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VIP Rumor RSS Reader review

VIP Rumor RSS Reader collects celebrity gossip from all of your favorite blogs and news sites, and gathers it in one place for you. You'll have no trouble keeping up with the goings on in the celebrity world when you use this app, and you'll never have to sort through tons of different sites to find the information you're looking for again.

The interface for VIP Rumor is not terribly attractive or intuitive, but it gets the job done. On the left-hand side, you'll find a list of some preloaded sites that frequently feature celebrity gossip … Read more

Add to your Feedbin using a Safari bookmarklet

I'm always looking for an easier way to subscribe to new RSS feeds. With most of my browsing of new sites coming on my iPhone or iPad, due to following links on Twitter to new sites, I wanted to figure out a quick way to add a feed to Feedbin without having to copy and paste the URL into another app.

I figured the easiest way would be to use a Safari bookmark that would send the URL of the site I was currently viewing to Feedbin, and subscribe me to its main feed. My idea was to find … Read more

Mozilla Firefox for Mac

Mozilla Firefox for Mac comes with a new Social API that allows you to integrate multiple social sites into your browser and chat or receive notifications more easily. Various security and code improvements have also been made, but you probably won't notice these unless you're a theme or add-on developer. The browser remains fast, safe, and accessible.

After downloading the new Mozilla Firefox for Mac, drag it into the Applications folder and then move the app icon to the dock. Launch it and you can run several services at a time with the new Social API. Not all … Read more

Reading your feeds without distractions

Unread is an RSS reader that attempts to focus on the joy of simply reading by cutting out unnecessary interface elements, using elegant fonts, and presenting stories with a simple design. On these fronts it does very well, but -- to put it bluntly -- Unread is an RSS reader you use to read other RSS readers. If that sounds weird, it's because it is. Unread takes all of its data from another RSS reader, then displays the content differently, but in the process loses much of the functionality found in the RSS reader from whence the content originates. … Read more

New iPhone app Unread makes your RSS feeds look good

A new app for iPhone users launched on Tuesday, giving RSS fans one of the better looking apps to stay up to date on the latest news.

The app, Unread -- An RSS Reader, launched with support for Feedbin, Feedly, and FeedWrangler. Without an account with one of those services, Unread won't be of much use to you.

Unread features the standards of RSS readers we've come to expect, including sharing with normal "read it later" services and social networks, along with background sync.

What's notable about Unread is the user-interface and gestures found in … Read more

Digg Reader gets Chrome extension for easy feed signup

Digg Reader, one of the leading contenders for those looking to replace the now-extinct Google Reader, now has a Chrome extension that lets people subscribe to new feeds more easily.

The extension adds an icon to Chrome's status bar; clicking on it offers an option for people to add updates from an feed-enabled that means a single click, according to a blog post Wednesday by Jon Ferrer, the company's chief marketing officer and front-end developer. It also shows how many unread items you have in your feed and lets you open Digg Reader in a new tab.

Digg … Read more

Flipboard makes a magazine out of your RSS and social feeds

Flipboard is an incredibly popular newsreader and social network hub that lets you organize the info you want to look at, then flip through it like you would a magazine. The latest version of the app lets you create custom magazines from the sources you like most so you can browse through your favorite topics, share your magazine with others, or even find user-created magazines about topics you're interested in.

Get started by creating an account with Flipboard, then sign in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You also have the option to connect with your LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, … Read more

How to use Feedly Web with keyboard shortcuts

Feedly Web has always supported keyboard shortcuts, but there were just a handful of them when Google first announced that Reader would be discontinued. With the latest update to version 17.1, Feedly Web now has 22 keyboard shortcuts in all.

If you want to zip around Feedly and save some time, here are the keyboard shortcuts in Feedly Web 17.1:


g then m : go to Today g then a : go to All g then l : go to Saved For Later shift+j : go to next feed/category shift+k : go to previous feed/category g then g : … Read more

Digg launches Android app with RSS reader abilities

Digg, trying hard to reclaim its once-prominent position as a go-to site for interesting links on the Net, has released an Android app that combines discovery with RSS reading.

"Like the Web version of Digg, the Android app includes up-to-the-minute stories from the Digg homepage as well as Digg Reader, all optimized for your Android device," Digg said in a blog post Thursday. The app is available for download on Google Play.

The app warms up the competition for a Google Reader replacement after Google axed its feed-reading service and app. The new Digg Reader service competes with … Read more

Review: Firefox 23 brings more awesome to Android

Firefox for Android now introduces the "Awesome screen," a bookmark screen with direct links to saved pages not unlike the "Speed Dial" page or bookmarks page found in Opera and Chrome, respectively. Yes, you read that correctly..."Awesome screen."

A more notable upgrade is what Mozilla has done with the title bar, itself, as well as a new "Switch to Tab" function. The title bar will now attempt to automatically predict and fill in the URL of the site you're trying to reach, similar to the Omnibar functionality found in Chrome. … Read more