note 8 tablet

- Samsung HomeSync to rival Apple TV

- WebOS lives in future LG smart TVs

- HP tries tablets again with the Slate 7Read more

LG at work on WebOS-based HDTV, report says

The the slow pendulum swing toward the smart TV is about to hit WebOS.

LG has teamed up with Gram, the organization established by HP to handle the WebOS project, to create a television that will be running on the open-source operating system, according to a new report from WebOS Nation. That blog reports that LG and Gram have been working closely for several months on the project.

The road to Gram has been a long and hard one for HP. In 2010, the company made the ill-advised decision to acquire Palm for $1.2 billion. After a few product … Read more

Open WebOS 1.0 arrives for those who dare to port

Call it the ghost of Palm past. Today the once-lauded WebOS, originally a smartphone operating system, lives on once again in the form of Open WebOS 1.0.

Issued by Hewlett-Packard (HP), the first open-source version of Open WebOS is now ready for developers and others in the open-source community to port Open WebOS to any number of devices.

In a demo video, HP Chief Architect Steve Winston shows how the operating system works on an HP desktop.

The full version of Open WebOS 1.0 follows a pair of beta releases made available earlier this year. While HP is … Read more