Swype-like keyboard set for Windows Phone 8.1, report says

Swype, the much-ballyhooed virtual keyboard technology that allows users to run their fingers around the keys to type out messages, might soon have a competitor on Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft is planning to offer a Swype-like technology in Windows Phone 8.1, The Verge reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the company's plans. A video was posted by UnleashThePhones purporting to show the technology in action.

If Microsoft decides to go with the new input method, it will mark a significant change in the way most device owners type messages by hunting and pecking. According to The … Read more

Dryft could make tablet typing tolerable

Typing on the tablet can be almost as laborious as typing on the phone. Randy Marsden invented Swype to make smartphones easier for touch typists and is now looking to reinvent the tablet-typing experience with Dryft.

Dryft uses a tablet touch sensor and accelerometer to dynamically find your fingers as you type and tries to keep them under it. It can also improve the accuracy of the autocorrect facilities in tablet operating systems. "If we can get the keys more accurate under the fingers, we will give autocorrect better data," Marsden said. Dryft finger-tracking technology can detect whether a tablet user is resting or typing when touching the keys, and the home row keys automatically come under your fingers. … Read more

Latest SwiftKey beta goes to the cloud

Already widely known as one of the best third-party keyboard apps available on Android, SwiftKey today adds a suite of new features called SwiftKey Cloud to its beta build.

For those who aren't familiar with SwiftKey, the app sets itself apart from its competitors by bringing scary-smart predictive technology to the Android keyboard. The more you use it, the better it gets at not only correcting your mistakes, but also predicting words as you type. It follows your breadcrumbs as you type out text messages, e-mails in Gmail, and even Facebook and Twitter updates, then processes all this typing … Read more

Swype keyboard app exits beta, enters Google Play

The Swype learning keyboard has finally arrived at the Google Play store for download onto Android tablets and smartphones.

Already used by more than 500 million worldwide, the app allows people to slide their finger across the screen in addition to tapping, speaking, or handwriting each letter, number, or symbol. Formerly available only on select devices or through a public beta launched in 2010, the app debuts Wednesday at an introductory price of 99 cents. A free version is also available for a 30-day trial.

The app monitors users' activity to better understand their writing style and help predict when … Read more

SwiftKey Flow lets you swipe on your Android keyboard

Looks like Android's top-selling keyboard app, SwiftKey, has a sibling in the works, in the form of a new program called SwiftKey Flow. Officially announced today, SwiftKey Flow takes a page out of competitor Swype's book, by letting its users input text via continuous gliding gestures.

What differentiates SwiftKey Flow, however, is the underlying natural-language technology that's been migrated over from the original SwiftKey keyboard app. This means that users of the new Flow will get not only the flexibility of choosing between a traditional tapping style and a Swype-like gliding style of typing, but also the … Read more

How to install the new Swype beta on Android

Swype, which was bought by Nuance recently, has released a new public beta for Android. It has some interesting new features, including the capability to learn as you go and built-in Dragon voice recognition. If you're interested in trying it out, here's how to install and enable the new Swype beta for Android:

Install Swype beta

Step 1: Register for the Swype beta at http://beta.swype.com/android/create.

Step 2: On your Android device, go to Settings > Application settings and tap on the box next to Unknown sources. This will allow you to install apps … Read more

Can I use a hand-me-down iPhone without a data plan?

Christmastime is a time of giving. So it's natural that if you got a shiny new smartphone, you'd want to give your old one away to a friend or family member. But be careful to whom you bestow this present. If the lucky recipient of your generous gift doesn't already have a smartphone and a smartphone data plan, you may be saddling him or her with a higher monthly bill.

In this edition of Ask Maggie I clear up the confusion around whether a smartphone can be used for voice service only. I also offer some advice … Read more

Nuance to buy Swype for $100 million, report says

Nuance Communications is spending $100 million to acquire Swype, the company behind one of the most popular alternative keyboards for Android devices, according to an Uncrunched report that cited unidentified sources.

Representatives for Nuance and Swipe did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Swype, founded in 2002 by Cliff Kushler, the inventor of the T9 keyboard technology for numeric keypads, is a text-input technology for touch-screen laptops and smartphones that utilizes swipes across the keyboard instead of tapping on the keys. The Seattle-based company, which has about 80 employees, expects its technology to be preloaded on 100 million devices … Read more

Seven useful Galaxy Tab 10.1 tips

Now that you've purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you're probably exploring all the cool features this beautiful tablet has to offer. Here's a collection of tips to get you started:

How to switch keyboards on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Adjust your preferred keyboard for use on you Galaxy Tab. Also, check out Ed Rhee's guide to installing the Swype keyboard.

Clear the browser history on Galaxy Tab 10.1Prepare your Galaxy Tab to be viewed by and shared with your family and friends by erasing all traces of your personal browser usage.

Read Google Books offline on Galaxy Tab 10.1Read more

New Swype debuts on Sprint Nexus S 4G

Starting today, Sprint Nexus S 4G owners will get to download the newest version of Swype, the popular replacement keyboard for the Android OS. The updated Swype introduces a convenient feature called App Gestures, which allows you to select text and instantly send it to another app using a predetermined gesture. For instance, you can select text, then swipe from the Swype key to the letters G then M to automatically send the text to Google Maps. And with the App Gestures for Twitter and Facebook, you can send quick tweets and status updates just as easily. You'll also … Read more