Review: Ashampoo ClipFinder HD lets you easily find, watch, and download videos

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is a stunning online video manager that's loaded with options, good looks, and plenty of style. Few programs can let you find, watch, and even download a video -- no matter what site it's on -- from the same window. It's one of the best ways you can find to watch videos online. It's even better than the best browsers.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD lets you search for a keyword or video on multiple sites at once. Vimeo, YouTube, Google Video, and most of the favorites are here, which makes it easy to find … Read more

RIAA lawyer says DMCA may need overhaul

NEW YORK--The four largest record labels are unhappy with the way the courts have interpreted the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in recent years and may need to ask Congress for changes, according to Jennifer Pariser, the attorney who oversees litigation for the Recording Industry Association of America.

The DMCA is just not providing the kind of protection against online piracy that Congress intended, Pariser said at a conference here on Thursday.

"I think Congress got it right, but I think the courts are getting it wrong," Pariser said during a panel discussion at the NY Entertainment & Technology … Read more

Qlipso acquires video site Veoh's assets

The assets of Veoh, a former YouTube competitor, have been acquired by media-sharing company Qlipso, VentureBeat is reporting.

"Veoh is now part of Qlipso, the revolutionary social content sharing company," Veoh's "About" page reads. "Over the coming months, users and business partners will start to see more and more social features coming to one of the world's top video sites--Veoh."

Veoh executives will work at Qlipso as part of the deal, according to VentureBeat. Qlipso is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners. CEO Jon Goldman told VentureBeat that the company views the purchase … Read more

Documents in Viacom vs. Google unsealed soon

The judge overseeing the copyright fight between Viacom and Google doesn't want to wait to give the public access to the documents in the case.

U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton has denied Google's Friday request to wait until June and ordered the companies to figure out which information is too sensitive to release, such as trade secrets, within 10 days of filing. Stanton said everything else will be open to the public. Peter Kafka over at All Things Digital was first to report the news.

For three years, most of the information in the case has not … Read more

Veoh finally calls it quits: Layoffs yesterday, bankruptcy filing soon


Veoh, one of several well-funded start-ups that have tried and failed to cash in on the Web video boom, is finally calling it quits. The company let go of the remainder of its workforce Wednesday, and sources say it plans on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in the near future.

Veoh, which started out as a YouTube-style site, has struggled for years to find a business model that works, and has burned through $70 million in funding from name-brand investors like Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, Intel's venture arm, Spark Capital, and former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

Veoh CEO … Read more

Stunned film, music sectors react to Veoh decision

In the cafes along Sunset Boulevard and the high-rises on Fifth Avenue, executives and lawyers at powerful entertainment conglomerates were talking about Veoh on Tuesday morning.

They were not joyful discussions. Copyright owners in the film and music sectors were stunned Monday by the news that U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz ruled that Veoh, an online-video service, is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's safe-harbor provision and cannot be held liable for acts of copyright infringement committed by users. This was the most significant court victory that the tech sector has won against copyright owners in … Read more

BOL 1063: Buzzed Out Loud

Lots of stories with buzz today, including a new Archos Android tablet, the launch of Zune HD, and voice chat on Facebook. Of course, Joe the pilot in Honolulu sent us some good, old-fashioned Filipino whiskey and rum. So Cooley makes us pause and do a tasting. Poor Natali gets left out, though. Sad.

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Microsoft hopes to turn it around with Zune HD

Archos store is down--you … Read more

Veoh wins copyright case; YouTube wins, too?

Update 4:15 p.m.: To include comments from YouTube and Viacom.

A federal district court says Veoh, a Web video site that has come under legal fire from entertainment companies the past several years, is not liable for the copyright violations committed by its users, a decision that could help YouTube defend itself against Viacom's $1 billion copyright suit.

Universal Music Group, the largest of the four top record companies, accused Veoh of copyright violations in a lawsuit filed two years ago. But on Friday, U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz granted Veoh's motion for summary … Read more

Veoh releases search plug-in

Video aggregator Veoh has released into beta a new browser plug-in that inserts video results into search pages from Google, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN Live, and Results show up in a strip on top of your results. Unfortunately, there's no way to close the strip that I could see, but the results can be useful. If you believe, as Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro does, that "video should be everywhere," this extension will work well for you. Get it on

Shapiro also believes that the real problem with video search, and search in general, is "discovery:" People can easily find sites and pages if they know what they are looking for, but finding new content directions is still hard. So the Veoh plug-in also uses the company's collaborative filtering technology to display keywords related to your search above the video results. Unlike many other "related search" products that give you good options to narrow down your search, the Veoh suggestions can go off in other directions, but can be quite helpful.

For example, I did a Google search on "Thomas," and the Veoh video hits were related to Thomas the Tank Engine (which is what I was looking for). Related search terms at the top were mostly other children's shows I had never heard of, and were good discoveries for me. Score one for Veoh.

Clicking on video from the search strip pops it up over the search results page, and plays it. … Read more

SanDisk teams with Veoh on portable Web video player

This is good for those who have grave concerns over others knowing what kind of videos they're watching.

On Wednesday, Veoh announced that its new Web video player (which is still in beta) is now available in a portable version, but only on SanDisk's Cruzer USB flash drive. For those who already own the drive, the download is available for free on SanDisk's site.

That means any TV shows, movies, or other Web videos found on Veoh can be downloaded to the drive and played on any PC, without need for an Internet connection. Veoh has content … Read more