Star Apps: Jasmine V

There are many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through October 15. You can brush up on Latin Music, Learn Salsa Dancing, try out Spanish Food Recipes, Learn Spanish with Babbel or Duolingo, or teach your children the Mayan alphabet with The Game of Alphabet of Maya. Or you can rock some Latin pop. I spoke with Jasmine V, who has a new single, "That's Me Right There," featuring Kendrick Lamar, that's burning up YouTube.

Why does Hispanic Heritage Month matter? Hispanic Heritage Month is so important to me because I feel like we'… Read more

Steam review

Steam is your one-stop shop to purchase, download, and play a large variety of video games. Featuring a creative community, massive library of games, and unique design, Steam is a revolutionary program.


Large, contributive community: We logged on to Steam and observed that over 5 million individuals had used the program within the last 48 hours. This community discusses current events on message boards and uploads images, videos, and game modifications, constantly.

Appealing, sleek design: The layout of this application is organized and attractive, featuring a dark, contrasting color scheme that makes video game thumbnails stand out. You will … Read more

Google Wallet review

Google Wallet houses your credit, debit, and bank account information in one quick and easy application. The software performs exceptionally well, and the service is very helpful for on-the-go and online payments.


One-stop shop: Google Wallet not only enables you to use various forms of payment via your smartphone, but it also integrates with your Google account to monitor all online transactions. In a display of its thoroughness, Wallet pulled the record of a purchase made on our account two years in the past.

Faultless performance: We tested Google Wallet's functionality and found no signs of lag, crashing, … Read more

Glide review

Glide takes video-messaging to a new level by allowing you to effortlessly record and send an unlimited number of videos that the receiver can view even as you're recording them. This well-made app looks great and makes it easy to communicate with your friends and family.


Seamless experience: Recording and sharing videos works smoothly, without any performance issues.

Excellent performance: It's possible to share and receive even longer videos over your standard Internet connection, without the need for Wi-Fi, which means that you can use this app even when you're traveling or don't have access … Read more

Google: Under-the-hood change helps Web apps on Chrome

Google has taught Chrome how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

The newest Chrome beta version, 33, includes a feature called concurrent compilation that means the browser takes a smoother, faster trip to an optimized version of the Web page code it's running.

"Concurrent code compilation is another step towards reducing latency in Chrome," said Chrome programmer Yang Guo in a blog post Thursday.

JavaScript performance is crucial to browsers, which increasingly run Web-based apps written in JavaScript, not just load relatively static Web pages.

Concurrent compilation takes advantage of the fact that most … Read more

Judge again denies Samsung an Apple mistrial over 'racist' remarks

Despite Samsung's protestations over "racist" comments by an Apple attorney, the Korea-based gadget maker has been denied for a second time a mistrial in a patent-related case.

On Friday, Judge Lucy Koh again admonished Apple's legal team over remarks made last November during closing arguments in the case, which involved determining the damages Samsung should pay for patent infringement. But she ruled that the remarks didn't influence the jury's verdict and that the verdict would stand.

"Particularly in light of...the high-profile nature of this litigation, the Court expresses its disapproval and disappointment … Read more

Romantic apps for Valentine's Day

To those who don't celebrate Valentine's Day because they think it's more about consumerism than romance, I say that's why you're on your way to a lonely life at the convalescent home. Valentine's Day isn't just about gift-giving or an expensive night out. What matters most on February 14 is what these gestures represent: love and appreciation. With that in mind I've collected five Valentine's Day-themed apps to help you express affection without sacrificing any of your convictions or all of your money.

Be Mine

Even if you're not artistic, … Read more

US to push for mandatory car-to-car wireless communications

The US government will work to enable wireless communication links between cars, technology it expects will reduce accidents and, eventually, decrease fuel consumption and speed travel.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said Monday it's finalizing a report on the subject based on a 3,000-vehicle study of vehicle-to-vehicle communications that began in Ann Arbor, Mich., in 2012. That report should be released in the coming weeks -- and then the Department of Transportation's push for using V2V technology in cars and light trucks will get serious.

"NHTSA will then begin working on a regulatory proposal that … Read more

PS4 software update adds support for Sony's wireless 7.1 virtual surround headsets

Late tonight PS4 owners can download a new system update (version 1.60) that delivers support for Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to the PS4. At the same time, Sony announced the imminent arrival of its new Gold Wireless Headset, which launches "early this month," and like the Pulse headsets, offers 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The new headset also includes developer-created custom audio modes for specific for PlayStation games (the free Headset Companion App hits PlayStation Store in February), a noise-cancelling microphone for voice chat, and customizable faceplates. Sony says the Gold Wireless Headset … Read more

Crave giveaway: Power Practical PowerPot V portable charger

Congrats to Barry J. of San Antonio, Texas, for winning part 2 of our CES swag giveaway last week. This week's prize is hot. Well, it will be after you place it on a gas or electric stove, or over a fire or other heat source.

The PowerPot V from Power Practical is a compact 12-ounce thermoelectric generator you can use to charge your devices. Just plug in the USB charging cable, add water, and place the aluminum pot over your heat source of choice. The PowerPot emits 5 watts of on-demand power. … Read more