Nokia Lumia 610 review: U.K.'s cheapest Windows Phone

We can't get the Nokia Lumia 610 on our shores, but our CNET brethren across the pond has plenty to say on the handset we first saw at Mobile World Congress in February.

Compact and tautly aimed at a youthful market, the multi-hued Lumia 610 is Europe's least expensive Windows Phone yet, and as such, is a welcome addition to the budget smartphone market.

Sure, there are some weaker points with the handset as part of the cost trade-off. The biggest drawback is the 800MHz single-core processor and just 256MB of RAM. The nearly halved memory means not … Read more

Samsung Focus 2 review: Great value Windows Phone

The way I see it, there are three major draws to AT&T's Samsung Focus 2, a Windows phone that goes on sale May 20. First, there's the glossy-white design. Second there's the LTE compatibility, and third, and for some, most importantly, there's the $49.99 price.

The cameras and processor do a good job rounding out the midrange features, but there are a few ups and downs with the smartphone that you may want to keep in mind as you decide if this is one of the many Samsung Windows phones, or of AT&… Read more

Nokia's MWC to include a new high-end Windows phone

Details are still sketchy on Nokia's Mobile World Congress plans, but there are a few more hints than when the company first made its intention to launch something known.

Nokia intends to introduce a minimum of one new high-end phone, according to Forbes, who cited an anonymous industry source.

Don't hold your breath that the handset in question is the Nokia Lumia 910 that was previously "leaked" on a Dutch Web site. While Nokia's PR division kept a strict policy not to comment on rumors or speculation, its head of Imaging Experience of the Nokia … Read more

It's time to stop calling Windows Phone 'WP7'

commentary Let's get one thing straight. Microsoft's mobile operating platform isn't called "Windows Phone 7."

How do I know? Because Windows Phone 8 is right around the corner.

Yet "Windows Phone 7" is exactly how CEO Steve Ballmer introduced the platform and its first nine handsets in 2010, and it's how people have commonly referred to the operating system--including CNET.

It isn't that anyone who uses the phrase is wrong, it's that "Windows Phone 7"--or "WP7" in shorthand--refers to a specific version of the OS. … Read more

Nokia Lumia 910 could bring Europe a 12-megapixel camera

The latest Nokia Lumia rumor to bounce around the Web is none other than a slightly updated version of the Nokia Lumia, the 910, headed for Europe with a 12-megapixel camera.

The rumor originated in a tweet a few days back, then gained a little more credence when it popped up on a Dutch Web site with specs.

Who needs lumia 900 in june if they want to launch lumia 910 (12mpx) in may? Europe

— Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) January 24, 2012

Unfortunately, the trail seems to disappear for the time being. Screenshots from site WP Sauce clearly show the 910 … Read more

Nokia's Mobile World Congress teaser thin on details

Nokia is planning something at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona, Spain. Of that I'm sure.

Usually the pre-trade-show teasers hint at one thing or another, but this one is frustratingly detail-free. If there's something we journalist types abhor, it's a lack of news clues.

Nokia did e-mail the press with invitations to a press conference on the show's opening day, February 27, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. local time. CNET will be there to cover it.

There are only a few reasons why a company would call a press conference, and … Read more

Windows Phone does quality over quantity at CES

LAS VEGAS--2012 may mark Microsoft's last major CES keynote and presence, but with two successful Windows Phone announcements, it's going out with a bang.

CNET named both the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 finalists for the Best of CES award in the smartphone category, both supporting 4G LTE. Out of four total candidates, the Lumia 900 took the prize.… Read more

HTC Titan II drops jaws with 16MP camera, 4.7-in screen

LAS VEGAS--HTC should be feeling pretty proud of itself right about now.

This morning at CES, the smartphone maker managed to bag two U.S. firsts. Not only was its Titan II the first to announce the world's first 4G LTE Windows Phone, but it also contains the highest-megapixel smartphone camera we've heard of stateside, a 16-megapixel whopper.

Just after the smartphone was announced today, I got a chance to get eye-to-eye with the Titan II. At first blush, it looks nearly identical to the original Titan, which is new to the scene in its own right. There … Read more

Why we need Windows Phone 7

For a slow holiday news week, there's been plenty of chatter over the last few days about Windows Phone 7.

It all started Tuesday when several tech blogs posted editorials on why Microsoft's operating system was failing, a fact that Mobile Burn's Dan Seifert wryly pointed out on Twitter. And then, almost as if in response, a leaked memo on WMPoweruser spilled details on the next software update, the Windows Phone Marketplace hit the 50,000-app mark, and WinSupersite reported that AT&T will be the first carrier to offer LTE-enabled Windows Phone 7 devices.

I'… Read more

Microsoft eyeing cloud backup service for its phones

Microsoft aims to help Windows Phone owners safely store their personal data on its servers as part of a future service.

An software engineering job listing picked up by WMPoweruser seeks someone to join its "Windows Phone Backup, Migrate, and Restore team."

"Our goal is to ensure that no matter if someone loses their phone, drops their phone in a lake, buys a new windows phone, or just has their toddler wipe their phone by entering the wrong PIN over and over, a user can quickly and seamlessly get their phone back to a good state," the listing reads. … Read more