Review: Simulate snowboarding on the streets in Mad Freebording Snowboarding

Mad Freebording Snowboarding has enough levels and skating fun to entertain even the most particular skating fan. Though its controls can be a little sketchy at times, the game's abundant customization and dozens of levels will keep you interested. It might not be the best skating game on Android, but it's definitely worth playing if you're a snowboarder transitioning to skateboarding.

Mad Freebording Snowboarding lets you create your own freeborder to take on the game's numerous levels. The formula is the standard you'd expect from a skateboarding game: you start as an up-and-comer and beat … Read more

Futuristic nighttime snowboarding mesmerizes

In theory, snowboarding in the dark sounds like a fool's activity, but Swedish energy-drink company Burn makes the idea cool in a wild video called "Black Snow."

In the short vid, we observe seasoned European snowboarders Stale Sandbech, Ulrik Badertscher, and Gigi Ruf riding a futuristic artificial-snow course filled with LED-infused rails and obstacles set against a pitch-black night. Before the action kicks off, a voice channels Jeff Bridges' Kevin Flynn character in "Tron" and emits a solemn sentence: "When you find your passion, it will light up the darkness ahead." That's followed by a healthy dose of futuristic techno music. … Read more

The 404 1,020: Where Tony Hawk shows us how to 900 (podcast)

Tony Hawk is back for his third appearance on the show to tell us all about his new YouTube Channel, Ride. Curated by Tony Hawk and his crew, the channel broadcasts original content every weekday with shows that range from trick tutorials to skate spot history, and Tony's own interviews with legends like Rodney Mullen, Trent Reznor, and more.… Read more

2D snowboarding games for iOS

This week I've gathered up some 2D snowboarding games that are not as good as being in the actual snow, but might be the perfect time-waster while we wait for winter to settle in.

As we hunker down for the winter months in the northern hemisphere, many are dreaming of another great season of winter sports. While there's probably nothing I can offer on the iPhone that will give you the feeling of snowboarding on powder-covered slopes, maybe these apps will make the days slip by a little bit faster.… Read more

Crave 66: Put this on your head (podcast)

Donald and Eric discuss the latest innovations in head-mounted technology, including animatronic cat heads.

Also, the future has your organic-honey needs taken care of, and Eric runs through Geek News highlights, including the 3D technology behind "The Hobbit" and a Victoria's Secret nod to comic book geeks.

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Star Wars rides the half-pipe with Burton snowboards

Rather than ride smelly Taun Tauns while you're looking for Imperial Walkers on the North Ridge, you can scoot over snow in "far, far away" style with limited-edition Star Wars snowboards and protective gear from Burton.

The Burlington, Vt., company and Lucasfilm have teamed up to offer a new series of Chopper Star Wars snowboards for kids and a specially designed Avid Grom R2-D2 youth helmet. And hey, what do you know? Just in time for Christmas! … Read more

Pull off big air tricks

Snowboard Hero is a 3D snowboarding game that might be the best yet for iPhone--once you get the settings squared away. Start by choosing between Career and Record Chaser modes. In Career mode you'll start by playing as the default character, "Dude," but after racing and beating specific challenges, you'll be able to choose from six different characters with varied skills. Start by going through the tutorial, which gives you the basics for jumping, grinding rails, and performing tricks. From there you'll need to complete challenges that vary from going down the hill as fast … Read more

3D sound and 3D snowboarding: iPhone apps of the week

A couple of days ago, some long-awaited iPhone hardware news finally hit the Web. No, it's not the iPhone 5 (which some are saying won't be released until fall). The big news out this week is that the white iPhone 4 will finally become available as soon as by the end of this month.

I have to admit that the white iPhone 4 looks pretty cool, but I can't imagine anyone waiting to take the plunge to buy an iPhone based on the color of the device. Is it just me? If anyone reading this has been waiting for the white iPhone 4, let us know in the comments.

This week's apps are an audio-enhancement app that gives your music 3D surround sound and a snowboarding game that might be the best in the App Store.… Read more

Take measurements and jump the gaps: iPhone apps of the week

The iPad 2 came out today and though I've only laid eyes on it for a few seconds (Donald Bell has been running around the office taking pictures and adding to his ongoing review), I'm definitely impressed with what I've seen so far. Apparently if you're looking to get one too, you'll need to be ready for long lines at the Apple store and an even longer wait if you order online, according to Josh Lowensohn.

Several developers have already updated their applications to take advantage of the iPad 2's upgraded processing power, which can be seen in Infinity Blade, Dead Space, and a few other top-name apps. Real Racing 2 HD also landed today, and looks great on the original iPad, but I have yet to see it in all its glory on the iPad 2.

As you have probably already heard, Apple has released a few apps of its own optimized for the iPad 2, including iMovie and GarageBand. I'll be writing reviews and shooting First Look videos for these early next week, so definitely check back for more info.

This week's apps offer a unique way to measure any object and a 2D snowboard racing game that's challenging, but great fun.… Read more

The 404 672: Where we make Frends with Kevin Pearce (podcast)

The 404 Podcast has interviewed professional athletes before, but few are as young, or as inspiring, as today's guest, professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce. At only 22 years old, Kevin is already very accomplished, winning back-to-back Arctic Challenge titles in 2007 and 2008, in addition to being the first man to earn two Air & Style rings in one season.

Kevin sits down with The 404 Podcast to talk about his snowboarding history and an accident earlier this year that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Narrowly escaping death with the support of his friends and family, Kevin also tells us that his miraculous recovery wouldn't have been possible without the help of his brother Adam, who also joins us as Kevin's unofficial photographer in the studio.

Kevin's also here to show off his new line of headphones named after his seven-deep crew of snowboarders called "Frends." The group consists of Keir Dillon, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Kevin, and Jack and Luke Mitrani, and the current lineup includes five different headphones that range from earbuds to large DJ style cans. In fact, Kevin actually wears a pair with pride on today's episode.

Finally, Kevin and his brother David are in New York to participate in this weekend's 2010 New York City Buddy Walk, a one-mile walk to benefit the National Down Syndrome Society and Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. Kevin's already well on his way to raising $10,000 but needs your help to reach his goal, so head over to his donation page and give what you can!

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