Asus patches its Wi-Fi routers' AiCloud vulnerabilities

Sometimes more is not better, at least for a while. Case in point: the AiCloud feature of Asus' USB-enabled routers.

In my last review of an Asus router, the RT-AC66U, I found the device to be one of the best 802.11ac routers on the market, which it still is now. Among other things, the router's USB-connected storage feature was one of the most comprehensive, offering convenient data sharing, media streaming, and so on.

A month after my review, Asus moved to add even more to the router by introducing the AiCloud feature together with firmware version 3.0.… Read more

Top five Wi-Fi routers with built-in network storage

Generally, for network storage needs, I would recommend getting a dedicated NAS server, such as the Synology DiskStation DS1511+. However, if your needs are limited to casual usage, such as sharing documents and streaming music and photos, then a router with built-in network storage capability -- one that comes with internal storage or can host an external storage device and shares that with the rest of the network -- fits the bill better.

While much inferior to a NAS server in terms of features and especially performance, some routers actually have more to offer, in terms of storage, than one might expect and may just be what you need. In any case, getting a router of this type plus an external hard drive is a lot cheaper than a dedicated NAS server.

Following is a list of five top routers with built-in support for network storage that I've reviewed in recent years. … Read more

Asus RT-N66U router review: Worth the wait

I waited for a while before reviewing Asus's latest RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps N router, which is the successor of the award-winning RT-N56U.

And it was worth the wait.

The reason for the holdup was the router's initial versions of the firmware had a few known bugs. I tested it with the latest, version, and while I could still find some minor quirks, the router proved itself to be one of the best N900 routers on the market.… Read more