Setting up custom keyboard shortcuts in OS X

Keyboard shortcuts are useful options for quickly accessing specific program commands or system services, such holding the Command key and pressing C, X, or V, for copy, cut, and paste.

While common and useful commands are usually assigned a hot-key shortcut, you can also set up custom hot-key assignments in an application to give unassigned commands a hot key to invoke that command.

To do this, simply go to the "Shortcuts" tab in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences, and choose "App Shortcuts" in the categories list, where you can click the plus button to add … Read more

Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor review

Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor lets you customize the appearance of the shortcut arrow on your desktop interface in various ways. You can use one of the standard variations, or you can browse the program's preloaded image options to find one that suits your style.

The interface of this app is exceptionally streamlined, with a main window offering options for what you want your arrow to look like. These include the Windows default, the classic arrow, no arrow, or a custom design. Selecting the Custom setting takes you to another window where you can scroll through or browse the dozens … Read more

Launch Center Pro requires fewer steps for most common actions

Are you tired of the repetitive tap dance that completing simple tasks on your iPhone sometimes requires? If so, then Launch Center Pro may just be the best app you've probably never heard about.

What it does is let iOS users automate repetitive tasks such as "send an e-mail to my boss," and other common actions that only require a tap of your finger. No, it's not glamorous, but it simplifies the actions you do most, and in the process, saves you a ton of time. At $4.99, Launch Center Pro is expensive, but once … Read more

7 keyboard shortcuts for Google+ notifications

Keyboard shortcuts offer the fastest access to content on your Google+. They are generally more efficient because the shortcut starts you at the right spot for new posts instead of scrolling halfway through them. They are also a bit easier on your hands and wrist since you won't have to switch back and forth as often (especially useful for those with joint issues).

With keyboard shortcuts available for the Google+ stream, it only makes sense that there should be a set of them to work on notifications, too.

Without further delay, here are the shortcuts:

Up and down arrow … Read more

How to create text shortcuts in OS X 10.9 Mavericks

On Tuesday Apple announced it was releasing OS X Mavericks for free to all Mac users. This update, while a new OS version, isn't heavy on features, with most of the changes being performance-related, but it does offer a few gems.

One of those gems is the ability to sync your iOS text shortcuts with your Mac, or vice versa, using iCloud. If you already have some text shortcuts set up on your iOS device, and you use the same iCloud account on your Mac running Mavericks, go ahead and try typing one. Pretty cool, huh?

In order to … Read more

Stay true to task with True Launch Bar

Staying efficient at work can be difficult if you're spending half the time hunting for shortcuts and locating files. In comes True Launch Bar to slash time-wasting -- now for a slashed price.

A custom replacement for the Windows Quick Launch, True Launch Bar is an application that allows you to reconfigure your entire menu bar to your specific needs. Keep all of your work shortcuts in one convenient launcher. True Launch lets you build a Taskbar for your most-used applications while keeping all of your favorite files and folders in another; simply drag and drop shortcuts directly onto … Read more

How to use Feedly Web with keyboard shortcuts

Feedly Web has always supported keyboard shortcuts, but there were just a handful of them when Google first announced that Reader would be discontinued. With the latest update to version 17.1, Feedly Web now has 22 keyboard shortcuts in all.

If you want to zip around Feedly and save some time, here are the keyboard shortcuts in Feedly Web 17.1:


g then m : go to Today g then a : go to All g then l : go to Saved For Later shift+j : go to next feed/category shift+k : go to previous feed/category g then g : … Read more

I bet you didn't know your iPad could do that

There has never been a "handier" computer than the iPad. Yes, that's a bold statement. Here are seven tips that back it up.

Use your thumbs to type letters that have no keys When it comes to entering text on an iPad, many of us are all thumbs. The device's split keyboard lets you type characters with your thumbs while holding the iPad with both hands. To activate the split keyboard, press and hold the small horizontal lines to the right of the minimize-keyboard button in the bottom-right corner, and then choose Split.

The keyboard shrinks, … Read more

Access menus via the keyboard in OS X

Even though contextual menus are largely useful when using a mouse or trackpad, sometimes they can be convenient to activate when navigating or managing your computer with the keyboard. For some operating systems like Microsoft Windows, you can press a contextual menu keyboard button to activate the system's contextual menu on a selection of items and copy them, send them via e-mail, or otherwise manipulate them.

Unfortunately, OS X does not support an option to activate the contextual menu without using the pointer. The menu in this operating system is linked directly to pointer's location, so even if … Read more

There's a keyboard shortcut to jump to the top of a Web page

Back in the days before Mac OS X Lion (not to mention Mountain Lion), I used a handy trackpad gesture when I found myself mired in a particularly lengthy web page that would let me jump back to the top. I just swiped upward on the trackpad with three fingers and I was right back at the top of the page.

When OS X Lion hit, one of the many features it introduced was Mission Control, which you accessed by swiping up with three fingers (or all four, if you tweaked a setting in System Preferences). Mission Control is great … Read more