1Mobile Market review

1Mobile Market brings you a selection of some of the best and most interesting Google Play apps as chosen by a group of editors. With its extensive yet specific categories and helpful autocomplete search feature, it can make it easier for you to discover and install top apps.


Fast and accessible: Because it features only free, mostly top-rated apps, 1Mobile Market proves easier to digest than Google Play, helping you to discover interesting titles that you might otherwise miss.

Powerful search: The autocomplete feature for the search bar, rather than showing you suggested keywords like in Google Play, provides … Read more

I tested a bunch of gadgets on my vacation so you don't have to

It's vacation season, and while trips to far away places can be a terrific time to escape from technology, there are times when the right gadget, app, or service can be a lifesaver.

I recently returned from a trip traveling across Europe and London, where I used to live, but hadn't been in a decade. The last time I was there, I got around with paper maps, had to track down Internet cafes to check e-mail, and lugged around paper books. My cell phone's big feature was an FM radio.

Oh the humanity!

This time I came … Read more

Spotify's latest feature makes discovering new music easier

Making good on its promise to make new music easier to discover, Spotify announced Tuesday that it has rolled out its Discover page to the public.

With this new feature, Spotify users can get personalized recommendations, see related music, find touring dates for favorite artists, and more.

"We've made your listening experience more personal, more social, and more current," Spotify Chief Product Officer Gustav Soderstrom said in a statement.

The Discover page originally was announced in December and has been in beta until now. In addition to giving users personalized recommendations based on listening history, the streaming … Read more

Foursquare updates Android app with locale advice

Looking more and more like a local search and reviews site, Foursquare is launching a few brand new features with its Android update today.

The central new feature is popular places recommendations.

"When you're in a new city or neighborhood, Foursquare will show you popular places, sites, and must-see attractions," Foursquare wrote in a blog post today. "When you're on your home turf, we'll tell what spots are 'new and notable' -- places that have recently opened in your area."

This feature pops up in Android devices as soon as users open the … Read more

Expand your entertainment horizons with TasteKid

Finding a discovery engine that is actually useful is rare. In my experience, they either spit out vague, useless recommendations or they return results so predictable as to prevent discovery. Thus, it was with trepidation I approached TasteKid. Turns out that underneath its odd name, TasteKid boasts an engine that successfully occupies the fertile ground between pointless and predictable.

Head to and try it for yourself. Front and center, you'll find a search box and seven tabs, six of which let you narrow your search to music, movies, TV shows, books, authors, and games. You can also … Read more

Yahoo buys maker of mobile app for recommendations

Over the last few months, Yahoo has been talking about plans to beef up its mobile unit, and now it's making good on the promise. The Web giant announced today that it has acquired Alike, a company behind a mobile app for recommendations.

"The Alike team created an app that focuses on personalization -- using the restaurants and places you like to find the ones you'll love," a Yahoo representative told CNET in an e-mail. "We were very impressed by the team and their approach to building personalized experiences. The entire Alike team will join … Read more

Foursquare debuts venue pages to share with non-members

Foursquare launched its shareable mobile venue pages for non-members today, as it continues down the path of becoming less of a social network and more of a recommendation search engine -- a la Yelp.

"Foursquare has tons of helpful information about places, like photos, menu items, and great tips from insiders and local experts," the company wrote in a blog post today. "When you Tweet, post to Facebook, email or text about a place with friends who don't have Foursquare on their phones, they'll be linked to a shiny new page showing all the most … Read more

Facebook updates iOS app with voice mail, video, and more

Facebook updated its main iOS mobile app today, adding voice mail and video-recording capabilities as well as Nearby listings based on what you like.

Nearby, which got bit of a face lift in December, will now show a list of local businesses and landmarks based on your interests, according to Facebook, in addition to what your friends have liked, checked-in, or rated.

The network rolled out the voice mail function on its Messenger app earlier this month, so it's not surprising to see it make its way to the main app. Facebook added this function as well as the … Read more

Foursquare shows off with starry check-ins map

Foursquare is showing off its last 500,000,000 check-ins with an interactive map that looks more like a galaxy than clusters of people checking into their favorite locations.

The map plots out all the check-ins -- which are so complete in some areas, it looks like a boundary map -- from the last three months in bright points against a black background. You can zoom in to get a closer look, but most of the activity is in the U.S. and the U.K.

Along with the map, Foursquare highlights its ramped up Foursquare Explore recommendations system in … Read more

Foursquare revamps site to highlight search engine

Foursquare is rolling out a new website today that could lure new users to the location-based recommendations service and let it step into Yelp territory.

Update, 12:12 p.m. PT: Foursquare's new site is now live. Check it out here.

First reported by Search Engine Land, the redone site could help Foursquare reach a broader audience, which would increase its data -- the key to its socially driven recommendations.

The new site will feature a prominent search box, instead of the tiny search bar that is currently at the top of the page, and unregistered users will get … Read more