CES 2014 will showcase the near future of driving

Auto shows make great places to see the cars coming to showrooms in the next year, but CES shows how we will be driving by 2020. Automakers and suppliers are participating in CES 2014 to show off their latest tech concepts, designed to make driving safer and easier than ever.

At CES 2013, both Lexus and Audi made important announcements about their efforts to develop autonomous vehicles. While those efforts have not come to dealers yet, Audi will be demonstrating its test vehicles at CES, showing how the future car will drop off its passengers, then go find a parking … Read more

Visteon e-Bee shows how we will drive in 2020

In the year 2020, your car may recognize you when you get in, and immediately adjust the seat and mirrors to your preferences. At the same time, it could bring up your calendar on a screen, and automatically program your destination based on your next appointment. As passengers get in, each would have access to his own audio zone and be able to connect his smartphone and tablet to the car's own Wi-Fi hot spot.

Those are some of the technology promises built into automotive supplier Visteon's e-Bee concept car. The car, based on a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, … Read more

Visteon and 3M unveil Growth Market Car in India

Visteon and 3M today unveiled the C-Beyond concept to the market in India. This is the second Growth Market Car collaboration between the two companies.

Visteon brings numerous innovative options to the C-Beyond, including a compact heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit with thinner heat exchangers that take up less room in the interior. Electronics options include a scalable instrument cluster with an electronic or mechanical integrated control panel. A customizable instrument panel can be full-size or two-thirds size, depending on which consumers prefer. And "a rear-facing fan on the back of the center console cost-effectively eliminates the … Read more

RealVNC offers OEMs anti-distracted-driving device

Cellcontrol has entered into an agreement with RealVNC that makes it easier for automotive manufacturers to adopt its technology. For carmakers planning to use Nokia Terminal Mode for next-generation infotainment solutions, the partnership offers an out-of-the-box middleware solution that blocks distracting applications while a vehicle is in motion.

Terminal Mode is a standard being developed by Consumer Electronics for Automotive (CE4A), of which Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen are members, which replicates mobile devices on a vehicle's in-dash screen. The phone is tethered to the entertainment system, and occupants interact with the phone using the head unit interface. … Read more

Speedometers go digital

LAS VEGAS--Analog gauges in your car are so 1900s; this century it's all about to go digital. At CES 2011 we saw a number of concepts for entirely digital instrument clusters designed for the automobile.

Nvidia demonstrated a 3D instrument cluster running off its new Tegra 2 process, and considering that the company is working with Audi, BMW, and Tesla, there's a good chance of implementation. Visteon also showed digital instrument cluster concepts using Open GL 3D architecture. As an automotive supplier, Visteon is showing these to potential customers in the automotive industry. QNX also showed a digital … Read more

Visteon demonstrates future car tech

LAS VEGAS--Automotive equipment manufacturer Visteon showed up at CES 2011 with two concept cars, each showing off different aspects of the company's new technology. One car, the C-Beyond, shows what can be done with LED headlights, a digital instrument cluster, and a whole new design for climate control. The Growth Market Vehicle shows how even very inexpensive cars can incorporate modern technology.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the C-Beyond is how Visteon configured the climate control system. Instead of putting traditional vents in the dashboard, circular vents are mounted in the roof, above each seating position. These … Read more

Visteon shows virtual dashboard interface

LAS VEGAS--Automotive supplier Visteon showed off a conceptual buttonless dashboard at CES 2011. This dashboard uses an infrared field to determine finger placement, which it then correlates to different functions.

Although its display included a panel showing button placement, this panel merely indicates to drivers where they should touch to activate volume, scrolling, and other functions. The panel is actually inert.

Infrared emitters flank the panel projecting what Visteon calls a curtain. This system can sense where the curtain gets broken, such as when a driver touches one of the inert button areas. Each area in the curtain equates to … Read more

iPhone app shows real-time traffic images

Now drivers can view traffic camera images in real-time with a new application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

TrafficJamCam, from Visteon, lets users see current traffic conditions on highways and major roadways of their choosing, faster and more accurately than typical radio updates or other traffic reports. This allows drivers to plan or change their driving routes based on current traffic or road conditions.

TrafficJamCam is available in separate applications for viewing traffic in 17 metropolitan areas: Atlanta; Boston; Chicago/Indiana; Charlotte, N.C.; Denver; Detroit; Jacksonville, Fla.; Las Vegas; Memphis, Tenn.; Minneapolis/St. Paul; New York City; … Read more

Group promotes savings with open-source software

For about a year, a group of heavyweight automotive and technology companies has been working on a way to hasten development of in-vehicle entertainment systems. Their solution: share basic software development using the open-source Linux operating system.

Among the nearly 50 members of the group, called the Genivi Alliance, are automakers General Motors, BMW AG, Nissan Motor, and, as of February 17, Renault SA. Suppliers include Visteon, Delphi Automotive, and Continental AG.

The Genivi (pronounced jah-NEE-vee) Alliance is focusing on developing "middleware"--the layer of software that allows various kinds of information and entertainment applications to work together … Read more

Visteon makes the connected car a reality

LAS VEGAS--OEM automotive supplier Visteon, the power behind many carmakers' dashboard infotainment systems, demonstrated the next generation of audio and information services that will become available to drivers. The demonstration head units on display showed off connected applications that will change the way we drive.

Visteon showed off head units using a GENIVI alliance Linux-based operating system, a Flash-based interface, and one based on the Microsoft embedded operating system. Each demonstration showed what automakers could use in future models.

The GENIVI alliance, of which Visteon is a part, aims to provide a standard Linux automotive infotainment platform, so developers can … Read more