The 404 1,436: Where you're never too old to start Tindering (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Apple CarPlay to bring iPhone experience to your next car's dashboard.

- This electric condom promises to supercharge your sex life.

- 60-year-old goes on Tinder tear: "By the end of the year, I had slept with 15 men, 11 of whom were in their 20s or 30s."

- A smart Netflix employee invents wristband that pauses your shows when you fall asleep.… Read more

Amazon's new series is decided by you

CNET Update has the power:

Amazon has released pilot episodes for 14 shows, and is asking for feedback from viewers to decide which programs are worthy of continuing. Amazon's dive into original programming comes just as Netflix launches its third series.

Amazon's not the only one with eyes for television. Twitter partnered with BBC America, but details so far are limited to this tweet.

Also mentioned in this tech rundown:

- TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business

- Review of the updates to the LinkedIn app

- Yahoo launches Mail and Weather apps

- Google launches app One Today for donating to good causesRead more

TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business

This may not be TomTom's first foray into the GPS sport watch business (that distinction came with the Nike+ SportWatch), but the announcement of the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport are proof that the GPS hardware provider is getting serious about the fitness tech segment.

The Runner and Multi-Sport are based on identical core hardware but feature different software, wristbands, and accessories. The core unit uses a large, high-contrast, monochrome LCD display covered with Gorilla glass, so it should be up to being knocked around a bit. TomTom tells us that the display is not e-ink, but has been … Read more

Updated models en route to TomTom's GO navigation series

TomTom breathes new life into its line of portable navigation devices with this week's announcement of the totally redesigned GO series.

Now, when I say completely redesigned, I don't mean that TomTom has reinvented the wheel. The new GO series still uses the same touchscreen on a suction cup form factor that all dashboard navigators have used for a decade. However, the new models have a more rounded design than before and now use a glass touchscreen that is available in just three sizes -- 4.3-inches, 5-inches, and 6-inches -- all of which are pretty big. … Read more

TomTom for iOS now syncs with iCloud

Over the weekend, the TomTom app for iPhone and iPad devices updated from version 1.12 to 1.13. This 1/100th of a full version update included compatibility with Apple's new 7-inch iPad Mini and added support for Apple's iCloud data synchronization service.

After installing the update and establishing a connection with your iCloud account, TomTom automatically backs up your settings, recent destinations, and favorite POIs to the cloud where they can be recalled in the event you ever need to reinstall the app, switch devices, or need to sync your data across multiple devices. Data synchronization … Read more

Apple could make bid for map firm TomTom, analyst says

Apple could make a bid for GPS and mapping company TomTom, according to an analyst.

In a note to investors today, Hans Slob, a Netherlands-based analyst at Rabobank International, said he believes there's a 30 percent chance of Apple offering to acquire TomTom. The move, he said, would be designed to quickly handle any troubles Apple could be facing with its Maps iOS application.

"TomTom needs the cash from Apple, and Apple needs the know-how of TomTom," Slob said, according to Bloomberg, which was first to report on the story.

It's not clear if Slob was … Read more

TomTom beats the drums for its own map-based ecosystem

TomTom, the company best known for its auto navigation systems, has opened its mapping data for app developers, making it easier for companies to make programs that could rival those from Google and Apple.

The company, which is one of the main data providers for Apple's Maps app, says it's providing access to its location and navigation services, including map display, routing, and traffic details.

TomTom noted its program, dubbed the TomTom Location Based Services Platform and Developer Portal, will expand its capabilities over time.

It currently includes the following content and services:

Map Toolkit API with … Read more

TomTom Android app won't support Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 -- yet

TomTom today launched its flagship Navigation for Android application. But there's one problem: it won't work on some of the top Android devices today.

The new app, which is available in the Google Play store, includes full offline support and free use of the maps over its lifetime. According to TomTom, the program includes live traffic information and locations of speed cameras to help users avoid hefty fines. The application supports turn-by-turn guidance, of course, and calls out street names while providing lane guidance.

Given those features, some users might jump at the chance to try out the … Read more

Turn-by-turn field test: Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

We've been hearing a lot of stories around the Web about how the Apple Maps app in iOS 6 is proving to be a poor replacement for the former Google-powered Maps app in iOS 5. Some of the stories say the Apple app doesn't show certain roads that are obviously there in real life, while others say they've followed directions to a destination and found that they didn't end up where they wanted to go.

For the first post in the series, CNET editors Jason Parker and Jaymar Cabebe took the turn-by-turn navigation through its paces … Read more

Apple's Maps app slammed over missing cities and other mistakes

Released just yesterday as part of iOS 6, Apple's new Maps app is already facing criticism around the world over a slew of geographic errors.

The app has been faulted for misidentifying cities, using incorrect icons, and even failing to display certain locations. Many of the complaints so far seem to be coming from Europe.

For instance, Irish Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has asked Apple to remove the airline icon for Airfield House. The problem? Airfield House is not an airport but a farm, according to Ireland's Breaking News. Shatter may be worried that pilots relying on … Read more