Babolat connected racket scrutinizes your every tennis move

Technology is sneaking into sports in all sorts of interesting ways. We've already seen an electronic basketball and a football helmet with concussion sensors. Now it's time for tennis to get its turn with the Babolat Play Pure Drive connected tennis racket.

The only clue that you're not playing with a regular racket is the LED light at the bottom of the handle. Otherwise, it has the same specs and feel of a normal Babolat Pure Drive racket. Sensors tucked into the handle measure power, impact location, number of strokes, spin, and type of stroke. It's charged via USB and lasts for up to six hours, which should get you through all but the most epic of tennis matches.… Read more

Baseball, golf, or tennis your game? Meet your swing

LAS VEGAS -- You might think that most Major League Baseball teams know everything there is to know about their hitters, but to hear Zepp Labs tell it, there's plenty of unknowns about batters' swings.

That's where Zepp and its multisport sensor comes into play.

At CES on Sunday, Zepp showed off the sensor, and the accompanying platform, which together are designed to give any baseball or tennis player or golfer, the most information possible about their swing. In real time.

Zepp's sensor, which mounts on a baseball bat or tennis racquet or a special golf glove, … Read more

Motion Tennis hands-on: iPhone + Apple TV = Wii-style gaming

Has the Wii era come to an end? If Wii U sales are any indication, America's love affair with the popular game console looks to have petered out.

But that hasn't stopped Rolocule Games from borrowing the Wii concept for an intriguing iPhone game: Motion Tennis ($7.99). Forget flicking tiny onscreen players; Motion Tennis pairs with your living-room TV by way of your Apple TV, which is required to play the game. And in true Wii style, your iPhone becomes the controller.

See, late-model iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches can mirror their displays via an Apple TV, … Read more

Pro tennis player uses iPhone camera to dispute call

The future of arguing a referee's call is upon us. On Monday, a tennis player used an iPhone to take a picture of where his ball supposedly landed.

At the French Open, Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky surprised the crowd with his impromptu display of photography skills during the first set of a match against Richard Gasquet. At one point in the game, Stakhovsky hit the ball and a line judge ruled the shot as out of bounds. To make sure, officials went to the line to examine where the ball hit and confirmed the ruling. Stakhovsky attempted to argue the call to no avail.… Read more

Tennis star tweets his love for Galaxy S4 -- from his iPhone

Occasionally we sprinkle advice around here. It's intended to be both gracious and helpful.

Today's homily is for those who are paid by cell phone manufacturers to use their phones.

The advice is this: Please, please remember to use their phones.

I mention this only because of the latest telephonic faux pas committed by the very fetching Spanish tennis player David Ferrer.

It's the Madrid Open this week, so he thought he'd inform his almost 370,000 Twitter followers that he was so very, very happy with his new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Perhaps his competitive adrenaline … Read more

Six iOS apps you'll thank me for (you're welcome)

With all the time I spend sifting through the iOS App Store and writing reviews, there simply isn't time to use every app regularly. Still, I find that just about every month there are a new handful of apps and games that I keep coming back to.

These aren't the best apps of all time and I'm not declaring them as the best apps even for right now; these are simply the ones that have grabbed my attention and have been getting the most use on my personal home screen.

If you see something here and think, &… Read more

Clumsy Ponglike tennis on the Mac

Screen Tennis is like a time-warp back to Pong days. There are two controllers, which are big colored blocks on either side of the screen, and a round white blob in the middle that is the ball. The ball bounces back and forth and you control one paddle. The app installs easily and launches quickly, sitting over top of your desktop and wallpaper.

You have some very basic customization available with Screen Tennis. You can change the color of the two paddles and the ball, for example, and select whether the AI controls the left paddle (the user always controls … Read more

How a low-ranked tennis player used Twitter to raise her profile

Before the U.S. Open tennis tournament began this week, I had never heard of 18-year-old Laura Robson (@LauraRobson5), even though she won an Olympic mixed doubles silver medal in London this summer.

To me, the women's game is dominated by the Williams sisters, Serena (@SerenaWilliams) and Venus (@VenusesWilliams), and a revolving cast of mostly unmemorable Russian players, except for Maria Sharapova (I couldn't figure out her official Twitter feed -- can you? Her site has a social section, but it only lists a Facebook account).

But 89th-ranked Robson, who sent former champ Kim Clijsters packing in … Read more

The 404 1,056: Where you don't win friends with salad (podcast)

The Netflix video streaming player finally gets an overhaul, but most of the upgrades to the navigation and video thumbnail layouts feel vaguely reminiscent to us, but we can't put a finger on it.

Speaking of streaming video, we'll also made a plea to HBO to broadcast episodes of "Game of Thrones" to non-subscribers. The show has quickly become the most pirated show of 2012 so far, and although we understand HBO's rights to keep the episodes in-house, we can't help but wonder why the network isn't taking advantage of this opportunity to get more money. Related: this week's Low Latency comic.… Read more

My current top games on iOS

The flood of iOS apps and games continues at the iTunes App Store and this week has been particularly big for new releases.

While I usually try to incorporate a theme into these iOS app collections, this week I wanted to let you know what I'm playing right now. These games are all high quality, from three different genres, are all new to iOS, and have captured my attention all week.

This week's collection of apps are games I'm playing right now. The first is a one-of-a-kind tennis game that has a unique control style along with a comic book story line. The second is a remade Mac game with an extraordinary amount of content and a beautiful setting. The last is a sequel to a popular FPS franchise and might be the best yet.… Read more