Beware this big iOS flaw -- and it's not alone

VANCOUVER -- A change that Apple imposed to make iOS 7 more secure instead has dramatically weakened the security of devices running that mobile operating system, a security researcher has charged.

At the CanSecWest conference here last week, Azimuth Security researcher Tarjei Mandt said that Apple made a major mistake when it changed its random-number generator to make its kernel encryption tougher in iOS 7. The kernel is the most basic level of an operating system and controls things like security, file management, and resource allocation.

"In terms of security, it's much worse than iOS 6," Mandt … Read more

All hacking eyes on the prize money at CanSecWest

VANCOUVER -- When it comes to hacking, it turns out that greed really is good.

All four of the major desktop browsers, plus two Adobe browser plug-in programs, succumbed to the predations of the hacker community in two different contests.

Pwn2Own, sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and organized by the HP-owned Zero-Day Initiative, featured up to $1.085 million in prizes, and security researchers going after Adobe Flash and Reader, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Eight research teams earned $850,000, with another $82,500 going to charity for Pwn4Fun over the two-day competition, which concluded on … Read more

Google fixes 7 Chrome security holes just before CanSecWest

Google has fixed seven security flaws in Chrome, just a day before the annual, real-time hacking competitions Pwnium and Pwn2Own.

The new security update for Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux patched four flaws labeled as High, below the more important level of Critical; three flaws in its rendering engine V8; and updated its internal version of Flash Player.

Three High-level vulnerabilities were found by three independent researchers, who earned a total of $8,000 for their work. The last High-level vulnerability was discovered by Google employees, as were the V8 vulnerabilities.

[$4000][344881] High CVE-2014-1700: Use-after-free in speech. Credit … Read more

Mark Cuban wins insider trading case brought by SEC

A federal jury found on Wednesday that billionaire Mark Cuban did not partake in insider trading -- putting an end to a 5-year-old lawsuit filed against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"I am glad this happened to me," Cuban told The Wall Street Journal. "I am glad I am wealthy enough to stand up to the SEC."

The SEC filed the suit in 2008 against Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and former Yahoo and executive, for allegedly relying on confidential information when he sold his stake in search engine … Read more

Psst, Twitter's IPO date looks to be November 15

When completing a S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, there are some lines that are intentionally left blank until the company is ready to go public. But, it appears that one such line was inadvertently filled in during Twitter's S-1 filing.

And this slipup possibly led to a crucial reveal for the company's initial public offering: Twitter's IPO date will most likely be on November 15.

PrivCo, a private company research firm, caught onto the mistake when going over Twitter's S-1 revisions. It saw in an earlier version of the S-1, the social network … Read more

Twitter killed off spam accounts in run-up to IPO

In the months preceding its IPO filing, Twitter worked hard to purge fake and spam accounts, long a thorn in the company's side and an impediment to its ability to attract advertisers.

Given that it's so easy to register for Twitter, and that there are few restrictions on sign-ups, there has been little to stop spammers from creating large numbers of accounts. And the company has few illusions that the problem isn't significant.

In its IPO filing Thursday, Twitter identified spam as one of the significant risks that could affect the company's business. "Spam could … Read more

What could make Twitter #Fail

It's official, Twitter formally announced that it's on the path to becoming a public company by filing for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday.

While insiders are most likely popping champagne corks, there's still the looming risks: What if Twitter fails to make money? What if its users dry up? What if it becomes a bigger breeding ground for spam?

One of the nifty things about filing for an IPO with the SEC is that companies have to outline just what could trip up their plans to make loads of money. … Read more

Twitter vs. Facebook, by the numbers

Twitter formally filed to go public today, a move that means for the first time, the company's financials are available for any and all to see.

As the company prepares to raise $1 billion in its IPO, it's worth taking a look at how Twitter's revenue, profit, and user numbers stack up against those of its chief rival, Facebook. (The comparative metrics, however, are a little different, as you can see below.)

To be sure, there's never been any doubt that Facebook is a far bigger company, with revenue and user numbers that (so far) dwarf … Read more

Twitter's founders reunite in advance of expected IPO filing

Twitter founders (@ev, @biz, @jack) in the house today.

— Luke Millar (@ltm) October 3, 2013

The stars seem to be aligning for Twitter to announce, within a day or two, that it has filed its S-1, the formal registration that it plans on going public.

Though not much is known for certain about Twitter's plans, its initial public offering is the most anticipated in the tech industry since Facebook went public last year. Earlier this month, Twitter said it had already started the process with a "confidential" IPO filing with the Securities and … Read more

AngelList snags $24M, ups assault on traditional tech funding

Venture capital, in its relatively short history, has been a small world.

Many times, a company gets funded because a venture capitalist knew where to look, or a company knew how to reach a VC. While there are some cold-call success stories, many would say there is a sense of exclusivity that exists in the industry.

AngelList, a 3-year-old network that matches investors with tech startups, has sought to change that. On Monday, the company announced it's raised $24 million to help it do so.

Originally started as a blog called Venture Hacks, the goal was to teach startups … Read more