Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros 3 Mario Forever Flash review

Super Mario Bros 3 Mario Forever Flash gives you the chance to play this classic Nintendo game right on your desktop. You can control Mario with either your keyboard or a joypad, and even if you never played this game in its original form, you'll quickly get hooked on the fun and adventure.


Intuitive controls: The game comes with preset controls for the keyboard that are just what you'd expect. You can use the arrow keys to move left, right, up, or down, and the space bar makes your character jump. You can view a list of … Read more

Hear Super Mario played on an ancient Chinese instrument

The music from the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. is one of the most popular gaming tunes for nerdy remixin', with versions played on new digital instruments and even sung a capella.

We do have to say, though, that this treatment blew us away. It's being played on a sheng at a performance by the Taiwan Philharmonic celebrating the instrument. The sheng is a complex free-reed instrument from China, and it's one of the oldest instruments from the region, dating all the way back to 1100 BCE. It consists of a system of vertical pipes and a mouthpiece. Each pipe has a small hole; when the hole is covered, the reed vibrates, producing a note. … Read more

Review: Super Mario Bros 3 plays just like you'd expect, but features annoying ads

Super Mario Bros 3 has all of the fun, flair, and secrets of the NES game, but has some nasty ads, too. If you know how to avoid them -- or don't mind them hanging around on your phone -- the game rewards you with some serious nostalgic fun. It's just like playing the real game and you don't even have to blow on any cartridges.

This game is a full emulator of the classic NES game that many would say is the greatest of all time. In it, you have to fight through various levels of … Read more

Review: Super Mario Bros 2 looks and feels just like the original

Super Mario Bros 2 plays just like you would expect it to, but it's loaded with ads that try to take over your mobile device. They'll hit you when you open the game and try to inject ads into your browser and search bar; but if you're clever you can avoid them and enjoy a fun emulator. If ads don't daunt you, you should definitely try this game.

An emulator of the classic game originally made for the NES, Super Mario Bros 2, features exactly the same levels, music, and graphics as the classic. Not everything … Read more

Review: Super Mario Bros. 1-3 looks, sounds, and plays like the real thing

Super Mario Bros. 1-3 perfectly ports the classic Mario games with flawless audio and gameplay. It almost feels like Nintendo finally ported the games to Android tablets, as many have been clamoring for. It helps to play it with a dedicated controller for the most pure experience, though.

The app comes loaded with the dreaded Airpush, which will pop ads all over your browser. Once you're in the app, it features a very boring menu to help you travel to each game. The games all have the menus you're used to, though. The game's sound effects and … Read more

Nintendo releases a bevy of new and old games on its 3DS

Nintendo announced Wednesday that it will be releasing a boatload of new games on its 3DS handheld console.

Not only will there be a host of Super Mario Bros spinoffs, but the game maker also is launching Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country, and The Legend of Zelda series. Based on the games Nintendo is choosing to release, it seems the company is tipping its hat to the Game Boy days of the '90s but tossing in a modern 3D twist. … Read more

Gamers collect 300 billion coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2 has been available for just several months, but Nintendo today announced that gamers around the world collected more than 300 billion gold coins playing the game on the Nintendo 3DS. As of this writing, the figure now stands around 321 billion; neither Bowser (nor Scrooge McDuck, for that matter) were available for comment.

As a token of appreciation for players achieving this milestone and developing premature arthritis, Nintendo noted that anyone with the game and a Nintendo 3DS can now download a free set of three Coin Rush levels -- inspired by Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. The free download will only be available until January 31, and then will reappear on February 1 for $2.50. … Read more

The 404 1,168: Where we pass judgment on the Nintendo Wii U (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Watch Jeff go nuts on the Wii U.

- German police stop man with mobile office in car.… Read more

Mario coin converter gives answers for ailing economy

We've finally found a solution to our global economic woes, and it turns out it's been hidden in that old plastic gray box that turns up at yard sales every summer. That's right -- the old-school 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, and more specifically the megahit game Super Mario Bros. 3, which is filled with huge gold coins.

Lighthearted real estate site Movoto came up with a way to calculate the estimated value of one of those not-quite-fully-round medallions through a little fuzzy math, and the results are enough to make an 8-bit Ben Bernanke sit up and salute.… Read more

Nintendo sets Wii U price, unveils TVii

Wii play around for Thursday's Nintendo news roundup:

Nintendo announced that its new Wii U game console will be available in the U.S. on Nov. 18, coming in two flavors. The white "Basic" bundle is $300 and comes with a GamePad and Wii U with 8 GB of memory. But it makes more sense to pick up the $350 black "Deluxe" bundle, which includes a 32 GB Wii U system, charger, stand and Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land is a pack of 12 mini games which use the GamePad and allow 5 people to play … Read more