Sous vide cooking pumps into action at Viante

Sous vide cooking is a relatively new phenomenon and even newer for the home market. While professional restaurants have been cooking food in a water bath for quite some time (say, pulling out a steak and giving it a quick sear before plating), the home kitchen has not until recently joined in on the party. Recent advancements are making the method of cooking food in a precisely controlled heated water bath an easy reality for home consumers.

The Viante Home Products CUC-09SV Sous Vide Cooker is a countertop appliance that will further the prospects of this exciting cooking method becoming … Read more

Viante Intellisteam cooks a full meal on time

Cooking is a balancing act, but don't tell that to the appliances. As a cook runs from pot to oven, oven to fridge, and then back again, the coordination required to bring the cacophony of activity to a satisfying (and tasty) conclusion is not something that's easy to do. Trained professionals may attack this puzzle each and every day with relish and zeal, but the home cook doesn't have the benefit of a sous chef or prep cook (usually). They can however, have the Intellisteam.

Set to become available in July 2013, the Viante Home Products CUC-30ST … Read more

Play (d'oh) with your pasta

For a food that has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, pasta sure has aged well. From noodles in ancient China to lasagna at the Italian restaurant down the street, the starchy standard has been around the block, so to say. It is safe to say that pasta is old. But that doesn't mean it cannot still have fun.

The Viante Pasta Extruder offers not only an easy way to make fresh pasta at home, but it does so with a bit of fun. Similar to the iconic Play-Doh Fun Factory in that the … Read more

Convenient, portable induction griddle

Portable induction cookers are a great way to delve into the relatively new world of induction cooking. A lot of mystery surrounds the appliances and which pieces of one's current arsenal of cookware can be used. Here's the deal: as long as it is ferromagnetic it is good to go; glass, ceramic, and solid copper won't work, so going with a full-size cooktop isn't for everyone. Luckily, going the small and portable route, doesn't mean compromising on what the induction burner can do.

The Viante CUC-30DC Induction Cooker and Grill measures just over 20 inches … Read more

Toast in the blue

Blue enamel cookware is found in kitchen cabinets and camping gear everywhere. However, the distinctive style, while being common for cookware, is rarely seen in appliances. Blue being such an attractive color in the kitchen or otherwise, this oversight is finally being remedied in the form of a toaster oven.

The Viante CUC-04E True Blue Convection Toaster Oven dishes out with a blue enameled lining--and an interior light that stays on during the cooking process that may or may not make it appear as if you are heating up blue food. Rest assured, food cooked inside of the toaster oven … Read more

Tap for coffee and see what you get

Keeping track of coffee consumption isn't necessarily at the forefront of the minds of coffee drinkers. After all, anyone who has ever delved into the dark elixir has at one time or another--or every day as the case may be--subjected themselves to drinking an overabundance of coffee. Aside from being easy to do, it's fun; jittering through the day can produce some interesting consequences. However exciting that may be, sometimes we just want to see what we are getting ourselves into before we get into it.

Every coffee drinker knows just how much coffee is in the pot, … Read more

Grill with your lid on

Indoor grills offer a quick and easy way to prepare a variety of meals. Throw in the versatility of a griddle as well, and suddenly you have a machine that's capable of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From bacon and eggs in the morning to steaks, burgers, and chops at night, grill and griddle combinations offer a complete solution for cooking throughout the day.

The Viante Indoor Grill with Griddle Plate combines convenience and versatility into one countertop appliance, and costs around $200. With a 200-square-inch cooking surface, the unit provides plenty of room and is capable of preparing entire … Read more

This isn't your grandmother's pasta machine

Some might say cooking is all about getting in and getting your hands dirty. When it comes to pasta, that means flour slowly turning into dough, kneaded by hand, leaving a fine mist of white everywhere. Depending on experience, skills, and the recipe, that fine mist of flour can just as easily turn into wet little pieces of wanna-be dough sticking to anything and everything. And all this before the dough even hits the extruder. Though a hand-cranked pasta extruder is a time-honored and classic way to create a variety of pastas, sometimes it's OK to let modern technology … Read more