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Add speed reading to Chrome, Firefox

Speed reading is about to have another popularity spike -- one likely fueled by the recent announced of Spritz on the Galaxy S5. The speed reading feature will come included with some apps, and uses a single focal point in words, along with rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP for short) to display words one-by-one at speeds up to 1000 words per minute.

This technology is not only useful on smartphones or tablets, it's also great for tackling longer written works online in less time. If you search for what the average reading speed is, you'll come up with … Read more

Use Glossed.it to save interesting sentences on the Web

There are quite a few options for saving the content you read on the Web. The issue with many of them is that they can become overcomplicated in their attempts to help you. Glossed.it is a Web tool that will let you save just the sentences that really strike you as interesting.

To use the service, you will need to sign up on the Web site: Glossed.it. Once you're signed in, just drag the provided bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar.

Now head off to read some of your favorite stuff online. See an interesting sentence you … Read more

7 keyboard shortcuts for Google+ notifications

Keyboard shortcuts offer the fastest access to content on your Google+. They are generally more efficient because the shortcut starts you at the right spot for new posts instead of scrolling halfway through them. They are also a bit easier on your hands and wrist since you won't have to switch back and forth as often (especially useful for those with joint issues).

With keyboard shortcuts available for the Google+ stream, it only makes sense that there should be a set of them to work on notifications, too.

Without further delay, here are the shortcuts:

Up and down arrow … Read more

How to check memory usage of Chrome extensions

The Chrome Web Store is both awesome and horrible. While you can find many new extensions to enhance your Web browsing experience, you can also slow things down by adding too many. If you're having trouble picking which ones to keep, taking a look at how much memory each one is using might make the decision a little easier.

Fortunately, Chrome has a built-in tool that will show you the memory usage of each extension. Here's how to open and use it:

When you have a Chrome window open, just click on the menu icon on the toolbar … Read more

View Chrome tabs in a vertical list with Veritabs

Do you often open way too many tabs in your Chrome Web browser? Don't feel guilty; when I'm doing research on something, some of the tabs are so tiny that I can barely see their favicons. You may already be aware that there is a huge selection of tab management extensions in the Chrome Web store, each one with the promise of being a great productivity tool. However, Veritabs is a Chrome extension that works just a bit differently from the others, and it's definitely worth a look.

Instead of making you press a button or switch … Read more

Add folder tree menus to Dropbox in Firefox

The ability to sync files between devices, computers, and the Web makes Dropbox a popular cloud storage service. In the past year, Dropbox saw an impressive acquisition path involving AudioGalaxySnapJoy, and Mailbox. Unfortunately, the Web interface for the service leaves a bit to be desired -- probably because they're busy working on integrating new features from their acquisitions.

If you're used to looking at command prompts or file servers, you may not mind that there's no tree-style menu when accessing your files on Dropbox's Web site. But if that's not your thing, … Read more

Sum up YouTube video stats with VidIQ Vision for Chrome

When you create a video to share with the world on YouTube, you want it to be a hit. Although you can find analytics for your video through the YouTube tools, there's more specific services that can help fine-tune your ability to reach more viewers and gain more subscribers. VidIQ, a YouTube-certified and brand-focused company, offers features like analytics, video scheduling, Facebook integration, and bulk management for videos and comments.

Instead of signing up for an account, or the full suite of tools with VidIQ, why not use a simple way to sample the goods? VidIQ is now offering … Read more

Export your data from Catch Notes before it shuts down

Catch Notes sent out an e-mail this week stating that service will be terminated August 30, 2013. According to the e-mail, the company is "headed in a different direction," and evidently your notes are not invited for the ride.

After the end of the month, Catch Notes and AK Notepad will have their sync and collaboration abilities discontinued, and the app and Web interface will stop working. So now it's time to export your data and move on. Here's how:

Step 1: Log in to your Catch account on the Web. The export tool that the … Read more

How to see who isn't following you on Google+

When managing a personal or community page on Google+ (Android or iOS), you may become curious if the people you follow are also following you back. As an avid Google+ user, I've seen people complain about the asynchronous following method, while others sing its praises. However, if you're really trying to do some self- or brand-promotion, you probably want to know when followers lose their interest.

Circloscope is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to quickly see who isn't following you back on Google+. It's very similar to the countless tools that show … Read more

Automatically remove tracking tokens from URLs in Chrome, Firefox

Urchin Tracking Modules, or UTMs, are tracking tokens added to URLs. They are a tool used by Google Analytics to help calculate the unique number of clicks on a specific link, navigation choices on a Web site, and how much time is spent looking at it. The namesake comes from Urchin Software, a company Google acquired in 2005. Google Analytics borrows a great deal of its structure and features from Urchin 6.

To get started, you'll just need to install a copy of the respective add-on for your Web browser.

For Chrome:

Head to the Chrome Web Store entry … Read more