Samsung SyncMaster S23A550H review: Does DVI still matter?

The Samsung PX2370 review is consistently the most popular monitor review on CNET. Not surprisingly, since it's the monitor I recommend the most, on nearly a daily basis, through other monitor reviews and nearly every monitor-related blog post (kind of like this one).

The PX2370's design, price, performance, and features make it one of the best TN displays we've ever reviewed. As with most hit movies, though, living up to the magic of the first film in a sequel is daunting to say the least.

The Samsung SyncMaster S23A550H, Samsung's 2011 follow-up to the PX2370, thanks … Read more

2011 Samsung monitor preview: Samsung leads with LED

Welcome back to our final day of coverage of Samsung's monitor preview for early 2011. On Monday and Tuesday, respectively, we took a long look at the company's new 3D offerings and its new Central Station. Today we take a look at its LED monitor refresh.

At CES this year, Samsung announced two new LED-based monitors as follow-ups to its PX2370 model from 2010.

The 550 and 350 will come in a variety of screen sizes as well as both a normal monitor configuration and a monitor/HDTV combo.… Read more